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Once again, science tell us butter is better for you than margarine

It's a perennial debate: which is better for you - butter or margarine? And it's been running since the laboratory invented spread appeared to challenge butter for supremacy across a slice of toast.

Medical study warns about diseases transmitted by pets

Pets are affectionate friends, which many of us love a great deal. However, that love could be blinding us to the real dangers of contracting diseases from our household companions.

Experts say beards breed disease

Some medical experts are describing beards as "bacterial sponges." They say facial hair can spread infections and disease. Others disagree and say they're no more dangerous than clean shaven. So what's the truth?

Human waste on Everest is becoming a major problem

Officials in Nepal have warned that human waste building up on Mount Everest is becoming a major problem that could begin to spread disease on top of the world's highest mountain.

Spreadable beer is real

People can now spread beer on their crackers or have a beer sandwich, thanks to 'Birra spalmabile,' which is spreadable beer.

Chikungunya challenge project announced

Washington - A challenge has been laid down for scientists. The contest aims to identify models that accurately forecast outbreaks of the mosquito spread viral disease chikungunya.

CDC reports measles cases have tripled over yearly average

In the United States, vaccination programs have all but eliminated measles. But before a vaccine became available, almost everyone came down with the disease, and over 450 people died annually between 1953 and 1963, usually from complications.

Nutella being sued by mother who claims it isn't a healthy food

A mother of a four-year-old has filed a class-action lawsuit against Nutella. She alleges they falsely claim the hazelnut spread is healthful.

Super-bug NDM-1 keeps spreading yet without new fatalities

The latest additions to the list of countries where the drug-resistant NDM-1 gene has been found are Japan and the United States, with many more countries now reportedly on active watch for what is popularly called a super-bug.

Mining linked to rampant spread of TB in Africa Special

A new report has linked mining with the spread of tuberculosis (TB) in Africa. An Oxford-led study suggests that mining in sub-Saharan Africa plays a role in the spread of the disease.

Scientists capture the spreading of HIV in human body on film

For the first time, US researchers capture in film how HIV infects neighboring cells and spreads in the human body. They hope the discovery will pave the way for a cure.

Stopping the spread of cancer: new protein and method found

The ability of cancer to spread is its most effective weapon. For decades, I’ve seen sufferers fighting this damn disease, getting rid of it only to have it show up again somewhere else. Now, a relatively simple thing like a protein might stop it cold.

Sergeant in trouble for Playboy spread

An Air Force staff sergeant has been relieved of her duties for posing for Playboy.

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Bedu children in Aleppo  Syria.
Bedu children in Aleppo, Syria.
Nebuchadnezzar  by William Blake
Nebuchadnezzar, by William Blake,
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Peanut Butter in the jar.
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