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Ashes of war to S. Korea holiday gift: Spam Spam Spam

Jincheon - From the front lines of war to a staple of institutional catering, Spam is rarely seen as a gourmet ingredient -- but the canned pink meat holds a unique position in South Korea as a top-selling holiday gift.

Facebook has deleted millions of spam posts and fake accounts

Facebook has thinned out millions of spam posts, and it has removed millions of fake accounts, in an effort to keep its content cleaner, to enforce its community standards.

Spamalittle or Spamalot - SPAM is still popular after 80 years

SPAM, no, not the unsolicited junk email you receive every day on your computer, but the iconic little blue can with the bright yellow letters, that when opened, reveals a great-tasting mealtime favorite, is 80-years-old today.

Apple responds to calendar spam with new 'report junk' button

Apple has officially acknowledged the waves of spam invitations currently plaguing its iCloud calendar service. The company has launched a new feature that allows users to report the junk and remove it from their calendar. It is available now online.

Apple's iCal calendar service being targeted by spammers

iPhone owners are being targeted by scammers using iCal calendar event notifications in the run up to the holidays. Users are receiving invitations that claim to offer discounts on designer brands. The messages are fake and trigger more when responded to.

Facebook to banish clickbait and spam from your News Feed

Facebook has announced it is updating its News Feed to hide more clickbait stories with deliberately misleading headlines. It said it realises the benefits of authentic communication and is making the change based on extensive user feedback.

Outlook and Hotmail users hit by waves of spam as filter crashes

A problem with Microsoft's popular email service led to users being flooded by waves of spam mail yesterday and much of this morning. The company's spam filter went offline, letting unsolicited emails reach user inboxes.

'Spam king' hacked 500,000 Facebook users, sent 27m spam messages

A Las Vegas man who called himself the 'Spam King' while he used phishing attacks to gain passwords for 500,000 Facebook accounts before sending over 27 million spam messages has pleaded guilty in court.

Hacker earns $100k a month sending one million spam emails a day

A hacker has been found to be earning as much as $100,000 a month while doing nothing more than using automated botnets to send nearly one million spam emails per day. The attack is based around the recently exposed RIG exploit kit.

Microsoft removes 1,500 spam apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft's acknowledgement of the presence of illegitimate, spam apps in the Windows Store has come to fruition with the removal of 1,500 apps from the store and subsequent refunding of purchasers.

Apple iOS operating system found most immune to spyware attacks

Bad news for Blackberry especially after the latest report from a test conducted by a surveillance software and hardware vendor detailing security vulnerabilities in Blackberry, Android, and not iOS smartphones.

Gmail: You no longer need someone's address to send them an email

Google is about to make it a whole lot easier for strangers to send you an email. Likewise, you will soon be able to send an email to someone, even if you don't have their address.

Twitter's Vine video sharing application the target of spammers

Twitter's red-hot 6-second video sharing application, Vine, has become a target among spammers who are eager to benefit from the app's wild popularity.

Most spam comes from just 20 ISPs

A new study has shown that over 50% of all junk mail and spam on the Internet is generated from just 20 Internet service providers (ISPs) out of 42,000 ISPs currently registered worldwide.

Facebook considers charging $1 for messages to non-friends

Facebook is considering allowing users to pay $1 to send messages direct to people who are not their friends. A small trial has been set up by the social media site.

Papa John's faces $250 million class-action lawsuit for text spam

Papa John's faces a $250 million class-action for sending its customers unsolicited text messages. The customers joined in a class-action allege that in 2010, Papa John's franchises sent them a total of 500,000 text spam that advertised pizza deals.

Op-Ed: Fighting spam with empathy

The captcha system was first introduced to combat spam. It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is in use today on countless websites to prevent the endless spamming of posts and accounts.

Op-Ed: Beating Spam? Try beating an apathetic Internet culture first

Sydney - Global spam is now sending 94 billion messages per day that nobody wants or needs. It's truly ridiculous. It’s also absurd, when you consider possible fixes. Spam is actually a dangerous form of assault on people, businesses and everything in general.

Op-Ed: Spammers make $200 million a year collectively

Across the globe tons of spam is sent out daily. These annoying emails have become a fact of life, costing society both time and money. A new report highlights that spammers earn relatively little in comparison to the high costs they create for others.

Massive spam botnet Grum destroyed by security researchers

Computer experts and security researchers took down one of the biggest spam hubs in the world. The botnet, known as Grum, was reportedly responsible for 18 percent of the world's junk email.

Op-Ed: Why news publishers shouldn't be spamming sites like reddit

Every news outlet wants pageviews to grow every month. But that hunt can end up bruising publishers deeper than they expect, thanks to ignoring online linking basics.

Spammers claim Facebook giveaway of free iPads and iPhones

Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really giving away free Apple products? According to an email circulating around the Internet, he is.

Facebook battles spam attack, violent and porn images in feeds

Facebook has been slammed this week with various types of scams and attacks, one of which has caused significant problems for the website.

Compromised Twitter accounts tweeting work-from-home spam scams

Burlington - Sophos, an Internet security firm, is warning Twitter users of a new work from home spam scam. The spammers send a tweet/Direct Message with a link that takes you to a website that urges you to invest in a "Home Wealth Formula."

Google+ plus invites could be spam

Google+, a new social networking website has caught the attention of spammers. The internet con artists have used genuine-looking invitations in order to ploy people into buying E.D. pills.

Gather blocks Pakistani users from accessing its website

Peshawar - has blocked Pakistani users from accessing their website, alleging that a lot of spam is posted on the site by its Pakistani members.

California lawyer claims small victories over spamming companies

San Francisco - Following a successful career in marketing, Daniel Balsam made the decision to quit his job in order to go to law school and start a new career in suing spammers who send you messages to enlarge your penis, enhance your breasts and offer cheap drugs.

Microsoft strikes blow against the Waledac botnet

Microsoft has won a court order allowing them to shut down the 277 dot-com domains that make up the Waledac Botnet, said to have the capacity to send 1.5 billion spam messages per day.

'Spam King' Must Pay Facebook $711 Million

Social networking site Facebook has been awarded $711 million in damages against a man previously sued by rivals MySpace and known as the "Spam King".

Op-Ed: Why URL shorteners can be dangerous

One of the more popular online services is the URL shortener, such as TinyURL. But what's behind that shortened link? For spammers, these services act as a new tool to bait unsuspecting visitors, and for industry watchdogs it's become a new threat.
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SPAM is very popular in Hawaii. Here is  Spam musubi as it is served at Ninja Sushi.
SPAM is very popular in Hawaii. Here is Spam musubi as it is served at Ninja Sushi.
Janine from Mililani, Hawaii, U.S.
Arnold Gatilao / inuyaki (CC BY 2.0)
Cleaning out the inbox  putting spam in the trash
Cleaning out the inbox, putting spam in the trash
The SPAM Museum in Minneapolis  MN is very popular.
The SPAM Museum in Minneapolis, MN is very popular.
SPAM Museum
Two small cans of Spam. One is closed and the other open and sliced.
Two small cans of Spam. One is closed and the other open and sliced.
Matthew W. Jackson
Don Hankins (CC BY 2.0)

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