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Cloud play on the horizon in changing video game world

Los Angeles - Console makers long at the center of the video game universe are adapting to an exploding constellation of ways to play, with the cloud looming on the horizon.

Facebook scores music licensing deals with all three major labels

Facebook users have a major reason to celebrate. The social network has inked music licensing deals with the three biggest record labels.

Facebook inks deal with Sony to allow users to share music videos

Facebook fans of Sony Music artists have a major reason to be proud! The social media company signed a deal with the Sony music division to let its users share music and music videos by their artists on its network.

Sony injects pet robot dog Aibo with some AI to revive it

Minato - Sony's Aibo pet dog robot is returning to the market. Aibo was launched in 1999 originally. Sony claims the new dog has many nuanced expressions, and its body can move smoothly along 22 axes.

Sony revives robot pet dog

Toukyo - Japanese electronics giant Sony is marking the year of the dog by bringing back to life its robot canine -- packed with artificial intelligence and internet capability.

Sony introduces new Xperia Touch high-tech projector

Tokyo - Sony introduced the Xperia Touch projector at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The device will now be made available in the United States priced at 1,699.99 through Amazon.

IBM and Sony store 330TB of uncompressed data on a single tape

IBM and Sony have announced a new world record for data storage, successfully cramming 330TB of uncompressed files onto a single tape drive. The breakthrough makes tape a viable solution for the cold storage of cloud archives.

Sony to start spinning vinyl after 30-year hiatus

Toukyo - Three decades after it abandoned vinyl production, Sony says it will start making records again on the back of surging demand for the retro music format.

PlayStation VR passes the one million sales mark

Sony's PlayStation VR console virtual reality headset has now sold over one million units worldwide, the company has revealed. It puts the system ahead of competing products including desktop-based solutions like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Sony patent lets you wirelessly charge your phone from a friend's

Sony has filed a patent for a technology that would allow you to wirelessly charge your smartphone from a friend's if you're running low on power. The technology is based on NFC and allows two devices to negotiate an exchange of power.

Review: EC Twins magnificent on new electronic track 'Always' Special

Electronic duo EC Twins released their new track, "Always," on Sony Music on March 10, and it is gorgeous from start to finish.

Here's a first look into how well virtual reality is selling

For all of the hype surrounding virtual reality, we still don't know if the technology is a breakout hit or fading fad.

Curved TVs just went the same way as 3D

Curved TVs may have reached the end, only a few years after they first appeared. After battling low consumer uptake and critical reviews, LG and Sony have announced they will not launch any new models this year. It follows the end of 3D TV production.

PS4 update lets you install games to an external hard drive

Sony has announced that an upcoming update for the PlayStation 4 will allow you to install games to an external hard drive. The long-requested feature will make it much easier to expand the console's storage, without replacing the internal HDD.

3D TV is finally officially dead

3D television has reached the grave as Sony and LG, the last remaining manufacturers of 3D TVs, have confirmed they are to cease production. The concept is regarded as one of the biggest tech failures this decade after failing to win over consumers.

Interview with Steve Aoki at the Ultra Rooftop Party Special

New York - On Sept. 21, world renowned DJ and producer Steve Aoki performed at the rooftop of the new Sony Music building in New York City, for a special evening of music.

Microsoft and Sony are battling over what '4K' actually means

Both Microsoft and Sony are building new gaming consoles with next-generation features. The Xbox One "Scorpio" and PlayStation 4 Pro will each support 4K gaming, although their respective manufacturers have gone for different approaches.

Frustrated fans of 'No Man's Sky' finally get a response

Following the release of the highly anticipated space-exploration game "No Man's Sky," there was a bit of a backlash amongst its most excited customers.

Your PlayStation 4 is getting an overhaul today

Sony has released a major system software update for the PlayStation 4, bringing the version number up to 4.00. Announced a month ago, the release includes a substantial refresh of the console's UI, new organisational features and HDR support.

Sony launches PlayStation Now and over 400 games on Windows PCs

Sony has announced it is bringing its PlayStation Now online gaming service to Windows PCs, alongside an official wireless adapter for its DualShock controllers. The move is a response to the increased role of Xbox on Microsoft's Windows 10.

Sony to launch two new PlayStation 4 consoles next month

Sony is planning to launch two new PlayStation 4 consoles at a September event, according to a report. While the company has already confirmed it is building a new high-end console, it is said to be planning an upgraded standard model to accompany it.

PlayStation 4 getting a UI refresh and folders with new update

Sony has announced a substantial software update for the PlayStation 4 that includes a refresh of the console's visual feel and improved library management features. Codenamed Shingen, the update carries the version number 4.00 and is in preview now.

Sony eyes return to robot-making business

Tokyo - The adorable Japanese Aibo dogs could soon make a comeback a decade after they were being put to "sleep" as electronics giant Sony Corp. is planning to return to robot-making business.

Sony agrees to pay compensation to people who ran Linux on a PS3

Sony has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by paying compensation to PlayStation 3 owners who installed the Linux operating system on their console. Sony later removed the built-in feature without warning, leaving many customers unhappy.

Sony's upgraded PlayStation 4 is real, will play 4K games

Ahead of the E3 gaming conference, Sony has announced it is developing an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 capable of running 4K games with enhanced graphics. The news confirms months of rumours and will give the PS4 a substantial mid-life refresh.

Sony announces 40m PlayStation 4 sales amid rumours of successor

Sony has announced it has sold a total of 40 million current-generation PlayStation 4 games consoles since its 2013 launch. The figure reveals the company has sold 10 million PS4s in the past six months as it hit 30 million units in November.

Microsoft says there is no 'Xbox neXt' to rival PlayStation '4.5'

Rumours of Microsoft planning an upgraded "Xbox One and a half" have recently stepped up amid widespread reports of Sony intending to launch a high-performance "PlayStation 4K" later in the year. Microsoft's Xbox chief has denied the rumours though.

Review: Playstation Virtual Reality — Good, fast and fun

Sydney - VR has been around for a long time, and has been one of the most expensive, as well as the most frustrating, areas of gaming tech for years. In a sort of poetic justice, the ubiquitous SONY Playstation new VR is getting rave reviews.

Sony to bring PlayStation games to smartphones for the first time

Sony has announced it is going to bring several of its major PlayStation game franchises to iOS and Android smartphones. The company has formed a new business unit to perform the work, following in the footsteps of Nintendo's recent smartphone launch.

Sony building an updated 'PlayStation 4.5' with 4K games support

Sony is working on a significant mid-life refresh for its PlayStation 4 games console, according to a report that claims to have knowledge of the company's plans. Currently dubbed the 'PlayStation 4.5,' the updated model will support 4K games.
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Sony Xperia X series
Sony Xperia X series
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PS Now is coming to PC
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Screengrab from the Sony Playstation 20th anniversary video.
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