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Speeding News

Aussie Lamborghini driver blames speeding on coronavirus

Sydney - An Australian allegedly caught driving a Lamborghini at nearly twice the speed limit in Sydney claimed he was rushing to hospital to be tested for coronavirus, police said Wednesday.

British man clocked going more than 88 mph in a DeLorean

Chelmsford - A 55-year-old from Sussex, England was caught driving his DeLorean at 89 mph. Despite being a Back to the Future fan, he denied he was trying to break the space-time continuum.

Why do the same people take risks when driving?

Road traffic accidents are serious enough and when someone has had an accident they are normally more cautious next time. Not, however, it seems drunk drivers who are more inclined to repeat the offense. Psychologists explain why.

Writing lines for motoring offenses in Vietnam

In most countries, if you've been caught speeding or driving dangerously you'll expect to face a fine or, if it is a repeat offense, a time in prison. This might not be the case in Vitenam, where alternatives are being explored.

FacePalm Friday: Man spends thousands fighting $180 ticket

Bowen - A man in Australia has been fighting a speeding ticket for four years now because Australian law allows him to, unlike his home country.

Driver turns tables on trooper, stopping him for speeding (Video)

A truck driver travelling through Illinois honked his horn in an effort to "stop" an Illinois State trooper for speeding, capturing the entire exchange on tape.

Shocking Irish road safety ad banned on TV before 9 p.m.

Warning: somewhat graphic video An ad from Northern Ireland's Department of the Environment may scare — and shame — people away from speeding while driving.

Video shows mother and police put van full of kids in harm's way

Taos - A New Mexico State Police dash-cam video released on Friday to KQRE News Channel 13 shows a bizarre incident that occurred on Oct. 28 outside of Taos, NM.

Toronto teen charged with stunt driving on Gardiner Expressway

Toronto - The 18-year-old man faces a stunt driving charge as well as one for speeding, after being clocked driving 167 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

Op-Ed: Chris Huhne — A sad but familiar tale

London - Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne threw away his career and his honour; he is now facing a gaol sentence. Sadly, this is nothing new.

Engineers create graphic in-car crash warnings for motorists

How would you like it if an automated voice inside your car warned you, "You would die if you crashed at this speed right now" or a similar type of caution? It could soon be coming to a car dealership or automobile store near you.

Video: Man fined for speeding, but his car was completely stopped

Baltimore - Everyone is aware of those darn cameras, catching you speeding on a regular basis, but this owner was more than a little upset because his car was completely immobile at the time it was caught on camera.

Woman stopped for speeding says 'God made me do it'

Fort Pierce - Apparently using the excuse "God made me do it", does not work in one Florida community, as one woman found out after being stopped for speeding.

Op-Ed: Should the speed limit be raised to 80mph?

Safety campaigners are warning that the proposed raising of the motorway speed limit to 80mph will result in both more accidents and more road deaths. There is though another view.

Survey: American drivers say they are great behind the wheel

Americans think they are great drivers but when it comes to reality a different story emerges. A survey found that drivers say they do a good job behind the wheel but when it comes down to being responsible a dangerous tale comes to light.

Baby, you can drive my car

An article concerning the targetting of government minister Chris Huhne re allegations that eight years ago he perverted the course of justice in relation to a trivial driving offence.

26-year-old woman drunk driving with six children in the car

Melbourne - A 26-year-old Australian woman in Melbourne has been caught by police under the influence of alcohol and going through a red light, with six children in the car. Only some were wearing seat belts.

Facebook evidence results in driver and passengers being charged

Acre - An Israeli driver and two passengers face charges after a video posted on Facebook showed them travelling at 260 kmh (161 mph).

Oakville woman being sought for impersonating a Police Officer

Oakville - This weekend a man was stopped by a woman claiming to be a police officer in Oakville, Ontario for speeding in the middle of the night.

Swedish speeder faces world record speeding fine, based on salary

The speed racer in his Mercedes-Benz was caught on camera and allegedly clocked going 180 miles-per-hour along the Swiss A12 highway last week.

'Weekend with no victims' brings more deaths in Poland

“Weekend with no victims” has brought 32 deaths as a result of car crashes in the whole country. These data don’t yet include figures of the day of Sunday.

Boy who beat cancer killed by speeding driver

A 12-year-old boy who had overcome cancer and other disabilities was killed by a speeding driver. A 21-year-old man admitted to causing the boy’s death by careless driving.

BMW speeds down Toronto expressway clocked at 189 km/h

Toronto - Toronto Police clocked a BMW and a Mercedes speeding along the Gardiner Expressway yesterday at 189 km/h. The driver was stopped and charged with stunt driving and speeding.

Minnesota Running Back Adrian Peterson Caught Speeding

The Associated Press reports the Minneapolis Highway Patrol clocked Vikings running back Adrian Peterson at 109 and gave him a citation.

British Columbia's Liberal politicians driven to distraction

John van Dongen has resigned as the Solicitor-General of British Columbia after he learned he was facing a four-month driving ban for excessive speeding. Part of his portfolio related to traffic safety and motor vehicles.

Man caught having sex with girlfriend while driving 133kph

A Norwegian couple was caught having sex while driving. The car they were driving was clocked at 133 kilometers per hour (82.64 miles per hour) in a 100 kph zone limit.

Crotch Rocket Rider In Jail For Flying Past Police And Recording His Top Speed

An Oregon motorcyclist is being held behind bars for what seems to be a little more than a traffic violation. The 37-year-old rider had videotaped his highway flight path when he was pulled over. He recorded himself doing speeds over 160 mph (257 km/h).

Big Brother To Test A Government-Controlled Brake Pedal In Your Car

The Australasian Intelligent Speed Adaptation will test a device that uses GPS and satellite technology to force your car to slow down if you're speeding. That's right, Big Brother wants to put an extra break pedal in your car and ride "shotgun."

Police cites 2-year-old girl for speeding

British police in South Yorkshire Country sent a notice to a 2 year old girl for speeding and demanded if she doesn’t pay the ticket fines, she will have to face a court appearance.

Australia says small-penis campaign curbs speeding

Australian officials pledged Thursday to stick with a controversial road safety campaign linking penis size to driving behaviour that one convicted motorist said was enraging men and resulting in road-rage incidents.
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Evo X Gear Stick
The 5-speed manual transmission
The Volkswagen Reduce Speed Dial experiment aimed to disrupt parents  behaviour. Photo shows speed d...
The Volkswagen Reduce Speed Dial experiment aimed to disrupt parents' behaviour. Photo shows speed dials designed by children.
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KHOU reporter Jeremy Rogalski and David Carter.
KHOU reporter Jeremy Rogalski and David Carter.
Melissa Miller arrested for speeding.
Melissa Miller arrested for speeding.
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