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Socialist Workers Party News

Op-Ed: A Trotskyite view of rape

If a female colleague of yours accused a male colleague of rape, what would you expect your boss to do, call the police, or hold an internal investigation? Welcome to the loony world of the Socialist Workers Party.

Op-Ed: The price of socialism

London - The Socialist Workers Party held a meeting in West London recently. Along with a flyer for that meeting the comrades distributed an application form.

Op-Ed: A left wing view of Britain's police

The loony left Socialist Workers Party has gone off on another rant against Britain's wonderful boys in blue, and their main complaint is, of course, 'racism'.

Op-Ed: The Socialist Workers Party on the Greek debt crisis

Karl Marx would appreciate the Socialist Workers Party's analysis of the current Greek debt crisis. So would Groucho, Harpo and Chico.

Op-Ed: The left and the riots – what they said, and what they didn’t

The extreme left in Britain are never shy about accusing governments of censorship, but by the same token, they are quick to self-censor their own publications.

Op-Ed: Injustice in black and white

This week, the Socialist Workers Party reports on the case of the innocent black family raided by armed police, who later apologised, while Harold Covington remembers an innocent white family who weren’t so lucky.

Op-Ed: Yet more SWP nonsense on the riots

The lunacy of the Socialist Workers Party knows no bounds, nor do the limits to which it and its fellow travellers will go to excuse criminal damage, plunder, arson, and even murder.

Op-Ed: PressTV laps up Trotskyite propaganda

Earlier this week, the Iranian PressTV channel interviewed Chris Bambery of the Socialist Workers Party about the riots; he was described as a political analyst rather than a political propagandist.

Op-Ed: A pogrom is not a revolution

The Socialist Workers Party is apparently unable to distinguish between a population that rises up against a brutal dictatorship and a gang of thugs that robs innocent shopkeepers before burning their businesses to the ground.

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