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Sociology News

Q&A: How will AI reshape society? Special

What is the future trajectory of artificial intelligence? Does AI need a moral and ethical framework? If so, should this be shaped by regulation? Expert Harry Glaser provides his thoughts.

Technology is altering the work-life balance

Technology is not a neutral force. How it is used and applied has much to do with the intention of those who operate it. One area that causes consternation is how technology affects the work-life balance.

Social impact of digital inequality revealed

The digital age is making life easier for many, especially in terms of accessing and exchanging information. Digital literacy is especially important for accessing health services and government portals. But what about those left behind?

Young people trust less, but still happy: study

New York - Young people's trust in key figures such as politicians and religious leaders has fallen sharply over the past five years but they remain largely happy, a global study said Thursday.

Does musical taste reveal social class?

Toronto - Do you like wild rock or more sedate easy listening? An opera buff or a hip-hop lover? A new sociological study indicates what your musical taste reveals about you and your peers.

Are we ready for the consequences of a technology-ruled world?

Technology plays an increasingly big part of our lives with an array of gadgets and the development of the Internet of Things. Is the rise in technology a good thing for the human condition? A top academic thinks we need to pause for thought.

Op-Ed: New study: Life is better for smarter people with fewer friends?

Sydney - Researchers have found that social interactions, even with friends, can be a problem for more intelligent people. The research also found some interesting ancient links to behavior which are rewriting the rules for social contacts.

Academics win prize for showing how to avoid raising a criminal

Stockholm - Three researchers were awarded the 2016 Stockholm Prize in Criminology for showing how parents, even criminals, can prevent a child from becoming delinquent, Stockholm University announced on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Being powerful has its downside - you're trusted less

Many people seek power, whether this is control over others or economic might. Being seen as powerful can have its downsides, including being seen as less trustworthy by others with similar power.

Study finds fewer Christians, more unaffiliated in U.S.

Washington - The United States is becoming a little less Christian, and a little more unaffiliated to any faith, a major study on the nation's changing religious landscape suggested Tuesday.

Scientists say social media not accurate for sociological studies

Scientists at two universities have determined that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are not representative of society in general and should not be used for studies.

Young boy stabs another to death over alleged bullying

New York - It is clear that Noel Estevez stabbed Timothy Crump to death at a school in the Bronx. It is not so clear what their relationship was before the event.

Study: Alcohol use declines in soldiers who kill during combat

A study recently showed that troops who kill during combat are less likely to abuse alcohol both in the military and in their civilian life.

The Next Step In New Approaches To Global Problems Is Making Them Tangible

In today´s data-rich environment there´s an increasing need for knowledge based wisdom. Turns out this is mostly transferred from human to human. Several organizations have begun to be active in this field. They run programs that are totally enthralling

The Malignant Cell: the Mass Murderer as a Social Mutation – OP/ED

An attempt at putting the tragedies of rampage killings in context; looked at through the lens of sociology.

Community and Social Action

Jesus' Sermon on Community and Christian Action!

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