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Sperm News

First use of freeze-dried, microgravity sperm

Tokyo - Frozen 'space sperm' has passed a fertility test. Japanese scientists have produced healthy mice pups, born using freeze-dried sperm that was stored in the microgravity environment of space.

Wrong sperm may have fertilized eggs of dozens of women

Utrecht - Dutch authorities say that dozens of women may have had eggs fertilized by sperm cells that were not from the intended father.

Scientists find new clues to boost fertility chances

London - Researchers have been examining semen and the movement of sperm. This has led to the conclusion that the rate of spinning correlates with improved success of fertility. At least with cattle.

Boys born by IVF have low sperm counts

Brussels - A study of boys born through common types of IVF treatment have low sperm counts. This means, on reaching adulthood, they may not be able have children naturally.

Sperm shortage in New Zealand, two year waiting list

Due to changes in legislation and a high demand, New Zealand has a sperm shortage. The dearth of sperm is such that a woman wishing for a sperm donation needs to wait for around two years.

Study: Insecticide cuts bee sperm by nearly 40 percent

A new study revealed that two insecticides, one banned in various European nations but still used in America, can reduce the sperm of honeybees.

This male spider destroys female genitalia to stop future mating

We've all heard that spider mating rituals are fraught with danger, especially for the males. Sometimes the female gets the munchies afterward, and he turns into a snack. Sometimes the male "castrates" himself, plugging the female to stop future mating.

Loud voices mean less sperm, at least for monkeys

Cambridge - Howler monkeys are famous for their loud voices. The loudest of these screaming monkeys might be hiding a reproductive inadequacy for the loudest monkeys have the lowest sperm counts.

Injecting sperm into the head, how flatworms might mate

Flatworms have a fascinating process of reproduction, according to a new study. This includes the bizarre practice, when things get desperate, of injecting sperm directly from their own heads into their bodies.

Ebola virus found in semen six months after recovery: WHO

Ginebra - Traces of Ebola have been found in the semen of a man six months after his recovery, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, urging survivors to practice safe sex "until further notice".

African birds offer insight into sperm decline

A study in an African bird species sheds light on age-related sperm (gamete) decline. The study offers insights into what is happening with men as they age.

Study suggests correlation between finger ratio and testes in men

Seoul - A new report published on August 12th, 2014 suggests a correlation may exist between finger-digit ratios and male reproductive function.

Sperm can show signs of a mother’s stress

Cambridge - Scientists report that mice that are malnourished while pregnant can pass down genetic markers of such stress to their sons’ sperm.

Dwarf spiders try to keep paternity against rivals

Male dwarf spiders deploy sperm-blocking plugs, according to a new study. The objective is to thwart the reproductive chances of their mate’s subsequent suitors.

Common chemicals can damage sperm

Copenhagen - Scientists have uncovered a molecular mechanism through which hormone disrupting compounds compromise the viability of human sperm cells, leading to an infertility risk.

Labs 'grows' early-stage sperm

Scientists have reprogrammed human skin cells into immature sperm cells. The work is still early-stage, but the researchers are optimistic about its potential in relation to cancer research.

Woman begins legal bid to keep dead husband's sperm

Birmingham - A woman is taking legal action to prevent her dead husband's sperm from being destroyed, so that she has the option to have his child.

Researchers: There is a way to block sperm

Scientists have identified a way to block the transport of sperm during ejaculation, which means that there could be a new male contraceptive on the way.

Strips of pork belly linked to reduction of ‘normal’ sperm

The traditional breakfast meat that pairs well with eggs and hash browns has become a pop culture staple. Forget the bacon cheeseburger.

Sperm bank of animals created 'to colonise other planets'

A university in Japan and a zoo are creating a sperm bank for endangered animals that may one day be used to colonise other planets, or even bring extinct species back to life.

Newlywed realizes she is allergic to husband's sperm

The honeymoon phase usually lasts for a few years after getting married, and newlyweds seem like they cannot get enough of each other. However, one couple had the opposite experience when they realized the bride was allergic to the husband's sperm.

Woman receives bottle of moisturizer full of sperm

A woman in China realized that a bottle of moisturizer that was sent to her by a secret admirer was actually full of sperm.

Louisiana man Layne Hardin says ex-girlfriend stole his sperm

Layne Hardin, a Louisiana man, has filed a lawsuit against a Houston fertility clinic and his ex-girlfriend Toby Devall, claiming that the clinic failed to take proper precautions to keep his ex-girlfriend Devall from stealing his sperm.

Older dads increase risk of autism and mental illness in children

A landmark study has determined that the older a man is when he has a child, the greater the risk of passing on genetic mutations that can cause autism and schizophrenia.

How frozen sperm can help save coral

Researchers say that a sperm bank that has been gathered from reefs may be able to rebuild and restore damaged reefs one day.

New male contraceptive in development

A new type of male contraceptive is in development. The ‘pill’, if it makes it into production, is based on the discovery of an important gene which is required for sperm development.

Gene discovery may lead to non-hormonal male birth control pill

Edinburgh - Scottish scientists say a new male birth control pill may soon be available following discovery of a gene essential for sperm development. The gene called Katnal1, enables sperm to mature in testes.

Do long courses of antibiotics reduce male sperm count?

Some new research, using scorpions, has shown that long-term doses of common antibiotics lead to a loss in sperm viability and that this loss can be passed from father to son. The model could be applicable to many types of animals, including humans.

Scientist fathered 600 from sperm donated at his fertility clinic

London - A British scientist who set up a fertility clinic in the 1940s may have fathered 600 children by donating his own sperm. Biologist Bertold Wiesner supplied his sperm to partners of infertile men mostly from the middle and upper classes.

Female promiscuity removes incompatible sperm from inbreeding

A new study at the University of East Anglia (UEA) found that females who live in inbred populations have a tendency to become more promiscuous or “loose,” screening-out sperm from genetically incompatible males.
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