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French purists vexed at demise of circumflex

Paris - French linguistic purists voiced online anger Thursday at the loss of one of their favourite accents -- the pointy little "circumflex" hat that sits on top of certain vowels.

U.S. spelling bee ends in a tie — again

Oxon Hill - The world's premier spelling bee ended in a tie in the U.S. for a second year in a row after an intense 10-round showdown between two young contestants who tackled some of the English language's most obscure words.

Op-Ed: UK contractor misspells 'clear', warns public to 'keep claer'

Kingswinford - While council workers often gain criticism up and down the United Kingdom, especially after numerous strikes, employing a contractor who misspelled the word 'clear' probably won't do their image any favors.

14-year-old girl wins US Spelling Bee, claims over $40,000

Oxon Hill - A 14-year-old girl from Pennsylvania recently claimed just over $40,000 after winning the 2011 US National Spelling Bee competition.

World Maths Day unites children around the world

On Tuesday millions of children from around the world played online arithmetic games to raise money for UNICEF and to get their name on the prestigious ‘Hall of Fame’ honour board.

And the most commonly misspelled word in English is...

A study of the 20 most common spelling errors made by the British reveals that mixing up vowels leads to many of them. Contributing factors are said to be spell checkers, predictive texting and laziness.

Professor finds century-old Oxford Dictionary

Next time you are playing a game of Scrabble think twice before reaching for the Oxford Dictionary because errors do exist, as proven by an Australian professor who recently found an error that was almost a century old.

Members of U.S. Congress can't spell new president's name

A political study has found that about 60 million Web pages of Members of Congress spell the new president’s name incorrectly.

Professor Weary Of Making Corrections Suggests Overlooking Misspelled Words

University lecturer Dr. Ken Smith suggests that misspelled words be overlooked. His article published in the Times Higher Education magazine states that theses words should be considered "variants". He has comprised a list of the top 20 most misspelled.

Clinton's Hillarious spelling gaffe

Hillary Clinton makes a spelling mistake in a speech to 120 Silicon Valley CEO's

Op/Ed: Should Teachers have to Know How to Spell and Demonstrate other Basic Skills?

Does it bother you if your child's teacher cannot spell?

Tricky Spelling Drains the Brain

According to new brain scan images, spelling tricky words such as "yacht" is no day at the beach. In reality, our mind struggles because the spelling does not match the sound of the word.

Tips to Make Your Articles Look More Professional

A few easy tips to make your Digital Journal articles more professional looking.

Mensa Invitational

It is almost time for the annual Washington Post Mensa Invitational again. So, you had better start working on your entry. Readers are asked to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a n

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