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NVIDIA out to be a giant in an AI age

Washington - US graphics chip maker NVIDIA aims to be a powerhouse in an era of artificial intelligence with the big-ticket buy of Britain-based Arm, whose microprocessors are in many smartphones.

In Belarus, currency plunges, IT giants eye exit

Minsk - The Belarusian currency is tumbling in value and companies in its crucial IT sector are threatening to pull out after weeks of unprecedented protests against authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

TikTok gave rural Indian women fame, fun and more

New Delhi - When India banned TikTok, it closed a window to the wider world for legions of women outside the big cities that provided fun, fame and even fortune.

Millions switch to 'local TikToks' after India bans Chinese apps

New Delhi - Millions of Indians have joined homegrown social media platforms since New Delhi banned a slew of Chinese apps, including TikTok, amid growing tensions between the giant neighbours, industry officials said Thursday.

Vulnerability discovered in IBM Maximo software

Positive Technologies experts have discovered a vulnerability in IBM’s Maximo Asset Management software. The weakness could have had serious implications for a range of different businesses, including major corporations.

Digital experiments to re-think home design

IKEA and its research and design firm SPACE10 have developed a new digital design solution, aimed at businesses and consumers. This is in form of an online platform called

Amazon stops police using its face-recognition tech

San Francisco - Amazon on Wednesday announced a one-year ban on letting police use its facial recognition technology, calling for strong government regulations for its ethical use.

Q&A: Playform’s AI model turns sketches into artworks Special

Playform, an AI-driven “creative soulmate”, has a new addition - a ‘Sketch-to-Image’ tool, which transforms simple sketches into full-fledged images with color, texture, and rich detail. Dr. Ahmed Elgammal explains more.

Q&A: CIOs looking to save money turn to SaaS analytics Special

With such a high cost to implement, many CIOs and IT teams make the mistake of “setting and forgetting” their analytics programs, says Craig Kelly, VP of Analytics at Syntax, who looks at the risks.

Q&A: New video technology to aid remote working Special

Helping personnel with remote working in relation to the coronavirus pandemic is proving challenging to businesses. One solution is Jamm, a new lightweight video engagement platform. Badri Rajasekar explains more.

Q&A: New platform to help IT with digital transformation Special

Digital transformation is necessary business survival. However, many companies are not providing IT with the resources required to solve basic technology issues, making the digital transformation process impossible. Sumir Karayi has a solution.

Google says glitch sent people's videos to strangers

San Francisco - Google on Tuesday said that a software glitch resulted in some Photo app smartphone videos being given to the wrong people.Google was notifying those who may have been affected."We are very sorry this happened," Google said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

Google search gets smarter so queries don't have to

San Francisco - Google on Friday announced its "biggest leap forward" in years in its search algorithm, offering an unusually detailed public explanation of its secret formula.

Apple chief defends pulling app used by Hong Kong protestors

San Francisco - Apple chief Tim Cook on Thursday defended the decision to pull an app used by protesters in Hong Kong to track police, according to a leaked email to employees obtained by a tech news site.Apple removed the HKmap.

Dell announces software designed networking advancements

Dell Technologies has announced new SDN advancements to simplify and reduce the cost of networking for customers in the cloud era, by introducing the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution and Dell EMC SmartFabric Director.

Twitter to let users follow interests as well as people

San Francisco - Twitter users will be able to follow a small number of interests by the end of the year in the same way they follow people, the company said Tuesday.

Samsung: Time to start scanning your smart TVs for viruses

Smart televisions being at a risk to viruses is not the first area most people would consider in terms of cyber-risks. However, ever more sophisticated technology and renewed efforts by hackers presents such a risk

Q&A: Why most businesses plan to deploy iPaaS Special

While most businesses plan to undertake digital transformation initiatives, almost all struggle to integrate and safeguard important data across platforms. The solution to this, according to Jan Arendtsz, CEO of Celigo, is iPaaS.

Q&A: Developing apps for baby boomers to use Special

There are some 41 million baby boomers in the U.S. workforce, many of whom are grappling with an ever-changing workplace filled with strange, new apps, software and processes. App developers need to take note, says Matt Fairhurst of Skedulo.

US preparing antitrust probe of Google: report

San Francisco - The US Department of Justice is preparing an antitrust investigation of Internet titan Google, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

US officials order Chinese company to sell Grindr: report

Washington - A Chinese firm has been ordered by American national security officials to sell popular gay dating app Grindr, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Boeing unveils fix to flight software after accidents

Renton - US aircraft maker Boeing on Wednesday unveiled an upgraded for the MCAS flight software on the 737 MAX aircraft, following two recent crashes in which nearly 350 people died.

Facebook admits storing passwords in plain text

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday admitted that millions of passwords were stored in plain text on its internal servers, a security slip that left them readable by the social networking platform's employees.

Boeing 737 Max 8 temporarily banned from UK airspace

The British aviation regulator on Tuesday grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes following the second deadly crash of the popular model of plane in less than five months, joining other countries in suspending operations of the aircraft.

Seattle companies merge to create 'seed-to-sale' pot software

On Monday, Dauntless, Inc., a Seattle-area software developer providing point-of-sale and tracking software to the cannabis industry, has acquired pot sales software company Soro.

Health technology to deliver novel T cell therapies

Vineti's digital software platform for advanced cell therapy management is leading to standardization in cell and gene therapy clinical trials. The technology has been developed in partnership with Autolus Therapeutics.

Instagram tightens rules on self-injury images

San Francisco - Instagram late Thursday announced it is clamping down on images related to self-injury such as cutting.

Q&A: Cloud-native software apps in 2019 Special

With Google Docs leading the way to an ‘open’ approach to cloud-native software, software development could be moving completely into the cloud. There are other factors, however, influencing 2019’s trends as Aurimas Adomavicius explains.

Q&A: Mergers and acquisitions dominating the software sector Special

Industry trends suggest that with increased competition, buyers are going to have to get a lot more creative if they want to win major deals. This means investing in appropriate software, according to Chris Stafford from West Monroe Partners.

Czech warning over Huawei, ZTE security 'threat'

Prague - A Czech cyber-security agency on Monday warned against using the software and hardware of China's Huawei and ZTE companies, saying they posed a threat to state security.
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Sign outside Hewlett-Packard corporate headquarters in Palo Alto  Calif.
Sign outside Hewlett-Packard corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.
BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons
Android N Developer Preview 1  released 10/03/2016
Android N Developer Preview 1, released 10/03/2016
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software"
Android N Developer Preview 1  released 10/03/2016
Android N Developer Preview 1, released 10/03/2016
Turbo Tax, Intuit, Inc.
Oracle Canada office in Markham.
Oracle Canada office in Markham.
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New  This iPhone is managed by your organisation  message in iOS 9.3 Beta 5 on lockscreen and in Set...
New "This iPhone is managed by your organisation" message in iOS 9.3 Beta 5 on lockscreen and in Settings > General > About
Reddit user MaGNeTiX
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Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Corp.
Image of the Candev CRM dashboard
Image of the Candev CRM dashboard
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Hubspot international operations 2012
Hubspot international operations 2012
Hubspot Press Release
The tool gives suppliers insight into how their products are performing in the field  and if enhance...
The tool gives suppliers insight into how their products are performing in the field, and if enhancements are needed, DigitalClone can simulate how the reconfigurations will impact the life predictions.
Sentient Science
Researchers have created a device that turns  breath signals  into speech  giving paralyzed people a...
Researchers have created a device that turns "breath signals" into speech, giving paralyzed people a voice
Loughborough University
Linus Benedict Torvalds is a Finnish software engineer who is the creator and  for a long time  prin...
Linus Benedict Torvalds is a Finnish software engineer who is the creator and, for a long time, principal developer, of the Linux kernel; which became the kernel for operating systems such as the Linux operating system, Android, and Chrome OS. Linus Torvalds at the 2003 Australian Linux conference. — Wikipedia.
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