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Somali News

Somalis in Minnesota fear backlash after stabbing attack

Minneapolis - The Somali community in the US state of Minnesota braced for a backlash after a man who stabbed 10 people in a mall over the weekend was identified as one of their own.The FBI is investigating the Saturday attack in the city of St.

One of Garissa attackers 'identified as Kenyan law graduate'

Nairobi - Authorities in Kenya said Sunday they have identified one of the four dead Shebab gunmen who massacred nearly 150 people at Garissa University as an ethnic-Somali Kenyan national and law graduate.

Somalia says top Shebab intel official killed in U.S. air strike

Mugadishu - A top intelligence official with Somalia's Al-Qaeda-affliated Shebab rebels was killed in a U.S. air strike on Monday, Somalia's government said.

Top pirate leader retires as NATO, EU navies keep up the pressure

Mogadishu - A joint operation by NATO and the EU has captured a total of 20 pirates and with piracy hitting a three-year low, a key pirate leader has announced his retirement.

Hawa Aden Mohamed wins Nansen Refugee Award for Somali victims

A former Somali refugee, 63-year-old Hawa Aden Mohamed, has won the Nansen Refugee Award for rescuing Somalia's most vulnerable members of society. Most are women and young girls --- victims of rape, genital mutilation, war, and genocide.

EU naval force attackes Somali pirate base

Mogadishu - The European Union’s Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) has carried out an attack using helicopters on an informal pirate base near the central Somali coastal town of Hardhere, a known pirate haven.

Shakespeare in Somali and 36 other languages

London - William Shakespeare died on St George's Day 1616, but he has never been busier as a Shakespeare festival opens with performances of his plays in 37 languages.

Somali killings of two Doctors Without Borders staff members

Mogadishu - One week after the death of two World Food Program staff members and an aid worker, two staff members of Doctors Without Borders were killed in the capital of Somali. The government labels the killings as isolated incidents.

Somali pirates capture fishermen

Pirates in Somalia captured a couple of fishermen last week. The capture took place last week, and occurred 65 miles west of Mahe.

Op-Ed: A possible solution to Somali piracy Special

Pretoria - Somali piracy is expanding and there are fears that piracy may become attractive to others in poverty-stricken African countries. Is there a solution to this apparently insoluble problem? Someone perhaps better qualified than most says there is.

Dealing with Somali piracy, mission impossible? Special

Pretoria - A seminar held by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in Pretoria, South Africa, looked at ways of dealing with the problems of piracy caused by political instability and the resultant social breakup and poverty.

British tourist murdered and another kidnapped in Kenya

The UK Foreign Office has confirmed that a British national has been murdered at a resort in Kenya and his wife has been kidnapped.

South Africa to join fight against Somali piracy

Cape Town - The South African government has admitted that piracy is an immediate threat to the country and the region, something it has refrained from stating publicly before.

Malaysian navy frees crew in second commando raid on pirates

Kuala Lumpur - Reports of a second swift and successful raid against Somali pirates say the Malaysian Navy has liberated 23 crew, wounded three pirates and captured a further 20 in the Gulf of Aden.

South Korean raid rescues pirated ship in 'perfect operation'

Seoul - South Korean commandos have successfully mounted a rare raid against a hijacked ship, the freighter Samho Jewelry, in which 21 sailors have been rescued, with eight pirates killed and another five captured.

Pirates attack at most southerly point yet on African coast

Beira - Somali pirates have attempted two attacks at the farthest point south so far on the East African coast, closely approaching South Africa. The attacks are reported to have taken place north of the Mozambican city of Beira.

South African government refuses to pay ransom for missing couple

Johannesburg - The South African government has announced it will not pay ransom for two South African citizens held hostage since last week by Somali pirates.

US Marines storm ship taken by pirates

Mogadishu - US Marines have stormed a ship held by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, capturing nine men suspected of piracy after joint naval forces shadowed the captured ship. This is believed to be the first time US troops have taken a pirated ship by force.

Bombs kill World Cup fans in Uganda

Kampala - Seventy-four have died in two simultaneous bomb explosions that targeted World Cup fans watching the final in Uganda's capital of Kampala. Somali militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Chemical tanker hijacked off Djibouti

Aden - In yet another act of piracy on the high seas, a chemical tanker has been hijacked in the Red Sea, according to a communiqué by the EU Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR).

South Africa prepares to fight pirates, but issue is complex Special

Cape Town - South Africa’s defence minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, says the cabinet is discussing adding South African Navy (SAN) ships to the anti-piracy forces ranged around the Horn of Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

South Korean tanker hijacked by pirates

A massive South Korean-operated tanker with 24 crew members has been hijacked in the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates. South Korea has already sent a destroyer to intercept the tanker.

US destroyer foils pirate attack, sinks mother ship

Manama - The flagship of the international Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, USS Farragut, operating off Somalia and in the Indian Ocean, has rescued an oil tanker from suspected pirates in the Somali Basin area of the western Indian Ocean.

Tanker released by Somali pirates

A chemical tanker and its 28 North Korean crew member have been freed by Somali pirates. The tanker was hijacked in November north of the Seychelles.

Norwegian tanker hijacked off Madagascar coast

Pirates have taken control of a Norwegian tanker off the Madagascar coast and are now headed for Somali according to the ship´s owners.

US Navy Rescues Tanzanian Ship, Captures Pirates

Dar Es Salaam - The US Navy has rescued a Tanzanian ship and captured a gang of pirates in the process. USS Farragut dispatched a Seahawk helicopter to the ship after receiving a distress call.

Pirates Die From Possible Chemical Weapons on Iranian Ship

Pirates who hijacked an Iranian ship have become sick and some have died after coming into contact with the ships’ cargo. The 40 pirates hijacked the M.V. Deyanat in the Gulf of Aden.

Somali Pirates Greatly Extend Their Area of Attacks

A cargo ship has been hijacked off the Persian Gulf state of Oman, in the first attack of this kind in the area. The attack shows pirates have extended their area of operations dramatically.

Somali Journalists Leaving War Torn Nation

Journalists are facing extreme danger in Somalia. At least five Somali journalists have been killed in the country this year already, with some independent media closing down due to lack of staff.

Somali teen charged with piracy, involved in Maersk Alabama case

American federal agents have brought to the U.S. a Somali teen, who was involved in the Maersk Alabama piracy incident. He becomes the first person to be charged for piracy for more than a century in the U.S.
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You Tube
A child of Somali refugees  at a camp in Malkadiida  Ethiopia.
A child of Somali refugees, at a camp in Malkadiida, Ethiopia.
Eskinder Debebe / UN
Saado Ali speaks to the media during her recent visit of  the Dadaab Camp  Kenya.
Saado Ali speaks to the media during her recent visit of the Dadaab Camp, Kenya.
Photo: Somali Refugee Awareness Project
Doctors Without Borders were in the city of Mogadishu  Somali  to provide emergency assistance to pe...
Doctors Without Borders were in the city of Mogadishu, Somali, to provide emergency assistance to people who had been displaced by war and hunger.
Saado Ali speaks to Somali refugees in the Dadaab camp.
Saado Ali speaks to Somali refugees in the Dadaab camp.
Photo: Somali Refugee Awareness Project
Hodan Nalayeh of the Somali Refugee Awareness Project hugs a refugee baby.
Hodan Nalayeh of the Somali Refugee Awareness Project hugs a refugee baby.
Photo: Somali Refugee Awareness Project
Faduma (right)  Dr. Cadigia (second right)  Hodan Yusuf (background in blue head scarf) and Hanan.
Faduma (right), Dr. Cadigia (second right), Hodan Yusuf (background in blue head scarf) and Hanan.
Photo: Awesame Mohamed
Saado Ali arrives at the Dadaab refugee camp.
Saado Ali arrives at the Dadaab refugee camp.
Photo: Somali Refugee Awareness Project
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