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Spyware News

iPhone users targeted by new spyware threat

Users of iPhones face a new cybersecurity risk, stemming from a new surveillance app. The app was first designed for Android devices before being re-presented as an iPhone app.

Facebook's Onavo VPN service branded 'spyware' for tracking users

Facebook has updated its iOS app to include links to Onavo, a VPN service the company bought in 2013. The VPN has been branded "spyware" because it sends usage information back to Facebook. The company claims it offers "protection" while browsing online.

HP insists it didn't install spyware on personal PCs

HP has responded to allegations it has silently installed spyware on its consumer PCs. The company is accused of sneaking a telemetry client onto computers in a software update. It's said to make the system sluggish by continually occupying the processor.

Google pulls 500 Android apps over spyware backdoor fears

Google has removed over 500 Android apps from Google Play after security researchers discovered they could be used to download spyware. All the apps used an advertising network that contained code capable of stealing data from users.

Researchers warn Mac computer users to watch for new ransomware

Security researchers have warned that two dangerous new strains of malware have been spotted online, including a ransomware attack. It specifically targets Apple Mac computers, making it one of very few campaigns to stray away from Windows.

Is your mobile device spying on you?

Technologists have reported that malicious websites and dubious installed apps can be configured to spy on users of mobile devices by high jacking information collected from motion sensors.

Verizon slammed for installing 'spyware' on phones

Verizon has been accused of installing "spyware" on new phones. The company has developed an app that's supposed to help people find content from services they don’t have installed. The privacy policy reveals it does more than make recommendations.

U.K. schools break data protection laws by using spyware on PCs

Schools across the U.K. are failing to comply with data protection laws by installing specialist "classroom management" software on their computers. The findings were made after civil liberties group Big Brother Watch contacted 1,000 secondary schools.

iPhone users urged to update after 'unprecedented' spyware found

Apple has released a critical security update for iOS that contains patches for three of the most serious flaws ever discovered in the software. A successful exploit has been found in the wild, giving hackers complete access from a single text message.

NSA reportedly hiding spyware deep inside hard drives

A group presumed to be the US National Security Agency has found a way to install surveillance and sabotage spyware deep inside computers it has targeted in numerous nations, a Russian cybersecurity company claimed on Monday.

Russian cybersecurity firm reports U.S. embedded spyware

San Francisco - A Russian Cybersecurity firm reported on Monday that the United States permanently embedded sabotage tools and software in targeted networks globally.

Apple iOS operating system found most immune to spyware attacks

Bad news for Blackberry especially after the latest report from a test conducted by a surveillance software and hardware vendor detailing security vulnerabilities in Blackberry, Android, and not iOS smartphones.

Top spyware company hacked, government client list released

An estimated 40G of files from one of the world's top surveillance & monitoring technology manufacturers was posted on the Internet after being hacked earlier this week.

WikiLeaks release: 'Spy Files 3' — Surveillance industry (video)

London - On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, WikiLeaks released "Spy Files #3," comprising 249 documents from 921 intelligence contractors, showing the world is spending millions on mass surveillance technology to target their own and other countries' populations.

Op-Ed: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Browser or Spyware? Special

A mysterious Internet Explorer malfunction has inflicted some users of this popular Internet browser. Instead of recording visited URL's on the Internet IE 9 is tracking down and recording documents opened in the computer, raising privacy concerns.

Lawsuit alleges rent-to-own company puts 'spyware' on computers

Casper - A Wyoming couple is seeking class action status for their lawsuit against Aaron's Inc., a national rent-to-own company. The suit alleges that a rental computer from Aaron's Casper, Wyoming store had 'spyware' installed on it without their knowledge.

Lipstick Stun Gun: For Lips Dressed To Kill!

They say that good things come in little packages, but sometimes weapons do as well. Consider the new Lipstick Stun Gun, whose 350,000 volts will shock any pervert who dares to approach. Read on, but move out of the way and fast!

Arrest of Identity Theft’s Bonnie and Clyde Opens Debate on Spyware Programs

Two jet-setting identity thieves have been arrested, caught using a spyware program to steal sensitive data from unsuspecting Americans. Their arrest has sparked a debate over the use of spyware products — are they legit or just ammunition for criminals

'Shy' New Zealand teenager at the head of cyber-crime network.

Police suspect that a cyber-attack that netted $20 million (£9.7 million) after infiltrating 1.3 million computers worldwide was masterminded by a shy teenager in New Zealand.

The Zippo Camera Lighter: Is Taking Pictures Hazardous To Your Health?

Read all about the new Zippo Camera Lighter. It does not light up those verboten cigarettes, but does succeed in illuminating your secret world after you develop pictures taken from unsuspecting images and develop them. Spies everywhere, beware.

I-Spy Bill Introduced in US House

The Internet Spyware (I-Spy) Prevention Act, a bill that have provisions for more than five years in prisons for Spyware activities introduced in US House.

How To Remove Spyware From Your PC

There should be a law against spyware invading your PC, but there isn't, but alas, now there is a way to get rid of that pesky spyware.

Cellphone Spam and Viruses Spark Concern

Digital Journal — As if email spam and viruses weren’t already frustrating us beyond belief, now cellphone users (basically, everyone under 60) are facing increasing threats of “mobile sabotage.”

Microsoft Releases Spyware Tool While Rivals Bicker

Microsoft released the final version of its Windows Defender antispyware tool on Tuesday

Battlefield 2142 Spyware Filled

Game loads spyware to control in-game ads

Spyware Takes Over on Windows XP

Set to opera music, this user produced a pretty cool video showing how fast a PC can get taken over by spyware. The user browses the web, clicks on a bad link and then it takes over. This is very well produced.

Do You Know Who is Looking at Your Privates?

Digital Journal — Although a vast majority of Canadians are concerned about the privacy of their personal information, more than half of Canadian companies admit confidential and private data is at risk. A survey conducted by Leger Marketing shows t..

Virus? No, Parasite

TORONTO (djc Features) — You’ve got your spam filter. Your antivirus software. You think you’re pretty safe from the nuisances and hazards of being online. But have you protected yourself from parasites? Parasites? I hadn’t heard of them either,

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