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US says it welcomes Chinese for 'legitimate' studies

Washington - The United States said Monday it was committed to welcoming Chinese nationals for "legitimate" studies but acknowledged increased visa scrutiny after Beijing warned its students of risks.

US State Department still 'ready to engage' N.Korea

Washington - The US State Department said Thursday it remained ready to negotiate with North Korea after the regime called for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to be excluded from future nuclear talks.

Merkel's Bavarian allies suffer historic election losses

Munich - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CSU allies suffered historic losses in Bavaria state elections Sunday, dealing a blow to her fragile three-party coalition government.

Merkel's Bavarian allies face threat of poll debacle

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's arch-conservative Bavarian allies are bracing for heavy electoral losses in the southern Alpine state Sunday that could trigger shockwaves in Berlin.

More than 90% of Russian strikes in Syria not targeting IS or Al-Qaeda: U.S.

Washington - A large majority of Russia's military strikes in Syria have not been aimed at the Islamic State group or jihadists tied to Al-Qaeda, and have instead targeted the moderate Syrian opposition, the State Department said Wednesday.

Op-Ed: America's overcrowded prisons won't be going away any time soon

Washington - President Barack Obama has recently taken steps to address the problem of prison overpopulation in the U.S. He has told us something many people probably don't want to hear — there isn't much he can really do about it.

Tunisia adopts new anti-terror law despite rights concerns

Tunis - The Tunisian parliament adopted a new anti-terror law aimed at beefing up powers to confront a jihadist threat following deadly attacks but which has been slammed by rights groups as draconian.

IS is recruiting, but not operational in Afghanistan: NATO General

Kabul - The Islamic State group is recruiting fighters in Afghanistan, the commander of foreign forces in country has said, but they are not yet operational.

California orders 25% cut in resident, business water use

South Lake Tahoe - Faced with the worst drought since becoming a state in 1850, California announced mandatory usage reductions for the first time.

U.S.: Castro message 'positive sign'

Washington - The United States welcomed Tuesday former Cuban leader Fidel Castro's belated response to the thaw in ties between the Cold War foes as a sign that change is underway in Havana.

U.S. slams North Korea offer on nuclear tests as 'implicit threat'

Munich - The United States slammed an offer by North Korea to suspend future nuclear tests temporarily if Washington cancels military drills with the South as an "implicit threat.

Man wakes from 2 year catatonic state, phones home

A man in a minimally conscious state (MCS) suddenly reawakened and started chatting with hospital staff and relatives after a routine medication was administered.

German far-left makes historic debut at state helm

Berlin - Germany's far-left took the helm of a state government Friday for the first time since the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, stoking heated debate about its communist roots.

Visitors to Minnesota State Fair warned to wash hands regularly

Visitors to this year's Minnesota State Fair are being warned by organisers to wash their hands regularly to prevent outbreaks of disease, contracted from the abundance of farm animals at the event.

India far-right party supports Modi for PM

New Delhi - A far-right wing Indian party on Sunday publicly threw its support behind opposition Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi for prime minister ahead of next month's general elections.The firebrand head of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), Raj Thackeray, s...

Petition against hunting delivered to NSW State Parliament Special

Sydney - Campaigners against hunting in national parks handed in a petition at the NSW parliament today with over 10,000 signatures.

Op-Ed: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs or chemicals

In a village in Bihar, India's poorest state, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice. This without any GMOs or artificial chemical fertilizers or herbicides of any kind.

France to vote yes in recognition of Palestinian status at the UN

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious has recently announced that France will vote in favour of granting Palestinians non-member status at the UN.

Op-Ed: I-522: Next step for GMO labeling in Washington State, USA

As part of an ongoing movement to make labeling of GMO products mandatory, a group in Washington State is now working on Initiative 522, "The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act."

Puerto Rican's vote to become 51st state

Although Puerto Ricans were not able to vote in the 2012 Presidential election, they did turn out to the polls to decide if they would be able to vote in future elections.

2012 U.S. Election results state-by-state, Obama wins [updated]

Tuesday's U.S. election saw President Barack Obama win reelection in an impressive victory over Mitt Roney, and Digital Journal is providing updated results state-by-state throughout the evening. Find out which states the candidates won.

Multiculturalism should be abandoned, says expert

London - Professor Ted Cantle, an expert on community cohesion, argues that state funding of multiculturalism is turning Britain into a divided society.

Op-Ed: Marijuana — The substance, the medicine and the legacy

Marijuana has been touted as an astounding way to help anxiety and treat disease by those who use it and many medical professionals. It is seen by politicians as a means to sap their power so in turn they make it out to be an evil, terrible drug.

Op-Ed: Why I oppose Palestine Statehood Bid

Obviously, the bid if passed will create new facts. Palestinians will officially adopt a two state solution. Facts on the ground will make it difficult to implement it and create that state. Yet, the whole cause will be limited to a dispute on borders.

Op-Ed: My spring break trip to Michigan's Ludington State Park Special

I set off last Sunday with seven friends of mine to Michigan's Ludington State Park to go camping for our senior year spring break. Despite some poor weather, the trip was a phenomenal success.

US gov't changes laws for transgender passport applicants Special

Washington - The State Department announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender applicants. If you bring a note from your doctor that you have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition you'll be able to get a passport to match.

Jamaican drug war continues in firefight with Coke's Shower Posse

The bloody war in Jamaica continues today with more fires, a rising death toll and gun fire on the streets as the police and Jamaican army battle the Shower Posse drug gang and its' leader Christopher "Duddus" Coke.

Detroit is headed for a preview of summer heat later this week

Detroit - Later this week Detroit, Michigan, will be feeling a preview of summer heat. How hot will it get and how long can Detroit expect to see rising temperatures?

Jamaica declares state of emergency in war with drug lord

Kingston - Trouble began earlier this week in Kingston after the government approved a US extradition request for Christopher "Dudus" Coke, a reputed gang boss. Police were shot and killed, retreating from police stations set on fire by supporters of Dudus.

Cops stake out rooftops at Dunkin Donuts for Special Olympics

Normal - Illinois police officers were staking out Dunkin' Donuts this weekend to raise money for Special Olympics. They started before daylight and with ladders in hand the cops climbed on the rooftops at the popular donut chain across the state.
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State Image

Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
This sums up the whole trip
This sums up the whole trip
Sitting on a dock at Lost Lake
Sitting on a dock at Lost Lake
Lake Michigan near Ludington State Park
Lake Michigan near Ludington State Park
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
The hike to Lake Michigan
The hike to Lake Michigan
A cardinal in Ludington State Park
A cardinal in Ludington State Park
The whole group (from left to right). Top row: Travis  Matt (me)  A.J.  and Big C (real name Michael...
The whole group (from left to right). Top row: Travis, Matt (me), A.J., and Big C (real name Michael). Bottom row: Grace, Andrea, Ashley, and Natalie.
Jamaican police in street battles with supporters of drug lord Christopher Dudus Coke
Jamaican police in street battles with supporters of drug lord Christopher Dudus Coke
courtesy Jamaica News Media
A Ludington beach
A Ludington beach
At a rest stop on the way to Ludington
At a rest stop on the way to Ludington
The sun setting on Lake Michigan
The sun setting on Lake Michigan
An aerial of Hamlin Lake from a sand dune
An aerial of Hamlin Lake from a sand dune
The group on Day 2
The group on Day 2
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Deer in Ludington State Park
Deer in Ludington State Park
Deer in Ludington State Park
Deer in Ludington State Park
A river in Ludington State Park
A river in Ludington State Park
DREAMS: Bonney Field in Sacramento  Calif.  has signed up to be home field for the local entry in a ...
DREAMS: Bonney Field in Sacramento, Calif., has signed up to be home field for the local entry in a new professional rugby league expected to begin play in April 2016.
Splitfire1000/Wikimedia Commons
Brain scans of various disorders of consciousness  including minimally conscious state
Brain scans of various disorders of consciousness, including minimally conscious state

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