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Stalin News

Russians remember victims of Stalin's terror

Moscow - Hundreds of Russians gathered in central Moscow on Monday to remember the victims of Stalin's terror, despite questions over whether city authorities would allow the annual ceremony to go ahead.

Russia rights group says refused permission for tribute to Stalin victims

Moscow - Russia's top rights group on Friday said that for the first time in 11 years, Moscow city authorities had refused permission for an annual ceremony honouring victims of Stalin's terror.

Fans mark 65 years since Stalin's death as rehabilitation gathers speed

Moscow - Die-hard Communists on Monday laid flowers at the tomb of Joseph Stalin in Moscow to mark the 65th anniversary of his death, as the rehabilitation of the Soviet dictator gathers pace in Russia.

Russia unveils controversial Stalin bust

Moscow - A bronze bust of Joseph Stalin was unveiled in Moscow on Friday amid increasing concerns in Russia that the authorities are seeking to whitewash the Soviet dictator's crimes.

Moscow tribute to victims of Stalin terror

Moscow - Hundreds of people braved the late autumnal cold in Moscow on Saturday to remember victims of the Stalin era, reading out names of people murdered at the height of the Terror.

More than half Russians call Stalin 'wise leader': Poll

Moscow - More than half of Russians believe the Soviet dictator Stalin was a wise leader, a new poll by Levada independent polling centre showed Friday.

Stalin drew up the unlikeliest psychological portraits

Uncovered records indicated Joseph Stalin, ruler of the former USSR, had the excrement of Mao Zedong (and other leading figures) analyzed to draw up a psychological portrait.

Putin's Russia sends mixed signals on Stalin-era crimes

Moscow - Russia plans to unveil a bronze "Wall of Grief" in Moscow next year in its first tangible condemnation of Stalin-era crimes but critics accuse the government of playing a double game.

Russia opens major gulag museum as Putin blanks victims' commemorations

Moscow - Russia on Friday opened a major new museum on the horrors of the Soviet gulag labour camp system but President Vladimir Putin blanked the day commemorating victims of state terror.

Russians remember victims of Stalin's terror at sombre ceremony

Moscow - A steady stream of Russians on Thursday read out the names of thousands of people killed by Soviet authorities in an annual ceremony in Moscow to remember the millions of victims of Stalinist terror.

Stalin portraits, Soviet nostalgia in Ukraine's rebel regions

Donetsk - Three portraits of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin are on display in the centre of Donetsk, the rebel capital of eastern Ukraine, as the separatist authorities fuel a mood of Soviet nostalgia.

Russia unveils two Stalin monuments in single day

Moscow - The Russian Communist Party announced Thursday it had unveiled two monuments to Stalin in a single day, reflecting what it called his growing popularity with the public.

Russia raises Stalin's ghost amid nostalgia for past glories

Moscow - Law student Mikhail Kosyrev used to have a negative view of Stalin but his attitude has drastically changed in recent years, he said, insisting the wartime tyrant meant well.

Op-Ed: Close encounters of the Cold War kind

Moscow - NATO has confirmed Russian tanks have crossed into the eastern Ukraine as Moscow declares it is sending its bombers to Western borders as it did during the Cold War.

FBI memo: Churchill wanted Harry Truman to 'nuke' Russia

London - A newly released secret memo from FBI archives reveals that in 1947, Winston Churchill, Britain's prime minister during the Second World War, urged the US to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union to "wipe out" the Kremlin.

Thousands mourn victims of Stalin-era purges in Moscow

Moscow - Thousands of Russians on Wednesday gathered outside the former KGB headquarters in central Moscow for an annual ritual commemorating the tens of thousands killed in Stalin-era repressions.

Op-Ed: Putin replaces ISIS and Ebola as public enemy No. 1

Moscow - Even as there were growing signs of peace in the Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the war path as far afield as the Bering Straits and Sweden/Finland.

Op-Ed: West hits Russia with major new sanctions

Kiev - France announced it was suspending the sale of two warships worth $1.6 billion to Russia and Australia said it would stop the sale of uranium to Moscow.

Op-Ed: NATO challenges Putin’s threats

Warsaw - On the 75th anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, NATO has announced it is developing a force to counter the other nation that stabbed Warsaw in the back.

Op-Ed: Putin launches food fight in Ukraine

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin brings to mind a drunken college fraternity, always ready for the next road trip to get revenge. It seemed like what the world should expect from a shirtless tiger.

Russian leadership backs restoration of Stalingrad name

Moscow - Russia's deputy prime minister called on Saturday for the name Stalingrad to be restored to the city that was the site of a key World War II battle against the Nazis."I never doubted the need to give back great Stalingrad its name.

Op-Ed: Russia delivers its own polar vortex

Sevastopol - Is it 1938 all over again? Europe can't decide what to do about a power-hungry dictator who only wants a small part of a country with an ethnic Russian minority.

Op-Ed: Putin shows his true colors — the hammer and sickle

Moscow - Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who thinks the fall of communism was the worst event of the 20th century, couldn't wait for the Sochi games to end so the real war in Ukraine could begin.

Op-Ed: Fooling nobody — Pussy Riot and Assange are much the same thing

Sydney - During the Cold War, anyone who spoke against US and USSR governments could be, and was, literally persecuted. Thanks to Joe McCarthy and Joe Stalin, nobody had any actual right of protest. Things haven’t changed much.

Video: Peoria Catholic bishop compares Obama to Hitler and Stalin

Peoria - An Illinois Roman Catholic bishop Daniel Jenky, has come under criticism after he said, in a message at St. Mary's Cathedral in Peoria, that President Barack Obama is on "a similar path" as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Op-Ed: Demonizing China — A perspective on the Bizarre World Order

There’s no doubt that since the fall of the Soviet Union, the West’s senior morons have been looking for some sort of external threat. China is now the focus of a classic scenario: An external enemy to shift focus from the failures of the society.

Russia officially blames Katyn massacre on Stalin

Moscou - Russia has finally admitted that it was Soviet dictator Josef Stalin who ordered the massacre of Polish officers in World War II.

Stalin monument dismantled in dictator's home town

Tbilisi - Georgian authorities have torn down two statues of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, one of them in his hometown of Gori. They removed the Gori monument overnight, out of concern about pro-Stalin sentiment.

The DDR Museum: How people lived in the former East Berlin Special

Berlin - The DDR Museum of Berlin, located opposite the Berlin Cathedral, is the last place in the world where visitors can find the GDR brands and see how East Germans lived during the former GDR dictatorship.

Op-Ed: Communist Chic and Realities Worlds Apart

Lenin statues. Cameron Diaz' Mao bag. Che Guevara romanticized on tee shirts, flags, posters and a new movie with Benicio del Toro. Hammer and sickle flags plentiful at major protests. Why is Communism so romanticized when the realities are so horrorshow?
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