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Southern Ocean News

Headless chicken monster filmed in Antarctic waters for 1st time

New underwater camera technology developed by Australian researchers is shining a light on previously unseen species, including a sea cucumber known as the "headless chicken monster" in the Southern Ocean to help improve marine conservation.

Self-sailing drones set to explore the Southern Ocean

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) has announced a partnership with San Francisco-based ocean technology start-up, Saildrone, to radically improve measurement and monitoring in Australian waters and the Southern Ocean.

Methylmercury now being found in Southern Ocean fish and birds

Methylmercury, a potent neurotoxin has been found in sea ice in the Southern Ocean, according to new research. This latest study demonstrates how sea ice bacteria can change mercury into its more lethal form, contaminating marine life and birds.

'Yeti' crab discovered in deep waters

A new species of crab has been discovered residing near hydrothermic vents on the sea floor near Antarctica. This hardy species, nicknamed the yeti crab, has an unusual furry appearance.

Southern Ocean winds strongest in 1,000 years

Using data from Antarctic ice cores and other sources, a study published in the Nature Climate Change journal says that winds in the Southern Ocean are the strongest they have been in 1,000 years.

Ruins of ‘Old Panama’ — first European settlement on the Pacific Special

Panama City - The archaeological ruins known as “Panama Viejo” (Old Panama) are the remains of the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast. Through Old Panama, and the town of “Nombre de Dios” passed most of the riches the Spaniards took from America.

Op-Ed: Sea Shepherd ships rammed by Japanese whalers

Sydney - The anti-whaling ships Steve Irwin and Bob Barker have been rammed by Japanese whalers. The Bob Barker is said to be taking on water. This is incredibly dangerous in the Southern Ocean, where people can die of hypothermia in minutes.

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Southern Ocean Image

The Southern Ocean and the mountains of Antartica
The Southern Ocean and the mountains of Antartica
Public Domain via Pixabay
Australian Antarctic Division Fisheries Technician  Tim Lamb  works on an underwater camera.
Australian Antarctic Division Fisheries Technician, Tim Lamb, works on an underwater camera.
Jessica Fitzpatrick/Australian Antarctic Division

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