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Spirituality News

Op-Ed: Jihad and the path to peace

New York - Religious or not, all people are Jihadis. We battle against that version of ourselves we least admire, and labor, indeed battle with all we can muster to be and become better, step by step, day by day.

Sri Chinmoy: Pushing physical and spiritual limits Commissioned

Meditation has long been associated with spiritual awakening and deep relaxation, but we uncover the roots of a particular mode of meditation launched by Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual guru whose meditative theories extended into the athletic world.

Biopic on Indian spiritual leader Chinmayananda to be released

Indian moviemaker R.S. Prasanna, known for Kalyana Samayal Saadham, his Tamil language comedy film on male impotency, has completed work on a biopic on Indian spiritual leader Swami Chinmayananda.

Director Chris Hicky seeks your help to make 'The Grace of Jake' Special

Los Angeles - Grammy nominated music video director Chris Hicky, who has worked with Keith Urban and others, is set to make his first feature-length independent film and he needs your help to do so. Fundraising efforts are underway in order to make The Grace of Jake.

U.S. Protestants in minority for first time in history

A new poll released today shows that fewer Americans consider themselves to be Protestant, making those that do a religious minority for the first time in history.

No single 'God spot' for spirituality in brain, new study says

Scientists at the University of Missouri have concluded that spirituality is a complex phenomenon determined by multiple areas of the brain. They denied claim that there is one area of the brain called a "God spot," responsible for spirituality.

Op-Ed: Get Theocratic Infringement Out of Free Society

A call for an end to theocratic influence in free society, looking at same-sex marriage, the Catholic-rape scandal, Rwanda, Islamic fascism and more.

Op-Ed: Dalai Lama receives $1.7m Templeton Prize in Washington Special

Dharamsala - Not everyone knows of the Dalai Lama's unbound support, ease, interest, and investment in science,such as his 2005 address Science at the Crossroads, given at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington.

Op-Ed: Religion: Its crimes, fallacies and abuse of women and children

An honest and balanced look at aspects of religion, faith and theocratic influence in modern societies, and a few rational ideas regarding faith and its history.

Photo Essay: Sadhus, the Wandering Holy Men of India Special

Ever thought of becoming a drifting holy dropout? For countless generations, dedicated individuals in India and Nepal have done just that, forsaking some of the shackles of society, adopting the robes of the renunciate and devoting their efforts to God.

Christian words associated with prejudice in experiment

In a recent study conducted by Baylor University it was found that those who are given Christian religious words in writing or conversation are more likely to express racial prejudice and negative views toward African Americans.

Sex and Spirituality Go Hand in Hand with Women

In church today I had cause to wonder about the women in those pews. New research shows a relationship between sex drive and spirituality, something even Freud stressed. So that good gal in those seats might also be good under the sheets, per experts.

Op-Ed: Feature film on water explores molecular behavior and memory

A new study found that the West could face a water "catastrophe" in the coming decades. A 2008 feature reminds us that water behaves in a remarkable manner and that common disregard of water may be more profound than previously considered.

Op/Ed: Organized Religion is an Artificial Construct; Spirituality a Universal Human Need

The yearning of Humanity for a connection to some “greater than self,” which is called spirituality, is a natural psychological need intrinsic to the Human psyche. Religion however, is purely synthetic.

About Personal Suffering and the Good It Brings and Growing Up!

Is Suffering Really Good or Just Bad? Should We Want to Suffer? Or Should We Avoid it?

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A way for everyone to be different and special
A way for everyone to be different and special
Devotees marching forward in Agartala - capital of Tripura  India. Spirituality  despite poverty and...
Devotees marching forward in Agartala - capital of Tripura, India. Spirituality, despite poverty and several social evils, is the hallmark of India.

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