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South america News

Massive power failure hits Argentina, Uruguay, parts of Brazil

Buenos Aires - Two entire South American nations are completely in the dark after a massive power failure that cut electricity to the 48 million people who live within their borders.

Brazil steps up efforts to prevent terrorism at Summer Olympics

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil has assigned more than 22,000 soldiers to assist police and other security protecting the 2016 Summer Olympics scheduled to begin next month.

Virgin Mobile soon to operate in Peru

Virgin Mobile will begin operations in Peru in the third quarter of this year after it secured a license from the government to operate in the country.

Rare find: Only known U.S. jaguar caught on video in AZ mountains

Tucson - He's the only known wild jaguar in the U.S., and he's finally been caught — on video. The big cat, known as "El Jefe," (the boss), is seen prowling around a creek in the Santa Rita mountains of southern Arizona.

Keepin' Faith with The Gary Douglas Band Special

A heady mix of classic rock, Americana, country and blues, The Gary Douglas Band have been enjoying quite a bit of success with their second album. Their frontman spoke to Digital Journal.

South America promised big investments by Beijing Prime Minister

China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced during his recent visit to Brazil his country's intention to invest heavily in South America.

Scientists solve the puzzle of 'Darwin's strangest animals'

When Charles Darwin sailed the HMS Beagle to South America in the 1830's, he discovered fossils of bizarre mammals that defied classification and scientists have never been able to figure out where these creatures fit in the mammalian family tree.

Photo Essay: Streets of Cusco's historic San Blas neighborhood Special

Cusco - Clinging to the hillside just above the historic center of the city, the San Blas neighborhood is the oldest residential area of Cusco, Peru and a paradise on earth for those that love to walk.

How amphibians crossed continents: A scientist tells the tale

The world's 7,000 species of amphibians can be found on six continents, but there has been few attempts at understanding how salamanders, frogs, toads, and caecilians had moved across time to these distant continents.

Bird’s eye view: Bird threat zones revealed

Scientists have produced detailed maps revealing the areas in the world where bird populations are in decline. The majority of regions are in South America.

Pope Francis calls exploitation of nature 'sin of our times'

Campobasso - During an address at Italy's University of Molise on Saturday, Pope Francis chastised those who exploit and destroy nature, calling such behavior the "sin of our times".

The War on Drugs in the U.S. and neighboring countries

The "War on Drugs" is not just a personal story for people in the United States. It is also altered and contributed to by those in neighboring countries. We are going to explore why and how that happens right now.

New species of river dolphin discovered

This week scientists revealed the results of a DNA sequencing study. The study showed that a new river dolphin species resides in the rivers of South America.

South American frog hit by fungus

Two South American frog species named for Charles Darwin are in decline due to the spread of a fungus. The fungus infects the skin of the frogs.

Venezuela takes control of toilet paper factory to avoid shortage

Caracas - A chronic shortage of toilet paper in Venezuela has forced the government to control toilet paper factories, according to reports.

Op-Ed: Argentina says — Yes! We have no bananas or tomatoes either Special

Buenos Aires - “Yes! We Have No Bananas” by Irving Cohn was a hit song from the 1922 Broadway revue Make It Snappy. If Cohn were writing that today in Argentina, the song would be, “Yes! We Have No Tomatoes”.

Review: Backpacking in South America Special

Buenos Aires - Nowadays, you could acquire virtually all the details you need from the web. So why would you waste space hauling around a substantial overview when you are backpacking South America?

Argentina president head-butts democracy

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has instituted several government reforms that has many international and national observers convinced she is trying to destroy democracy.

World-Cup 2014 — Preview 'Battle of the Pacific': Chile-Peru

Lima - Tomorrow (Friday 22) will continue the qualifying matches for the World Cup Brazil 2014. Among the most interesting matches in the South American zone is the “Derby of the Pacific” confronting two traditional rivals: Chile and Peru.

Thousands evacuated as Nicaraguan volcano spews ash

Chichigalpa - The San Cristobal volcano, located just outside the city of Chichigalpa and atop Nicaragua's tallest mountain, began spewing clouds of ash and gas on Saturday morning.

Venezuela plans to form million man strong 'guerrilla army'

Venezuela is building a "guerrilla army" that it plans to consist of a million personnel in order to resist and fight against a U.S. invasion. It has been referred to as "Plan Sucre."

Honduras sets up anti-corruption team to weed out rogue cops

Honduras, one of the most dangerous places on Earth, set up a new anti-corruption commission Friday to weed out rogue officials in the judicial system and national police force.

Rare spotting of South American bird in Chicago

Chicago - Birdwatchers across the U.S. were treated this week to news a rare spotting of a South American bird that reportedly missed its mark while migrating.

1982 World Cup Captain 'Socrates' dies at age 57

Soccer star and captain of team Brazil in the 1982 World Cup, Socrates died in a Brazilian hospital Sunday of septic shock.

Galileo's first Soyuz launch, gives EU independent nav system

Kourou - The European Union has launched its own global navigational satellites, which now joins the American GPS, and the Russian GLONASS already in orbit.

'Heterosexual Pride Day' awaits mayor's signature in Sao Paulo

San Paulo - Sao Paulo's city council has approved a proposal to create Heterosexual Pride Day honoring straight people that will be celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of December if it gets a final stamp of approval from the mayor of South America's largest city.

Japanese government reiterates free trade partnership with Peru

Lima - In an effort to help reduce poverty in Peru, the Japanese government has reiterated its partnership with the South American country.

Situation deteriorates in flooded Colombia

Hundreds of people have died and millions more are affected by severe flooding in Colombia and Venezuela. The situation is getting worse and may deteriorate further before it improves.

‘Cocaine Airlines’: old planes fly the South America-Africa route

Drug trafficking gangs in Latin America are buying cheap passenger and cargo airplanes to bring their illegal cargo to Africa as a “technical stop” required before transfer into Europe.

Indigenous Colombians Shun Turtle Meat To Save Species

The indigenous Wayuu people living on South America’s northern most tip are going to stop eating their main source of protein, turtle meat, because the reptile is dying out.
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Evo Morales Ayma  President of Bolivia
Evo Morales Ayma, President of Bolivia
Venenzuelan president Hugo Chávez with Perú s new leader Ollanta Humala (right)
Venenzuelan president Hugo Chávez with Perú's new leader Ollanta Humala (right)
The study on melting glaciers was based in part on mountain trimlines  the point at which vegetation...
The study on melting glaciers was based in part on mountain trimlines, the point at which vegetation begins on mountains, determined by the glaciers.
Map of the southern tip of South America  showing the Strait of Magellan. The black arrow indicates ...
Map of the southern tip of South America, showing the Strait of Magellan. The black arrow indicates the location of the Strait's Second Narrows, the place where the whales run aground (Lat. 52' 40'' S).
Les Chatfield photo
A view of Santiago in Chile
A view of Santiago in Chile
alobos iphotos
This little fellow was the third pudu born at the Queens Zoo. He joins around 30 pudus living in Ame...
This little fellow was the third pudu born at the Queens Zoo. He joins around 30 pudus living in American zoos.
A new study on glaciers in the Patagonia Icefields of South America indicates glaciers are currently...
A new study on glaciers in the Patagonia Icefields of South America indicates glaciers are currently melting at a rate faster than any other time in the last 350 years.
Toxodon illustration by Robert Bruce Horsfall  1913.
Toxodon illustration by Robert Bruce Horsfall, 1913.
By Robert Bruce Horsfall [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
As this 1913 illustration by Robert Bruce Horsfall shows  Macrauchenia was definitely the odd-lookin...
As this 1913 illustration by Robert Bruce Horsfall shows, Macrauchenia was definitely the odd-looking beast.
By Robert Bruce Horsfall [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Beijing set to invest heavily in South American infrastructure and other projects
Beijing set to invest heavily in South American infrastructure and other projects
Image credit: Alexandre - "The Last Station"

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