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New treatment for acne is effective

Washington - The slow release of nitric oxide, through nanotechnology, can be an effective cure against acne, according to new research. The nitric oxide tackles the bacteria that cause the spots and pimples on the skin to flare up.

Jet-black leopards have spots that may save their species

Scientists at James Cook University in Australia have discovered a quick way to identify individual jet-black leopards. The rare black leopards are found on the Malay peninsula, and are endangered.

Mystery deepens over light spots on surface of dwarf planet Ceres

The mystery of the two strange light spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres has deepened. New infrared images from the Dawn space craft are giving contradictory information, which has left scientists baffled.

Zit-causing bacterium named after Frank Zappa

A new type of bacterium, one responsible for acne, has been named in honor of eclectic composer Frank Zappa. The bacterium has been named P. acnes type Zappae (or simply P. zappae).

Zit alert! Why some teenagers get them and others don't

The bacteria that cause acne live on everyone's skin, and outbreaks are common for teenagers. Yet some teenagers suffer with a lot of acne and others do not. New research into different bacterial strains offers an answer.

Zit alert: new acne drug in development

Scientists think that they will be able to utilize a harmless virus living on our skin to seek out and kill bacteria that causes zits on the surface of the skin.

The dress code of cats is all in the genes

A study published in the fall 2012 issue of Science shows that the gene that gives a cheetah his spots is also responsible for the dark stripes in the common tabby cats.

How to 'spot' a giraffe's age?

The result of several decades of research has indicated that the age of a giraffe can be estimated by looking at the animal's spots.

Beauty And The Cigarette - Just Don't Go Hand In Hand

Another item to add to the long list of reasons why not to smoke comes now in the form of acne or better known as the dreaded spots - especially for the fairer sex, according to an Italian study

Two charged after family spots video on Internet

A video tape shows drinking death of a 21 year old and charges were laid.

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The 26-spotted Potato Ladybird - Epilachna vigintisexpunctata. The only way you can tell the differe...
The 26-spotted Potato Ladybird - Epilachna vigintisexpunctata. The only way you can tell the difference between the 26-spotted ladybug and the 28-spotted ladybug is to do the actual count of the spots.
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