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Sodium News

Essential Science: Sodium intake and the link with mortality

A new study into sodium levels and diet indicates that other, recent paradoxical study results, seeming to lower the association with sodium levels and disease, are due to imprecise evaluations. The new research sends out a new warning.

Essential Science: New risk of high salt intake and food raised

The risks of a diet with too great a sodium content are well-documented. What has been less certain is whether a generally healthy diet can off-set consuming levels of sodium above recommended allowances. New research sheds light on this.

Venus flytrap 'counts' prey's steps to begin digesting it as food

German scientists have recently found out that Venus flytraps do something that's pretty remarkable — the plants actually "count" the number of times a struggling insect taps trigger hairs inside the plant's maw.

Fast food nation has new casualties: Children

Childhood obesity is becoming a major concern for parents nationwide. Unfortunately, new reports on childhood obesity do nothing to alleviate those fears. According to these reports, kids will probably be prone to more diseases than middle age adults.

U.S. adults still consuming too much sodium

Bethesda - Despite several health warnings and a heap of information, it seems that adults in the U.S. are still consuming too much salt, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

KFC pours on the salt while other restaurants cut down on sodium

In an era when many businesses are cutting back to embrace the health food trend Kentucky Fried Chicken is putting more salt than ever before on their offerings.

CDC launches low salt campaign

The U.S. CDC has launched a campaign design to encourage people to use less salt with their food. This is part of the Agency’s strategy described as "Preventing Chronic Disease."

US restaurants serve more than full day's sodium intake in 1 meal

If you eat a full meal at Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Pekins, Dennys or Olive Garden, you may be getting more salt than you should for an entire day, according to a new study in the United States.

Op-Ed: Tame Your Salt Intake in 5 Easy Ways

The ill-effects of excessive salt consumption on health are well-known. Find out five easy ways to ditch that old enemy. Read on…

McDonald's to add to Happy Meal apple slices, yogurt

Toronto - The iconic McDonald's Happy Meal is getting a makeover in Canada. The traditional burger, fries, drink and a toy will now come with yogurt and the choice of either mini-sized fries or apple slices. Will this improve the fast food giant's image?

Report: Fast food in U.S. and Canada has highest levels of salt

Fast food is high in sodium, and new research indicates how much sodium is in fast food may depend on what region it was sold in.

Weighing the Double Down: KFC's infamous Sandwich comes to Canada Special

There’s a new epidemic in town, and it's like no other of its kind. Comprised of a “secret sauce,” and two pieces of cheese and bacon sandwiched between a pair of fried chicken fillets, the KFC Double Down is a sandwich without a bun.

Kraft to reduce sodium in foods 10% by 2012

Kraft Foods Inc. announced that it will be cutting the sodium content in its products by 10 percent over the next two years. For instance, they intend to reduce the salt in their Oscar Mayer bologna by 17 percent.

Cardiologist: Cut salt consumption to battle heart failure Special

London - The extremely high salt consumption of Canadians is a contributing factor in the high heart failure rates seen in Canada, and yet we are training our children to crave salt, a panel of experts said recently.

Heinz Ketchup redesigns the ketchup pack

Heinz Ketchup packs are a fast food staple. The next time you order your favorite fries you may be surprised by a ready to dip pack of ketchup.

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Take note of the high amount of sodium (salt) in this food product marketed for Toddlers.
Take note of the high amount of sodium (salt) in this food product marketed for Toddlers.

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