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Spiritual News

U.S. Protestants in minority for first time in history

A new poll released today shows that fewer Americans consider themselves to be Protestant, making those that do a religious minority for the first time in history.

Writer says high murder rate among black teens a symptom of spiritual illness

One of the most disturbing trends in the United States is the increasing rate of teenage murders among African American youth. The killing increased 34 per cent during the period from 2000 to 2007 when a study was completed.

Study: Brain can tell how spiritual or selfish you are

Researchers have located an area in the brain that can identify how spiritual a person can be. The identified region defines the elusive “Me” in a person.

Op-Ed: Are We In Danger Of Losing The Right To Believe?

Are we beginning to ride a slippery slope to a world where personal beliefs are not tolerated? As insane as that statement appears to be with the current world issues seem to point at religion being used to abuse others.

Op-Ed The Function of Spiritual Ritual Abuse

The media swarm and legal questions over the matter of the FLDS has brought out many layman opinions of how to handle this cult. There is one matter lost in the conversation, the reality of ritual abuse of the members and children in the YZ Ranch.

Grandmother not guilty of stabbing tot

A 53-year-old women claims she received messages from geese before stabbing her granddaughter.

Finding Your Place!

Personal betrayal and lukewarmness in the community!

The 'New Atheists'? A New Way to Propogate 'Old' Information

What is this "New Atheism"? Is it really New?

Dalai Lama Ends Taiwan Visit

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Dalai Lama wrapped up a 10-day visit to Taiwan on Monday, a trip that did not immediately raise tensions with the island's prickly communist neighbor, China. The Tibetan spiritual leader told reporters at the airport that it wa...

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Messages received through a hypnotic state may not seem valid - but there could be a connection with...
Messages received through a hypnotic state may not seem valid - but there could be a connection with another aspect of the person's physical reality. Some people speak in 'tongues' when hypnotized. This is called Polyglot or Xenoglot. Message gleamed through past life regression therapy allow the individual - insight into a collective memory and greater understanding of their behavior in this time line.

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