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Review: Milla Jovovich is a ‘Survivor’ for making it to the end Special

‘Survivor’ is a middling action thriller that squanders its opportunity to be better by failing to showcase the talents of its leading actress.

Leaked documents reveal New Zealand planned to hack smartphones

A leaked top secret document has revealed that New Zealand and its spy partners attempted to exploit weaknesses in smartphone browsers to hack into the devices without informing companies or the public. The information was obtained by Edward Snowden.

Fear of surveillance haunted Bin Laden

Washington - Low-hanging clouds over the Pakistani mountains might protect you from a prying US drone, but what if a spy has injected a microscopic bug in your wife's clothes?

New Android malware spies on you even when phone is shut down

Security researchers have discovered a new form of malware attacking Android smartphones that allows hackers to control the device even if it appears completely shut down to the user.

Moscow blasts U.S. spy arrest as part of 'anti-Russian campaign'

Moscow - Moscow on Tuesday blasted the United States over the arrest of an alleged Russian spy, condemning the move as a "provocation" that would further damage already tattered ties.

FBI arrests alleged Russian spy in New York

New York - Federal agents on Monday arrested an alleged Russian spy in New York accused of trying to recruit sources and collect economic intelligence while working as a Manhattan banker, officials said.

Germany frees female Russian spy early

Berlin - A Russian spy, jailed in Germany with her husband last year, has been freed early and allowed to return home, media reports said Friday, suggesting a possible prisoner swap.

NSA, British spy agency have secret access to Deutsche Telekom

Berlin - The US National Security Agency and British intelligence services are able to secretly access data from telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom and several other German operators, according to Der Spiegel weekly.

Tensions spiral over Russia's detention of Estonian officer

Tallinn - Russia's arrest of an Estonian policeman has sparked fears that Moscow is using the incident to test NATO's resolve to defend its small Baltic allies as the crisis in eastern Ukraine rumbles on.

Review: ‘A Most Wanted Man’ revives the espionage film’s essentials Special

In the complex and captivating ‘A Most Wanted Man,’ a German intelligence agent heads a counter-terrorist investigation that embroils an uneducated illegal immigrant. This is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final role as a leading man.

N. Korea sentences S. Korean 'spy' to hard labour for life

Seoul - North Korea sentenced a South Korean missionary to hard labour for life after accusing him of espionage and setting up an underground church, state media said Saturday, the latest Christian preacher to run into trouble in the secretive state.

Snowden questions Putin on surveillance in phone-in

Moscow - Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday joined a phone-in with Russian President Vladimir Putin, quizzing him over the extent of Moscow's surveillance activities.

Virtual protest targets US Internet snooping

San Francisco - Google joined Internet rights activists on Tuesday in a virtual protest aimed at getting US lawmakers to rein in online snooping.The American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Yahoo-owned Tumblr also b...

Virtual protest targets US Internet snooping

San Francisco - Google joined Internet rights activists on Tuesday in a virtual protest aimed at getting US law makers to reign in online snooping.Groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Yahoo-...

Op-Ed: U.S. spies calling for Snowden’s death

Washington - Members of the U.S. intelligence community were quoted this week wishing death on Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who blew the whistle on the domestic spying program operated by the agency.

Op-Ed: Greenwald defends himself against critics

Many commentators on the Snowden secret documents about NSA spying seem less concerned about the content of the documents and more about the personality and aims of the messengers who are revealing the documents to the public.

UK spy boss refers to Irish terrorists as 'ragged'

Andrew Parker, Chief of MI-5, gave his first public speech since accepting the position of Director General of Military Intelligence Section 5 last April. The speech was delivered to the Royal United Services Institute in London.

Op-Ed: Israeli capture of 'spy' attempt to spoil new Iran-US relations?

Jerusalem - On Sunday, the Israeli bureau of investigation, otherwise known as the Shin Bet, captured an alleged Iranian spy. However is the claim legitimate, or is it merely a political tactic serving a greater purpose?

Video: 'Spying' stork captured in Egypt

Cairo - An Egyptian fisherman found a stork with an electronic device attached to its feathers. Sure that the stork was an international spy, the man made a citizen's arrest.

Supporting Syria, Russia sends spy vessel into the Mediterranean

Still unconvinced on the Western narrative with regard to the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons against rebels and civilians, Russia is sending a spy vessel into the Mediterranean Sea.

NSA whistleblower Snowden: 'I am here to reveal criminality'

Hong Kong - Edward Snowden has appeared in a new interview since he came out and revealed himself as the whistleblower that leaked classified NSA spying programs to the Guardian newspaper.

Girlfriend of NSA whistle blower 'lost at sea' without him

Writing on her blog, 28-year-old Lindsay Mills expresses her heartbreak over Edward Snowden's escape to Hong Kong after exposing the U.S. government. Snowden is the whistleblower behind the recent surveillance program uncovered by the Guardian.

Where in the world is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

The whereabouts of the whistleblower at the heart of the recent U.S. phone and Internet surveillance controversy are unknown. Edward Snowden checked out of his Hong Kong hotel Monday night, BBC News reports.

US citizen facing death penalty in North Korea

US citizen Kenneth Bae, 44, is facing death penalty in Korea. Korean Central News Agency said a preliminary inquiry had been completed and that Bae had admitted his crimes aimed to topple the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with hostility toward it.

WWII 'spy pigeon' coded message leaves decoders stumped

The coded message found attached to the remains of a "spy pigeon" has left British intelligence agency decoders stumped.

Op-Ed: SPY gains of the XXX Olympiad

The market can ignore reality (bad news) for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. This summer’s rally may take out the year’s highs but will be the last opportunity for money managers to enhance long returns in 2012.

High school principal accused of ‘spying’ on Facebook resigns

Clayton - Turns out the principal may have had a false Facebook page with 300 friends, many from the same high school. This made it easy for her to spy on students' posts.

Google's Street View car WiFi snooping was not an accident

A government report shows that Google's Street View cars were collecting emails and other data from WiFi users all over the world. Google leaders were informed about this, but the company insists it was 'inadvertent'.

Your TV could be watching YOU - CIA wants to spy on homes

With the latest rise of 'smart gadgets', spying on you at home has become so much easier. New gadgets linking home appliances to the internet could change all notions of secrecy in the home. George Orwell spinning in his grave?

Colin Firth on the UK spy classic 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' Special

A penultimate spy mystery on '60's British telly, writer John Le Carré's Cold War classic ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’(now on Blu-ray & DVD) has been adapted for the big screen with a cast that includes last year’s Best Actor Colin Firth and Gary Ol
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Helen Mirren takes up arms in  RED
Helen Mirren takes up arms in 'RED'
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Bond through the years: (From left) Sean Connery as James Bond in "From Russia With Love" (1963). David Niven as James Bond in Bond spoof based loosely on Ian Flemming's story, "Casino Royale" (1967). Roger Moore as James Bond in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977). George Lazenby as James Bond in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969). Timothy Dalton as James bond in "Licence to Kill" (1989). Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in "Golden Eye" (1995). Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Casino Royale." (2006).
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