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PR queen Martha Moore to be inducted in Source Hall of Fame Special

Nashville - Nashville PR queen Martha Moore is headed to the Source Hall of Fame. She was announced as one of this year's inductees.

Pressing backspace 28 times will unlock most Linux PCs

A strange bug has been discovered in the Linux operating system that gives hackers an easy way into computers if they have physical access. Pressing the backspace key 28 times while on the login screen will override the need for a password.

Intel publicly releases code behind Stephen Hawking's voice

Intel has publicly released the code for the software that powers Stephen Hawking's speech engine. It allows developers to go ahead and delve into how it works, opening the gateway to new systems based upon it but expanded by the knowledge of others.

Microsoft threatened UK government over open source plans

Microsoft reportedly threatened the UK government over its plans to promote more open-source software standards instead of the company's products last year. Microsoft apparently even went so far as to consider closing its UK research facilities.

Dwarf planet is possible new source of life in our solar system

A potential new source of alien life in our own solar system will be explored by a NASA probe in March 2015. Scientists think that the so-called "dwarf planet," Ceres, could have the right conditions for life to exist and may even be habitable for humans.

Cockroach Brains could be a new source of Antibiotics

Researchers at the University of Nottingham's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science say that cockroaches could be beneficial to health. They could be used to help develop new antibiotic treatments.

Inside holiday gift ideas for tech fans

The Christmas season is just around the corner and many consumers are planning to start their holiday shopping. Here are the latest gadgets for tech-savvy consumers.

MSNBC buys hyperlocal data aggregator EveryBlock

MSNBC has bought EveryBlock, a news and information aggregator that launched in January 2008. The aggregator was funded by the Knight Foundation.

Associated Press to drive traffic to new AP-hosted website

The Associated Press (AP) is planning to prevent members and customers from publishing some of the AP's news content on their websites. AP will instead have other news sites link directly to the main AP website for that content.

Researchers report original source of malaria found

UC Irvine Researchers have identified what they believe is the original source of malignant malaria in equatorial Africa.

Bell to Acquire Canadian electronics retailer The Source

Canadian telecom giant Bell Inc. announced it plans to acquire The Source, a national electronics retailer owned by U.S.-based Circuit City. If approved, the acquisition will allow The Source to feature Bell's product line in the stores.

Ancient Plant May Become New Source of Biofuel

Researchers says Camelina plant is an excellent source of biofuel, can be grown in arid land, with less water, fertilizer and pesticide

Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling

A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we (Brian Ross and Richard Esposito) call in an effort to root out confidential sources.

Study Shows That China Is The Source Of Bird Flu Virus

A genetic analysis of the virus that was published today shows that China's southern Guangdong Province is the original source of the dangerous H5N1 avian flu virus.

Open Source 3D Printer for only $2,400!

A Cornell University Professor along with his student creates a 3D Printer for $2400.

porn as in Source Code Porn

Some of the interesting source code comments and writings :) found using krugle.

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Zero Mass Water
SOURCE taps into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air  using sunlight to power a renewable...
SOURCE taps into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air, using sunlight to power a renewable supply of drinking water. Without the waste of bottled or filtered water,
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A Source pilot program in Ecuador shows that one solar panel can provide drinking water for a family...
A Source pilot program in Ecuador shows that one solar panel can provide drinking water for a family of four.
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