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Spotify News

Spotify launches an analytics platform for music publishers

On November 8, it was announced that the streaming service Spotify has launched an analytics service for music publishers.

Spotify launches new Playlist Tool for independent artists

The music streaming service Spotify has launched a Playlist Tool that is geared for independent and rising artists. This allows emerging artists to upload their new music directly to the digital platform.

Spotify to allow artists to upload music to its streaming service

The streaming service Spotify is announcing a new beat feature, which will let recording artists to directly upload their new music to the digital platform.

Spotify dumps 'specific' far-right Alex Jones podcast episodes

Stockholm - The world's largest streaming service Spotify has removed podcast episodes of American far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for breaching its policy against hate speech.

Spotify adds tool for pitching new music to playlist curators

The streaming service Spotify has added a new tool for its users. It allows record labels and artists to pitch unreleased music to playlist curators.

Spotify CEO admits hate content policy 'rolled out wrong'

On May 30, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted to the hate content and hateful conduct policy on Spotify being "rolled out wrong."

Spotify settles class-action lawsuit to the tune of $112.5M

Spotify has been under fire for a couple of years now, ever since they were hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming that the service rips off artists. Recently a settlement was reached for around $112.5 million USD.

Major record labels selling big chunks of their Spotify stakes

On May 7, 2018, it was announced that major record labels are selling big chunks of their Spotify stakes. Two of these labels include Sony and the Warner Music Group.

Spotify launches new mobile app with playlists for users

The music streaming service Spotify has just launched a new mobile app with on-demand playlists for its 90 million free users.

Spotify soars in $26 billion stock debut

New York - Spotify soared Tuesday to a value of more than $26 billion in its long-awaited stock debut as the market delivered a ringing endorsement of the future of music streaming.

Spotify aims to strike chord in stock market debut

San Francisco - Spotify on Tuesday debuts as a publicly traded company, hoping that its streaming music model will be a hit with investors and a boon to artists.

Spotify is going public at a terrible time for tech stocks

Spotify is set to go public Tuesday — a terrible time for tech stocks following Facebook's data fiasco. Even Apple, Spotify's biggest competitor in streaming music, isn't immune to the drag.

Op-Ed: Top five reasons Spotify is bound for a profitable year in 2018

Spotify, under the leadership of founder and CEO Daniel Ek, is going public next week. Here are the top five reasons it is headed for commercial success.

Spotify launches 'Amplify' to highlight social issues in music

Spotify is back with the launch of Amplify, its newest in-app destination. This new hub will highlight significant issues within the music industry.

Twitter's investment in SoundCloud is wiped out completely

Twitter has written down most of its $70 million investment in SoundCloud. This is a substantial indication that digital music is a challenging industry to make a profit.

Spotify job openings reveal company's work on 'physical products'

Spotify is preparing its own range of physical hardware products, according to company job postings discovered online. Spotify is intending to create "category defining" devices built to rival smart speakers including the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Best Buy pulling CDs from their shelves, as albums fade fast

Best Buy, one of music's biggest merchandisers in the United States, is expected to end the sales of physical albums (CDs) at all of their stores by July 1, 2018.

Spotify launches Spotlight — New multimedia platform with visuals

Ever wanted a deeper insight on your favorite artists, play-lists and pod-casts? Now that can all be possible thanks to Spotify's new multimedia platform Spotlight

Spotify solved a $1 billion debt issue that will aid with IPO

Spotify wants to sell its shares to investors in the spring of 2018. In doing so, Spotify has cleaned up a debt deal thanks to the help of a Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent.

Spotify launches on the Xbox One

Spotify has announced its app is now available on the Xbox One, adding another platform to the service's already impressive line-up. Spotify is already available on Sony's PlayStation 4. Its arrival on Xbox has been long anticipated by gamers.

Spotify builds streaming lead at 60 million subscribers

New York - Spotify said Monday that it had 60 million paying subscribers, expanding its lead in the fast-growing world of music streaming.

Spotify lets you build playlists with your Facebook friends

Spotify has announced a new integration with Facebook Messenger that lets you and your friends create music playlists with the bot. Designed for use on social occasions like parties, it lets anyone add to the playlist to create the perfect soundtrack.

Spotify passes 140 million active users with no profit in sight

Spotify has passed the 140 million active users mark but is still a long way from being profitable. While revenue increased, investment in new projects has caused operating losses to rise at a similar rate. It is still aiming to reach profitability.

Spotify building its own 'category defining' music hardware

Spotify is planning to launch a hardware device that will change the way in which "the world" experiences music. The company's ambitious aims are said to be early in development. It's an unexpected expansion of Spotify's business, moving beyond apps.

Listen up: Pandora Premium is here to take on Spotify

Pandora, one of the first online music providers, has announced its own on-demand subscription service to rival Spotify and Apple Music. Using technology it acquired from Rdio, the internet radio provider aims to "change the way" you consume music.

Apple reportedly planning major push into TV shows and movies

Apple is preparing for a major push into original video content, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal — a move that could set it on a collision course with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

Spotify took years off SSD lifespans with huge junk data writes

Spotify has patched a serious bug in its desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux that has been reducing the lifespan of users' SSDs. Spotify's client has been writing huge amounts of garbage data each day, taking years off the expected life of an SSD.

Spotify Free caught streaming malicious adverts to users

Spotify is inadvertently infecting users' computers with malware, according to a spate of reports from customers. The company's network has been compromised by malicious adverts that are displayed in the free version of the Spotify client.

Alt-pop duo The Brinks on the success of their debut EP Special

Los Angeles - Busy promoting their debut EP (released in December last year), the LA-based duo consisting of New York City producer, songwriter and keyboardist Matt Friedman and Australian singer, guitarist and songwriter Scott Mellis made time for Digital Journal.

Spotify accuses Apple of using App Store 'weapon' to block update

Apple recently rejected an update to Spotify's iOS app, refusing to approve the new version and preventing it getting to users. Spotify now alleges Apple made the move to stifle competition and hurt its business, increasing the growth of Apple Music.
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Spotify will occupy about 23 597 square meters of space at The Well complex to be built at Front St....
Spotify will occupy about 23,597 square meters of space at The Well complex to be built at Front St. West and Spadina Ave.
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Spotify Group Playlists in Facebook Messenger
Spotify Group Playlists in Facebook Messenger
Rick Kline
Rick Kline
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Spotify on Xbox One
Spotify on Xbox One
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Spotify s gross margin is getting better.
Spotify's gross margin is getting better.
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Daniel Ek  CEO of Spotify
Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify
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Spotify iPad App
Spotify iPad App
Daniel Ek  CEO of Swedish music streaming service Spotify  says a stock market listing "doesn&a...
Daniel Ek, CEO of Swedish music streaming service Spotify, says a stock market listing "doesn't change who we are"