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Solar power News

Barefoot College trains rural women to electrify India

The Barefoot College, a non-governmental organization, is working with rural India's women to train and empower them to install and repair off-grid solar solutions, and solve India's difficult electricity situation.

World’s largest solar farm planned for Japan

Tokyo - Solar power is one of the leading ‘alternative energy’ technologies. Japan, which has long favored nuclear power solutions, is to construct the world’s largest solar power plant.

Butterflies inspire new types of solar power

Researchers are looking into new ways to generate efficient photovoltaic energy and for this they have been inspired by the v-shaped posture of the humble Cabbage White butterfly.

Moth eyes provide clues for next-gen solar cells

Researchers have been inspired by the eyes of moths to develop a next generation series of solar power cells. The focus has been with creating a special type of anti-reflective surface.

Low-Income Solar Act of 2015 to expand solar energy access

With the use of solar energy people can be saving economically as well as helping to save the environment from unnecessary pollution. It is with that thought in mind that the new Low-Income Solar Act being introduced in Washington D.C.

Roll over graphene, here comes titanium trisulfide

Titanium trisulfide is a new material being talked-up by technologists. The material could be the one to replace silicon for the next generation of electronics.

Solar power to supply record of 15% of UK’s power Special

Today sees solar power potentially provide a record 15 percent of all UK power as one of 2015’s sunniest days. As U.K. temperatures rise, so do solar panel installations it seems.

Interview with Jake Cotler and Dave Bell from Jam in the Van Special

Two of the three founders of an enticingly unique musical concept, designed to dramatically enhance the live music experience, talk to Digital Journal.

Graphene helps to construct flexible solar cells

Researchers have devised a new type of cathode that could be readily used to manufacture inexpensive, flexible dye-sensitized solar cells.

Netherlands opens solar-powered bike lane

Krommenie - One of the world's most densely-populated countries has unveiled a bike path with an added twist — the stretch features embedded solar panels.

Aston Martin creates solar powered race car

Gaydon - Green energy is a big deal for many today. As such Aston Martin has created a race car powered by the sun and intends to use it in upcoming competitions.

Sunlight-concentrating tool could cut solar power costs in half

Burlingame - Renewable energy is something that scientists, environmentalists and business people all want to improve. Inventors at the Glint Photonics start-up group claim they have made a breakthrough with a sun-concentrating device.

India is building a massive floating solar power plant

India's national hydroelectric power company says that they are in the process of building a massive solar power plant that will float on top of a lake.

Peru's poorest residents to receive free solar power

Lima - A new program in the South American country will provide 2 million of the nation's poorest people with free electricity.

Conservatives battling over solar energy

From the day in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan looked at the solar array that had sat briefly atop the White House, conservative politicians in the United States and abroad had a growing aversion towards renewables.

Pres. Obama announces executive orders to curb greenhouse gases

Washington - President Obama outlined sweeping measures on Tuesday designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants and help local communities better prepare for devastating storms, fires, and drought.

Scientists develop new way to store renewable energy

Scientists based in Canada have developed a new technique for converting electricity into chemical energy. This could lead to improvements to the way that homeowners and businesses capture and re-use solar power.

Echo: A house inspired to become the new Canadian home Special

Ottawa - The future is here, or in Ontario to be more precise, where university and college students are building a net zero energy house to represent Canada at the Solar Decathlon worldwide competition organized by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Op-Ed: The politics of oil — Green energy alternatives

Edmonton - The new buzz word in the green movement is "sustainable energy." According to anti-oilsands lobbyists, oil is evil and stopping the development of the Alberta oilsands will avert a global disaster.

Getting in shape while lighting up the home, all at once Special

Lima - A Peruvian scientist invented a system based on a stationary bicycle that can produce enough power to light up a house for nearly a whole day. The invention may have wide application to provide electric power for lighting and heating in remote locations.

Palestinians design solar-powered cars (videos)

Two different solar-powered cars have been designed in the West Bank by Palestinians, to save on the use of limited resources and also to help the environment.

Germany sets new record in solar-powered electricity

Germany has now set a new record in the production of solar-powered electricity. Going nuclear-free is becoming a viable option for the European nation.

The world’s fastest solar car parked outside Sydney Opera House Special

Sydney - At 10am on Monday 14 May 2012, Professor Tim Flannery launched the Climate Commission’s report 'The Critical Decade: NSW Impacts and Opportunities' outside the Sydney Opera House. They had borrowed the world’s fastest solar powered car for the event.

Scientists: Nature teaches green, efficient sunlight harvesting

Solar power cells are not advanced enough to match human energy needs, but an international team of scientists wrote that new studies of natural, clean, solar-powered complex systems already hint how to capture, transfer and store sunlight efficiently.

Green high-tech soared into view with first international flight

The Solar Impulse plane completed its first international flight on May 13, 2011, soaring from its Switzerland pad to Brussels, taking about 13 hours, free of any need for fuel, capturing energy without emitting pollution.

Scientists develop the 'Artificial Leaf'

Anaheim - After a decade of research on sustainable energy sources, scientists have made a groundbreaking development as they have prepared the first practical ‘artificial leaf’.

Mobile phones with solar power Special

Energy saving, protection of the environment, fighting against negative effects of climate changes are issues that have been in the centre of public attention, however not to an extent that would result in raising people’s awareness.

India unveils world's cheapest laptop computer priced at $32

India has unveiled the world's cheapest touchscreen laptop computer that runs on solar power. The laptop is equipped with an Internet browser and has video-conferencing capability and a media player, AFP reported Friday.

Washington State Plans World's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant

Teanaway Solar Reserve LLC announced plans Thursday for a 75 megawatt solar power plant consisting of 400,000 solar panels. The plant, which, if completed today, would be the largest solar photovoltaic plant in the world.

Shell's Eco-marathon in 2009 is being run in Lausitz, Germany

Engineers and racing car enthusiasts are gathering in Germany for a car race with a difference – one that focuses on the most fuel-efficient vehicle. In this event, the best cars could travel the entire length of Britain five times on a single gallon.
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Solar power

Solar power Image

Solar power in Germany.
Solar power in Germany.
Rainer Lippert
Waldpolenz Solar Park  Germany
Waldpolenz Solar Park, Germany
JUWI Group
Lark Energy s Hawton Solar Farm becomes UK’s Largest to Connect to Electricity Network.
Lark Energy's Hawton Solar Farm becomes UK’s Largest to Connect to Electricity Network.
Lark Energy
The Ecocapsule gives you power  water  filtration and wind energy.
The Ecocapsule gives you power, water, filtration and wind energy.
Clips Tube
A view of the Solar Impulse  being rolled out for it s first  flea-hop  test in 2009.
A view of the Solar Impulse, being rolled out for it's first "flea-hop" test in 2009.
Solar Impulse
The solar-electric Helios Prototype flying wing is shown over the Pacific Ocean.
The solar-electric Helios Prototype flying wing is shown over the Pacific Ocean.
In this first maker chat  Mayor Walsh sits down on a solar-powered bench with Sandra Richter  the de...
In this first maker chat, Mayor Walsh sits down on a solar-powered bench with Sandra Richter, the designer of Soofa on June 27, 2014.
City of Boston
Kyocera is one of the world s largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy ...
Kyocera is one of the world's largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy panels. The image is of a site under development in Japan.
Sunswift IV  the world s fastest solar powered car.
Sunswift IV, the world's fastest solar powered car.
HB-SIA makes its first  flea hop  on December 3  2009 in Dübendorf.
HB-SIA makes its first "flea hop" on December 3, 2009 in Dübendorf.
The Walmart in Caguas  Puerto Rico is one of five Walmart facilities on the island equipped with sol...
The Walmart in Caguas, Puerto Rico is one of five Walmart facilities on the island equipped with solar panels.
Walmart Corporate
The Lieberose Photovoltaic Park in Germany.
The Lieberose Photovoltaic Park in Germany.
Akazienblau at de.wikipedia
Andre Borschberg  having been off his feet for five straight days  didn t attempt to stand until ano...
Andre Borschberg, having been off his feet for five straight days, didn't attempt to stand until another 50 minutes passed. Someone climbed up to the cabin to give him a leg massage before he finally stepped onto a platform.
Solar Impulse
The community-owned Westmill Solar Park in South East England
The community-owned Westmill Solar Park in South East England
Neil Maw
Solar powered aircraft Gossamer Penguin in flight.
Solar powered aircraft Gossamer Penguin in flight.
The Solar Impulse HB-SIA flew its first  flea hop  test in Dübendorf  Switzerland  on December 3  2...
The Solar Impulse HB-SIA flew its first "flea hop" test in Dübendorf, Switzerland, on December 3, 2009.
Matth1/Wikimedia Commons