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Spanish News

US politicos woo Latino voters, often with grating Spanish

Miami - The Democratic presidential hopefuls in Miami this week talked tax rates and immigration in Spanish while across town Republicans touted their "Latinos for Trump" campaign.

Review: Laurie Berkner Band charms on 'We Are The Dinosaurs' in Spanish Special

The Laurie Berkner Band, fronted by children's music queen Laurie Berkner, is showcasing their multilingual musical ability. They released their smash single "We Are The Dinosaurs" in Spanish.

Rolling Stones thrill Cuba with free two-hour Havana concert

Havana - Rock-and-roll icons the Rolling Stones rocked Havana, Cuba, on Friday with a free concert in the city's Sports City complex.

DJ Cristian Varela talks electronic dance music and future plans Special

Award-winning DJ and producer Cristian Varela chatted with Digital Journal about electronic music, his biggest inspirations, and his plans for the future.

A menu of St. Augustine, Florida restaurants to choose from Special

Saint Augustine - Restaurants in the oldest city in America feature everything from luscious seafood to traditional Cuban and Spanish favorites served in Florida’s oldest restaurant. The selections showcased will make your mouth water.

Spanish filmmaker from Beijing banned from entering North Korea

Pyongyang - A Spanish cinematographer and documentary film director, based in Beijing, has been banned entry into North Korea on business Monday, due to Ebola fears. Pyongyang apparently considers Spain to be a risk country.

Pet parrot returns after 4 years and now speaks Spanish

Torrance - Four years ago a pet parrot disappeared, but the owner has been reunited with him. However, the parrot now speaks Spanish.

Launching a new classical season with flash and fury Special

Toronto - Who says classical music isn't exciting? The Toronto Symphony Orchestra launched its latest season in fine style this week, with superstar violinist Joshua Bell providing characteristic fire and drama.

Spanish Judge enforces torture probe against Bush and Cheney

On Tuesday, Judge Pablo Ruz at the Spanish National Court defied pressure to scrap a probe into alleged torture in the United States prison camp in Guantanamo Bay which targets former U.S. president George W. Bush.

Largest meteor impact ever recorded hits our moon

Our moon has many impact craters, with an estimated 300,000 of them on the near side alone. Most of these craters were formed millenniums ago. Many of the craters are over 1Km. wide, with ejecta deposits leaving broad rings around the initial impacts.

Recent flu vaccine efficacy estimate higher in Canada than Spain

Canadian researchers estimate that this season's flu vaccine is about 70 percent effective so far, which is much higher than the recent 24 percent estimate reported by a Spanish team.

Spanish Stone Age hunter-gatherer dark-skinned with blue eyes

Barcelona - The 7,000-year-old remains of a Stone Age man were discovered in north-western Spain back in 2006. As part of an ongoing study to uncover the DNA of ancient humans in Europe, scientists have now established that he was both dark-skinned and blue-eyed.

Six Pakistani police killed in ambush protecting Spanish cyclist

Quetta - A Spanish tourist was lucky to escape with minor injuries when cycling through the highly volatile southwestern province of Baluchistan in Pakistan on Wednesday. Six police bodyguards were shot dead while protecting him and five others injured.

Short film: 'No Job Land' documents life in Madrid

Madrid - Until the crisis started, Spain was rich, everyone had a job and life was good. That was around five years ago. Things have changed drastically since. This short film documents life in Madrid as it is today.

Guilty man wants to return books he took 25 years ago

Cambridge - Spaniard Iñaki Buenaposada studied English in Cambridge in the UK some 25 years ago, when he was just 16. He took some books from what he thought was garbage and kept them, but now wishes to return them.

Spanish science gets cash injection

Spain’s federal government has delivered an emergency cash boost to the country’s largest research organization, staving off closure for the time being.

María de Villota, Spanish Formula One driver has died in Seville

Seville - 33-year-old María de Villota, former Formula One reserve driver, was found dead in her hotel room in Seville on Friday morning. There are no signs of violence but investigations continue. The world of motorsports mourns the loss.

Spanish woman asks Telegraph to remove 'racist' siesta photo

London - The UK Telegraph newspaper was reporting that Spain was considering putting the clocks back to be in line with other countries in that time zone. They depicted a "fat and lazy Spaniard" having a siesta on their article, upsetting a Spanish local.

Over-qualified toilet cleaner's rant goes viral on Facebook

London - A young Spaniard who has two degrees, plus a Masters, sent out a rant on Facebook about the fact that he has ended up cleaning toilets in London. The message went viral and the Spanish media picked up on it.

Spanish journalist hostage in Syria since early September 2013

Hama - According to an announcement late on Monday, Marc Marginedas, a special correspondent in Syria for Spanish newspaper El Periodico, has been kidnapped and has been held hostage since September 4 this year.

Salustiano Sánchez Blázquez — World's oldest man has passed away

Grand Island - Salustiano "Shorty" Sánchez Blázquez, the oldest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, has sadly passed away at the age of 112 years and 97 days. RIP Shorty.

Photo Essay: Fountain of Youth Park Celebrates 500th Anniversary Special

Saint Augustine - The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is commemorating the 1513 arrival of Ponce de León in Florida and the legend of the Fountain of Youth. The lush grounds, exotic birds, and water from the spring are sure to please modern-day adventurers.

Spanish daredevil & TV presenter Álvaro Bultó killed in accident

Álvaro Bultó, daredevil and popular TV personality, died on Friday in a skydiving accident over the Swiss Alps. He "lost his life doing what he liked best," according to the Discovery Max cable network.

Spanish cuisine hits the big time in Hollywood

Los Angeles - Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro moved to the USA from Spain to work as an art director. Then she changed her career course entirely and has now founded a company supplying Spanish cuisine, which has become a smash hit in Hollywood.

Replica of 17th century Spanish galleon arrives in Maryland

Ocean City - An exact replica of a late 17th century Spanish galleon, "El Galeón Andalucía", has arrived in Ocean City, Maryland on Tuesday and will be staying in town until September 2 for anyone who wishes to visit.

Wrongly pardoned pedophile arrested by Spanish Police

Murcia - The Spanish pedophile who was recently "accidentally" pardoned by King Mohamed VI of Morocco has now been arrested in Murcia by Spanish police, according to Spain's Interior Ministry.

Moroccan royal pardon of Spanish pedophile 'a mistake'

Rabat - Convicted two years ago of sexually abusing 11 children aged between three and 15 and handed a 30-year sentence, Daniel Galván Viña has apparently been "mistakenly" pardoned by the King of Morocco.

Guinness Book of Records: World's oldest man eats a banana a day

Born in Salamanca, Spain in 1901, and now living in the USA, 112-year-old Salustiano Sánchez Blázquez has now been announced the world's oldest man, as Japan's Jiroemon Kimura passed away on June 12 at the age of 116.

Great music festivals coming up in Spain for summer 2013

The famous Benicàssim and Sonar music festivals are over, but there is still so much more to come. Spain offers a huge variety of music festivals from Indie rock, to flamenco, to jazz, to classical, and everything else in between this summer.

Spain takes to streets tonight calling for Rajoy's resignation

In over 50 cities all over Spain as well as in several other European cities, protesters will take the streets on Friday evening to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and to call for new elections.
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Spanish Image

Spanish national police arrested 4 Canadian members of the Hells Angels and confiscated half a ton o...
Spanish national police arrested 4 Canadian members of the Hells Angels and confiscated half a ton of cocaine in northern Spain.
National Police
Toni Cantó  former actor  now politician with Spain s centrist social liberal party UPyD.
Toni Cantó, former actor, now politician with Spain's centrist social liberal party UPyD.
A scene from 2012 Opéra National de Bordeaux production.
A scene from 2012 Opéra National de Bordeaux production.
Guillaume Bonnaud
Abstract: Through an under road tunnel.
Abstract: Through an under road tunnel.
Abstract:  Reflections in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: Reflections in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: Fishing nets.
Abstract: Fishing nets.
Abstract: rust in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: rust in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: metal construction pipes.
Abstract: metal construction pipes.
Abstract: Reflection of a dredger in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: Reflection of a dredger in Fuengirola port.
Spanish journalist Marc Marginedas is being held hostage in Syria and has been in the hands of a reb...
Spanish journalist Marc Marginedas is being held hostage in Syria and has been in the hands of a rebel group since September 4th, 2013.
Abstract: Graffitt in Fuengirola  Spain.
Abstract: Graffitt in Fuengirola, Spain.
Abstract: graffitti in Fuengirola port.
Abstract: graffitti in Fuengirola port.
Abstract:  Reflection in a vehicle.
Abstract: Reflection in a vehicle.
Abstract: Reflection in Fuengirola Port.
Abstract: Reflection in Fuengirola Port.
A large Valencian paella
A large Valencian paella
Mountain climbers Abel Alonso from Pontevedra  Álvaro Paredes of Valladolid and Xevi Gómez from Gi...
Mountain climbers Abel Alonso from Pontevedra, Álvaro Paredes of Valladolid and Xevi Gómez from Girona missing on Gasherbrum I in Pakistan on July 24, 2013.
Compilation of video screengrabs
Spaniard David Ríos  winner in the Diageo Reserve World Class 2013
Spaniard David Ríos, winner in the Diageo Reserve World Class 2013
Video screengrab

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