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Cuba inc. —The empire strikes back Special

While most Cubans welcomed President Obama when he came to Havana last month, the country’s retired leader Fidel Castro sat out the party — probably because it wasn’t his party.

Ex KGB agent leaves Canada after 6 years inside Vancouver church

Vancouver - A former agent for the now-defunct Soviet Union has surrendered his fight for asylum and has left Canada following several years inside a Vancouver church.

Like a fine wine, Vladimir Lenin's body improves with age

Moscow - For someone 145 years old, Vladimir Lenin looks really great lying in state in Moscow's Red Square. But there is a secret to maintaining such a robust picture of health, even though the founder of the Soviet Union has been dead for 90 years.

Pakistan, China, perform joint military operations near war zone Special

Islamabad - Pakistan security forces and China's Special Forces participated in a joint field training exercises at the headquarters of the special services group, near Cherat.

Old Soviet prison camp now place of leisure, fun

Rummu - Published only a few days ago via YouTube, a breathtaking five-minute video captures the striking images of a former forced labor camp in a state of decay and its transformation into a recreational beach.

Op-Ed: American and Russian involvement in Syria reflects Cold War era

Russia and America take sides in the Syrian civil war. Moscow remains committed to providing the Assad regime the S-300 air defense missile systems, while Washington remains committed to arming the Syrian rebels. Will Russia win the new Cold War?

Op-Ed: The Queen's 'World War III' speech that, thankfully, never was

Newly-released British government documents reveal that UK officials had written a speech to be delivered by Queen Elizabeth II in the event of a nuclear war between the United States (and, by extension, Britain) and the Soviet Union in the early 1980s.

Russia dispatches permanent naval unit to Mediterranean

In what has been the first major naval deployment since the time of the Soviet Union, Russia has sent a permanent naval unit to the Mediterranean Sea, aimed at defending the country's interests, as well as ensuring stability and peace in the region.

Novelist A.J. Sidransky on his work: Forgiving Maximo Rothman Special

New York - AJ Sidransky's Forgiving Maximo Rothman reminds us that 'life is too short to make enemies of those we love,' and I connected with the novelist to learn more.

Missing Soviet soldier lived nomadically with Afghans since 1980

A Soviet veteran from the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980's was found after being missing and living in that country among the locals for nearly 33 years.

Secret German papers claim Castro recruited former Nazis

Documents recently declassified by the German government show former Cuban leader Fidel Castro hired former Nazis to counter any contemplated US invasion of Cuba.

Released documents reveal US knowledge of 1940 slaughter

Washington - Newly declassified documents have been released by the U.S. National Archives showing the United States had knowledge of the slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers and prisoners in the Katyn forest on the western edge of Russia in 1940.

Former Soviet state of Turkmenistan to form own space agency

Ashgabat - The President of the former Soviet state of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, announced that the country is looking to form its own space agency. The presidential decree did not say who would head the agency.

Op-Ed: The Bin Laden Hoax

An article looking at the way conspiracy theorists view the US raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and his death at the hands of Navy Seals.

JFK sought documents on UFOs 10 days before his assassination

Adding new speculation to the assassination of President John F Kennedy, two documents revealed by an author researching the JFK presidency show Kennedy's interests in gaining access to UFO information.

Ceremonies mark invasion of Poland and outbreak of WWII

All over Poland today ceremonies will take place marking the memory of the beginning of World War II when the Nazis fired the first shots into the Westerplatte garrison on the Baltic coast.

March of SS veterans face protest in Latvia

A march by veterans of two Latvian units of the Waffen SS, and their supporters, took place in the country's capital Riga on Tuesday. Protesters met the marchers at the city's Freedom Monument.

Russian President Attacks Those Who Defend Stalin

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has launched a fierce attack on those people who have attempted to defend the actions of Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

New Report Details Cold War Nuclear Threat to the US by Cuba

According to newly released documents, Cuban leader Fidel Castro suggested a Soviet nuclear strike on the United States in the early 1980s. Castro was dissuaded by Soviet explanations that a radioactive cloud from such a strike would also devastate Cuba.

First cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin could have been a hydrogen-bomb

The Soviet space aviation programme had decided against building a spaceship for human use. Instead, the purpose of its R7 rocket which launched Yuri Gararin into space for 108 minutes, was to carry thermonuclear bombs.

Secret Files Show Britain Feared Getting Crushed By Soviet Union

Today, secret British files were released by the National Archives. They reveal that Britain was in fear of getting crushed by the USSR.

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A mass grave at Katyn  1943
A mass grave at Katyn, 1943
An air-to-air right side view of a Soviet MiG-23 Flogger aircraft.  The aging piece of military hard...
An air-to-air right side view of a Soviet MiG-23 Flogger aircraft. The aging piece of military hardware is currently the premier fighter aircraft of the Syrian Air Force.
ISLAND: Building housing Havana s unofficial diplomatic team in Washington  D.C.  will be Cuba s new...
ISLAND: Building housing Havana's unofficial diplomatic team in Washington, D.C., will be Cuba's new embassy now that the two countries have restored full diplomatic relations.
Slowking4/Wikimedia Commons
Soviet infantry in Afghanistan in the 1980 s.
Soviet infantry in Afghanistan in the 1980's.
Tanks in Red Square.
Tanks in Red Square.
Sergei Chirikov

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