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Soup News

Campbell Soup recalls over 4,000 pounds of mislabeled soup

Campbell Soup has issued a recall of one of their soup products due to mislabeling. They are recalling nearly 4,185 pounds of soup.

An ancient health food is making a ridiculous comeback

America's newest health trend is really an ancient one: Bone broth. Proponents of the savory solution say it does everything from draw out toxins to sooth digestion and erase wrinkles. New Yorkers are shelling out up to $9 for to-go cups of the stuff.

Extremists call for boycott of Campbell's soup

Campbell Company of Canada introduced Halal-certified products about a year ago to meet Islamic dietary requirements. But some are calling for a boycott of the company saying if you buy Campbell's soup you are a supporter of terrorism.

Seinfeld's Soup Nazi reopens his NYC store, but he's not there

New York - The man Jerry Seinfeld made famous, Al Yeganeh, also known as the Soup Nazi, was a no-show at the re-opening of his store, "The Original Soup Man" in Manhattan Wednesday.

'No soup for you!' Rare monkey meat for soup gets couple arrested

A couple in Indonesia have been arrested for selling rare Javan langur, also known as the silver-leaf monkey, meat for meatball soup.

Pennsylvania firm recalls cream of mushroom soup product

Bay Valley Foods, LLC, a Pittsburgh, Pa. establishment, is recalling approximately 20,286 pounds of canned cream of mushroom soup because it was inadvertently mislabeled.

Placenta as food in southern China?

People in southern China are notorious for their willingness to taste almost everything under the name of so-called Chinese medicine theory. Now, after bear bile, snakes and frogs,eating placenta has become a new trend.

Washington Firm Recalls Turkey Soup Products

Ivar's Soup, Seafood and Sauce, a Mukilteo, Wash., establishment, is recalling approximately 37,776 pounds of turkey soup products.

What the Phở (fuh)?

I don’t know how far into the vast culinary wasteland that is not California this dish has penetrated but here in the Golden West it is a staple. It is called Phở (fuh rimes with duh) and it is fantastic.

Is your soup too salty?

Here is a cute action packed video clip, which received the "Top 10 Most Popular TV spot" in 2002 for Visa. It is directed by Ang Lee.

Father poisoned soup, blamed Campbells

Children poisoned three times in an attempt to get money out of Campbell's Soup

How much is inside Ramen noodles?

Top Ramen is the king of noodles. With a reputation built on eight-for-a-dollar, ten-for-a-dollar, and even 12-for-a-dollar packaged soup, These affordable three-minute meals have supplied life-giving nutrients to innumerable college students.

Judge bans group from serving pork soup

A top French judge ruled that an extreme-right group cannot serve pork soup to the needy, saying the charitable handouts discriminates against Muslims and Jews who don’t eat pork because of their faith.

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Soup Image

A photo of the mislabeled Campbell s soup product  which has prompted a recall of about 4 185 cans o...
A photo of the mislabeled Campbell's soup product, which has prompted a recall of about 4,185 cans of chicken soup.
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Javier Lastras
 Come hungry ! Hungarian húsleves.
"Come hungry"! Hungarian húsleves.
Shrimp Bisque Soup
Shrimp Bisque Soup
Campbells soup cans
Campbells soup cans
Creamy and tasty - butternut squash served in a saucepan.
Creamy and tasty - butternut squash served in a saucepan.

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