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Solar cycle News

New plasma tsunamis dubbed 'Terminators' discovered on the Sun

The solar magnetic activity cycle is a nearly periodic 11-year change in the Sun's activity. Little is known why this happens, although scientists continue to identify new Sun related facts, including 'Terminators' (plasma tsunamis).

Op-Ed: New ‘mini Ice Age’ on the way as sun goes to sleep?

Sydney - Science fiction hasn’t got around to this one yet. Astronomers are described as “baffled” by the sun’s sudden reduction in output. One prediction even suggests that the Thames might freeze over.

Auroras in prospect as Sun's magnetic field nears 11 year flip

Stanford - Physicists at California’s Stanford University are preparing to monitor a rare event that comes round only once every 11 years and whose effects will reverberate through the solar system.

Study: Recent global warming activity caused by the Sun

London - A new study shows that the Earth's climate temperature increased recently mostly due to the Sun's solar activity. These results contradict scientific predictions that the "waning" period of the Sun's 11-year cycle cools down our planet.

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As you can see  the recent spike is atypical. A mini Ice Age  however  is likely to be a mixed bless...
As you can see, the recent spike is atypical. A mini Ice Age, however, is likely to be a mixed blessing.

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