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The reason behind the Samsung fingerprint spoof Special

A major weakness with Samsung devices was recently highlight - hackers can use screen protectors to allow for any fingerprint to be used to unlock any Samsung smartphone. Philipp Pointner, Chief Product Officer, Jumio provides analysis.

'Komodia' software behind Superfish found in 12 more programs

The dangerous code that allowed the Superfish adware preinstalled on Lenovo laptops to spoof secure SSL certificates has now been found inside another twelve programs online. All are capable of getting around the security mechanisms in the HTTPS protocol.

Users of pirated copies of Today Calendar told "walk the plank"

The developer of the popular Android calendar app Today Calendar has started to fight piracy of his product by adding pirate-themed messages to the app that suggest users of pirated copies "walk the plank" or attend a "pirate party."

Video: Horror spoof of Spanish Christmas lottery ad going viral

Every year at Christmas, Spaniards are treated to the popular "El Gordo" (the fat one) lottery, where everyone hopes to win millions in the big prize. This year's ad for the lottery was a bit "kitsch," so someone just had to do a parody.

Spoof science paper on the powers of Wolverine

A well-written spoof research paper has appeared. The paper concerns a fictional superhero, and outlines the molecular keys to the Marvel comics creation Wolverine’s regenerative abilities.

Fake French 'clitoris' poll causes smug Italian media to mock

France has a version of the famous spoof website "The Onion", called "Le Gorafi". They published a fake poll which announced that 89 percent of French men thought the "clitoris" was a Toyota model. The Italian media mocked but ended up with red faces.

Golden Goose awards announced for obscure science

Like the Ig Nobel Prize, researchers behind high-impact studies that at first seemed obscure have been honored in another round of prizes: the Golden Goose awards.

Zombie doomsday at CERN: Low-budget horror movie 'Decay' released

While stressing that the film has not been authorized or endorsed by CERN, students have released "Decay", a zombie doomsday scenario film, sparked by the Large Hydron Collider and search for the Higgs Boson.

'Gangnam Style' lifeguards to be reinstated by El Monte council

El Monte - What started as a bit of fun for 14 Southern Californian lifeguards, ended with them losing their jobs. Now sense prevails, and their jobs will be reinstated. However, not all the lifeguards will take the El Monte Council up on its offer.

Video: Watch British 'Road Rage Kids' spoof dads and moms

Watch four adorable British kids simulate adult road rage and get a sense of just how silly adults really are when they flip the lid behind the wheels and go spouting off on each other in the traffic.

Jennifer Aniston's baby bump, triplets? Star spoofs the rumours

Jennifer Aniston takes on the rumours about whether she may be pregnant, in a new video that's gone viral. She shows off a big baby-bump and suggests it's triplets, but it's all a spoof as part of a new ad campaign.

Spoof Video: Curiosity — 'We're NASA and we know it'

NASA's Curiosity rover landed successfully on Mars on August 5. Now a spoof music video about it has been released, giving a musical tribute to NASA and the hardworking scientists and engineers, who "brought a little bit of Earth to Mars."

Borat turns Kazakhstan into a desired travel destination

While leaders in Kazakhstan were initially upset at the spoof movie, 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan', it seems the exposure has helped the tourism industry in the country.

Sarkozy ‘Do Ramadan the French way’ spoof infuriates Mideast

An innocent Internet joke by an unknown Moroccan blogger suddenly found itself on CNN before being picked up by the Middle East press and turned into news headlines decrying the “Fatwa” issued by the French President.

Dubai killing spoof parodied for advertisement

Surveillance footage of the alleged murderers of a Hamas commander has been used by an Israeli supermarket chain to promote its "killer" prices in a television advertisement.

Take Barack Obama And A Faded British 80's Pop Icon And Look What You Have

In the UK, we are for ever asking what ever happened to one hit wonder Rick Astley? Yet this week has seen his 1987 hit downloaded in record figures. Even Barack Obama has been featured in the action with this year's MTV nominee

Simple Math Leaves Millions Crying Over Spilt Milk

Not everyone can say that are any good at the subject of math, so surely sending people spoof bills to force them to pay attention to their sums is a bit to far, don't you think?

Angelina Jolie Has Gone From 'Tomb Raider' To 'Womb Raider'

So, I've decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Angelina Jolie is now being spoofed on the internet for her new role in life as a 'Womb Raider'.

LOTR the way it really happened

A spoof of the Lord of the rings featuring jack balck and Sarah michelle gellar

Macs: Crash Different

Spoof of the "Think Different" Mac commercials that used to come on all the time. (Yeah, it's that vid!)

Mac VS. PC spoof: Money

Mac may be cool but PC has the money.

Seinfeld Horror Movie Spoof

Seinfeld Comedy recut as Horror Movie Spoof, Funny

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A spoof was made of the advert for Spain s Christmas  El Gordo  Lottery.
A spoof was made of the advert for Spain's Christmas "El Gordo" Lottery.
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