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Standards News

New international standard for the Internet of Things

A new international standard has been produced for the Internet of Things, signifying the growing use of connected technology and the need for a global commonality of practice for the various types of emerging technologies.

New International Standard for information security

A revised standard for information security has been issued. This follows the changing landscape in relation to cybersecurity issues and the growing complexity of technology, which brings with it new vulnerabilities.

New challenges for medical device manufacturers

The competitive and technologically driven medical device sector faces a different sort of disruption through a revised compliance standard. In 2019 the new version of ISO 13485 will become effective. This article looks at the impact.

Apple may have invented USB Type-C

A major Apple blogger has revealed that the company is actually responsible for the creation of the new reversible USB Type-C standard. The tech giant then gave it to the relevant bodies to encourage larger adoption by other companies.

Microsoft removes 1,500 spam apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft's acknowledgement of the presence of illegitimate, spam apps in the Windows Store has come to fruition with the removal of 1,500 apps from the store and subsequent refunding of purchasers.

State schools 'fail' most able children

England's state schools are failing to meet the needs of the most able children, according to research commissioned by the Sutton Trust. The research ranks England 26th out of 34 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

New ISO President

New Delhi - Terry Hill, CBE, has been appointed to be the next International Standards Organization President at the 34th ISO General Assembly in New Delhi.

Government considers new standards for cribs

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday on new proposed mandatory standards for cribs.

Plans to set water quality standards in Fl is a national first

In Florida the EPA will set water quality standards and this is the first time that the agency has intervened in a state to set legal limits.

Op-Ed: Copenhagen- Too hard, and the media runs away again

Too scared to read the news, or can’t find a vertebrate news source? There it was, all over the headlines. Then it wasn’t. Copenhagen, after the utter failure to even address basic issues, fell off the front pages like a dying cockroach off a fridge.

Leading Spas of Canada launch program for safety and hygiene

Since 1998, Leading Spas of Canada has been the only national spa association that sets rigorous standards of safety, hygiene and service. On July 9 the LSC has launched a new pilot Quality Assurance Program to insure quality for spa guests.

Op-Ed: Just Who Is In Charge of This Looney Bin?

It is being widely reported that the woman who successfully gave birth to eight babies earlier this week already has six kids at home, does not have a husband and lives with her parents. My question is, who let this happen?

Microsoft teams up in Japan to set robotics standards

Microsoft has announced a team up with Japanese humanoid robot maker Tmsuk in a bid to set the standard in the development of cutting-edge robots, the companies announced Friday.

The Future of Journalistic Standards at Digital Journal

Since the DJ staff implemented its new application process we have seen a greater quality in posted articles! How far can Digital Journal go in the journalistic community?

Women's hockey sentence sets double-standard in Assault

Judge sets precedent in handing woman criminal record for assault during hockey game

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