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Spanking News

Pope rapped over spanking comments

- Pope Francis came under fire Friday after an off-the-cuff remark in which he defended the right of parents to spank their children.

Spanking children may encourage more bad behavior, study says

Dallas - A new study into the effects of corporal punishment on children suggests that spanking a child encourages them to misbehave more often.

Texas school district approves male teachers spanking girls

After a controversy sparked by two teenage girls receiving a paddling in the buttocks administered by a male educator, board members of the Texas Springtown Independent School District have voted to allow educators of the opposite sex to spank students.

Canada's doctors say it's time to change spanking laws

Ottawa - The Canadian Medical Association says it's time to change the Criminal Code's 120-year old so-called spanking law. Currently, the law gives parents and teachers the right to spank or hit children as a means of discipline.

Op-Ed: Max Mosley — An unlikely people's champion

London - As both an extremely wealthy man and the son of Sir Oswald Mosley, Max Mosley is one of the last people most civil libertarians would consider to be an enemy of the capitalist press.

Spare the rod: Spanking tied to mental illness in adulthood

Sparing the rod, doesn't spoil the child — it saves them. A new study shows use of the rod or any of its variations (slapping, spanking) increases a child's risk of lifelong mental problems. Experts suggest other methods like "time outs" instead.

The debate continues on 'spanking' children in the name of God

CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" recently looked at cases of child abuse resulting from parents claiming their religious beliefs allow them to "correct" their children in physically violent ways.

Mom gets 5 years probation for spanking child and loses custody

Corpus Christi, Texas - Rosalina Gonzales lost custody of her three children and has been put on probation for five years. Her crime was spanking her almost two-year-old with her hand on the child's bottom.

Postpartum also experienced by new dads, new study shows

Postpartum depression has always been linked to new mothers. A recent study conducted by a team of pediatricians at the University of Michigan has discovered that this affects new dads as well.

Op-Ed: Child gets slapped, covering parental negligence Special

Peshawar - A four-year-old boy was slapped twice by a parent/guardian after the child tried to walk out unguarded on a dangerously busy road in University Town area in Peshawar. The elder had left the child alone and he hit the child to cover his own negligence.

Spanking young children may turn them into bullies later on

Parents who decide to spank their toddlers may be surprised to find out that by the time that child is 5-years-old, he or she is very likely to start to exhibit aggressive behaviors like bullying, fighting, or cruelty.

US study says smacking kids helps them

Smacking leads to happier kids, according to a new US study. Ironically, it took this long to find enough people who hadn’t been smacked to do the study. Now, a US study says that smacking into adolescence actually helps.

Spanking children results in lower IQ

A new study conducted by one of North America's foremost child psychology experts suggests that children who are not spanked will grow up to have higher IQs than those who are.

Woman Ticketed For Spanking Child at Parade

Police ticketed 21-year-old Melissa Farrell after she spanked her child on the behind while trying to keep her from running out into the street during a 4th of July parade in Idaho.


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Spanking = child abuse
Spanking = child abuse
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