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Solar eclipse News

Bonnie Tyler and DNCE marvelous on 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'

On August 21, veteran songstress Bonnie Tyler performed her signature song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at Oasis of the Seas at the very same time that the 2017 solar eclipse was happening.

Drone technology offers new ways to manage climate change

When the Earth turns dark during this year's total solar eclipse, millions of sky-gazers will be relaxing and enjoying the unusual phenomenon, however, climate scientists will be using drone technology to study the sun's influence on weather patterns.

Bonnie Tyler to sing Grammy-nominated hit during solar eclipse Special

Fans of classic pop-rock music are in for a treat. Bonnie Tyler will be singing her power-ballad during the solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse to be a 'test case' for renewable energy in U.S.

Renewable energy companies and power grid managers across the United States will have their eyes glued to monitoring systems during Monday's total solar eclipse. Not only is the eclipse an historic event, it will also test the renewable energy sector.

An exchange of dialogue with up and coming actor Colton Tapp Special

The Texas born actor, writer and model - raised on a cattle ranch in Dallas - has a number of projects already out and more in the pipeline. He spoke to Digital Journal.

Total eclipse over the Arctic Ocean — Who'll see it where

A total eclipse is coming. Total eclipse is in the Arctic Ocean over Faroe and Svalbard, but partial eclipse extends from Iceland to the Sahara and from western Europe to eastern Russia.

Total eclipse of the sun will be seen over Europe on March 20

London - Europe will experience a major solar eclipse event on the morning of 20 March. The eclipse of the sun by the moon to be seen across Europe will be the biggest solar eclipse event on the continent since August 1999.

How to watch this week's incredible solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse, like the one happening this Thursday, will not be visible from across the entire US again until the year 2023. Since the next one is nearly a decade away, you'll want to get the most out of this one.

Video: Australia treated to 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse

People in northern Australia experienced a real treat late on Thursday when they witnessed a rare annular solar eclipse, or "Ring of Fire."

Time lapse video, photos of Australian total solar eclipse

Cairns - Residents and tourists in Australia came out in mass to view the last total solar eclipse visible in the country until 2028. Another total solar eclipse will not be visible anywhere in the world until 2015.

'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse to dazzle U.S., East Asia Sunday

Los Angeles - On May 20, millions of people in the western region of the United States and the eastern part of Asia will get to see an extraordinary show. The solar eclipse will block out most of the sun and appear as a ring of fire.

NASA's SDO spacecraft captures solar eclipse in space

A NASA spacecraft has captured footage of Tuesday's partial solar eclipse. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured images of the new Moon crossing part of the Sun's face in a partial eclipse that was visible only from space.

Sky-watchers await Quadrantid Meteor Shower and Solar Eclipse

This Tuesday (Jan 4) promises to be an exciting day on the celestial calendar. First, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower reaches its peak during the hours just before dawn. It promises to be among the best displays all year with 100 meteors expected every hour.

Total Solar Eclipse: Easter Island fully booked on July 11

Santiago - Easter Island, a remote small island in the South Pacific Ocean is the best and one of the very few locations in the Southern Hemisphere to watch a total eclipse of the sun taking place on July 11.

Video Released of Siberian Solar Eclipse

Around 15,000 people gathered to watch a beautiful total eclipse shroud parts of Siberia in complete darkness today. The eclipse passed last over China.

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Solar eclipse Image

Ring of Fire solar eclipse as seen from northern Australia
Ring of Fire solar eclipse as seen from northern Australia
2012 total solar eclipse in Australia
2012 total solar eclipse in Australia
Phil Staley/Twitter
Make your own pinhole to view the solar eclipse.
Make your own pinhole to view the solar eclipse.
Windell Oksay
Total Solar Eclipse 1999
Total Solar Eclipse 1999
Luc Viator
 Geometry of a total solar eclipse (not to scale)
'Geometry of a total solar eclipse (not to scale)'
Path of the Nov. 13  2012 total solar eclipse.
Path of the Nov. 13, 2012 total solar eclipse.
Jay Anderson
Spaces between leaves project the image of a crescent sun.
Spaces between leaves project the image of a crescent sun.
torbakhopper HE DEAD
On August 21  2017  the Earth will cross the shadow of the moon  creating the first US coast-to-coas...
On August 21, 2017, the Earth will cross the shadow of the moon, creating the first US coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years
Handout, NASA/AFP
Behind the scenes shot of Colton (as John Wilkes Booth) in  Solar Eclipse.
Behind the scenes shot of Colton (as John Wilkes Booth) in 'Solar Eclipse.'

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