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Biodiversity 'hot spots' devastated in warming world

Paris - Unless nations dramatically improve on carbon cutting pledges made under the 2015 Paris climate treaty, the planet's richest concentrations of animal and plant life will be irreversibly ravaged by global warming, scientists warned Friday.

Human activity threatens species survival: study

Paris - Human activities such as farming and construction are threatening the survival of scores of wild species by forcing them to travel more to avoid mankind's impact, research showed Monday.

Newly discovered primate in Myanmar 'already facing extinction'

Paris - In a rare find, scientists have identified a new species of primate, a lithe tree-dweller living in the forests of central Myanmar with a mask-like face framed by a shock of unruly grey hair.

Scientists throw lifeline to world's rarest primate

Paris - Hainan gibbons -- the rarest primates on Earth -- were already teetering on the edge of extinction in 2014 when the most powerful storm to lash China's coast in half a century ravaged their island oasis.

Giraffe haven in Niger faces uncertain future after attack

T - One of the most famous animal sanctuaries in the Sahel faces a troubled future after suspected jihadists murdered eight people, six of them young French aid workers.

Natural toxins likely killed hundreds of Botswana elephants: govt

Johanesburg - Hundreds of elephants that died mysteriously in Botswana's famed Okavango Delta probably succumbed to natural toxins, the wildlife department said Friday.

Climate change on track to wipe out polar bears by 2100

Paris - Climate change is starving polar bears into extinction, according to research published Monday that predicts the apex carnivores could all but disappear within the span of a human lifetime.

Wildlife activists welcome China's new pangolin protections

Bejing - Wildlife activists on Wednesday welcomed China's decision to remove pangolin parts from its official list of traditional medicines, as Beijing steps up protection of the heavily-trafficked endangered mammal.

Protect 30% of planet by 2030: UN Nature rescue plan

Paris - Thirty percent of Earth's surface across land and sea should become protected areas by 2030 to ensure the viability of ecosystems essential to human wellbeing, according to a UN plan released Monday.

Essential Science: Changes to weather events 'could be lethal'

The world faces extreme weather events leading to environmental change. This is impacting on animals and plants. Predictive analytics has helped to map out the changes and shows if a certain species could be driven to extinction.

Chimpanzees in the wild reduced to 'forest ghettos'

Paris - Urban expansion and hunting have pushed chimpanzees, humanity's closest relative in the animal kingdom, into shrinking islets of wildness, top experts said Tuesday after a three-day meeting in Germany.

UN biodiversity conference to lay groundwork for Nature rescue plan

Paris - Diplomats from 130 nations gathered in Paris on Monday to validate a grim UN assessment of the state of Nature and lay the groundwork for a rescue plan for life on Earth.

Poachers threaten precious Madagascar forest and lemurs

Under a leaden sky, six rangers walk silently in single file through Vohibola, one of the last primary forests in eastern Madagascar.

New environmental warning for the tropics: biodiversity collapse

A new study into the impact of climate change upon the animal world sends out a warning. This is that time is running out in the tropics, with scientists warning of a global biodiversity collapse.

World's biggest king penguin colony shrinks 90 percent

Paris - The planet's largest colony of king penguins has declined by nearly 90 percent in three decades, alarmed researchers said Monday.

The internet: a dangerous place for wild animals

Paris - From ivory baubles and leopard coats to rare turtles and live bears, the online market for protected wildlife is booming, according to an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) investigation released Wednesday.

After warnings of species plight: solutions in sight

Medell - Chicken or beef? Think carefully: your choice can help determine the future of the planet.

The sorry state of Earth's species, in numbers

Medell - The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) issued a dire diagnosis Friday of Earth's plant and animal species.

Species in decline worldwide, humans at risk

Medell - Human activity has driven animals and plants into decline in every region of the world, putting our own well-being at risk by over-harvesting and polluting, a comprehensive species survey warned Friday.

Scientists to release mammoth survey of Nature's vital signs

Medell - Scientists will deliver a comprehensive assessment Friday of the state of biodiversity -- the animals and plants that humankind depends on to survive but has driven into a mass species extinction.

Biodiversity 101: Are Earth's wild megafauna doomed?

Paris - Pop quiz: How many species of big, land-dwelling animals are there in the world?Count all the different kinds of big cats, bears, wolves, wild dogs and other carnivores weighing at least 15 kilos.

Bird populations in rural France 'collapsing'

Paris - Bird populations across an eerily quiet French countryside have collapsed, on average, by a third over the last decade-and-a-half, alarmed researchers reported on Tuesday.

Global biodiversity 'crisis' to be assessed at major summit

Paris - Earth is enduring a mass species extinction, scientists say -- the first since the demise of the dinosaurs and only the sixth in half-a-billion years.The reason?

Warming could threaten half of species in 33 key areas: report

Paris - Global warming could place 25 to 50 percent of species in the Amazon, Madagascar and other biodiverse areas at risk of localised extinction within decades, a report said Wednesday.

Corporations key to rescuing nature, says WWF chief

Paris - A generation ago, the idea of a veteran international banker leading a global organisation charged with saving the planet's dwindling and besieged wildlife would have seemed far-fetched. For some, it still does.

100 million-year-old spider with a tail found trapped in amber

Paris - Two teams of scientists on Monday unveiled a "missing-link" species of spider with a scorpion-like tail found perfectly preserved in amber in Southeast Asia's forests after at least 100 million years.

Genetic tool that can doom a species under UN review

Paris - For some, a new cutting-edge technology called gene drive is the silver bullet able to wipe out invasive species decimating island wildlife, and eradicate the malaria-bearing mosquitos that killed nearly half a million people last year, mostly in Afric...

Nearly 400 new species discovered in Amazon

S - Researchers have found 381 new species in the Amazon rainforest, the World Wildlife Fund announced Wednesday, warning that the discoveries were all in areas threatened by human activity.

Review: This week’s releases must dig deeper for the truth Special

This week’s releases include the latest adrenaline-fuelled chapter in a high-speed saga; a buddy comedy with future potential; a mystery series with many twists; and the continuation of a story many thought ended years ago.

'Sixth extinction' of wildlife faster than feared: scientists

Paris - The sixth mass extinction of life on Earth is unfolding more quickly than feared, scientists have warned.
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Species Image

Red Sunflower
Red Sunflower
Marine biologists have discovered a new species of shark: Bythaelurus giddingsi catshark
Marine biologists have discovered a new species of shark: Bythaelurus giddingsi catshark
California Academy of Sciences
Grizedale Forest National Park  North west England.
Grizedale Forest National Park, North west England.
Jenny Mackness
Welwitschia mirabilis (Common name: tree tumbo): Conservation status: Near threatened. A ragged-leav...
Welwitschia mirabilis (Common name: tree tumbo): Conservation status: Near threatened. A ragged-leaved inhabitant of African desert, some tree tumbos are believed to be over 1,000 years old.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
The Eastern Cape giant cycad originates from South Africa  is long-lived and slow growing  and is po...
The Eastern Cape giant cycad originates from South Africa, is long-lived and slow growing, and is popular as an ornamental plant.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Erpetonyx arsenaultorum
Erpetonyx arsenaultorum
Diane Scott of University of Toronto in Mississauga.
 The new Marble Canyon fossil bed was found by an expedition team from the Royal Ontario Museum who ...
"The new Marble Canyon fossil bed was found by an expedition team from the Royal Ontario Museum who made the trek to the Canadian Rockies."
Michael Streng
Peak District National Park  England.
Peak District National Park, England.
Ben Benjamin

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