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Hamon pitches fresh ideas to French Socialists

Paris - French Socialist Benoit Hamon urged voters to support his bold leftist ideas for revitalising the country on Wednesday as his party prepares to pick its presidential candidate this weekend.

Valls in last-ditch bid to rescue French presidential bid

Paris - Former French prime minister Manuel Valls will seek to rescue his ailing presidential bid on Wednesday in a final TV duel with his leftist rival for the Socialist nomination, Benoit Hamon.

Spain's Socialists risk support no matter who leads next govt

Madrid - Spain's Socialists hold the key to the next government after an inconclusive election but whether they reach a deal with the conservatives or team up with the anti-austerity party Podemos, they risk losing support, analysts say.

Spain's Socialists name party leader as candidate in PM race

Madrid - Spain's opposition Socialists on Sunday named party chief Pedro Sanchez as their candidate to run for prime minister in a year-end general election in which upstart parties are expected to make inroads.

UK elections: Socialist candidate gets no votes, demands recount

Rainham - It wasn't a very good day to be Paul Dennis, who was a candidate for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in Rainham North, in Kent. He was deeply embarrassed because results showed that he got no votes during the U.K.'s local elections.

Socialist group pushing $20/hour min wage posts $13 per hour job

A Seattle-based socialist group that has been pushing for a minimum wage of $20 per hour posted a job that pays $13 per hour.

Tony Benn, Labour politician, has died

Veteran British Labour Party politican Tony Benn has died at his home, aged 88. He passed away with his family at his bedside.

Spain's PSOE wants Francisco Franco's remains dug up and moved

Madrid - Spain's main opposition party, the Socialist PSOE announced on Tuesday that it wants a congressional debate on the exhumation of dictator Francisco Franco and Falange founder José Antonio Primo de Rivera, both entombed at the "Valley of the Fallen."

Spanish mayor takes on second job as music school caretaker

Rafael García Guerrero is the socialist mayor of Noia in the A Coruña province of Galicia. The caretaker of the local music school resigned, so Guerrero is giving up his evenings to do the man's job, with no pay.

Socialist Hollande beats Sarkozy in French Election

Francois Hollande, a French socialist, has won the French presidency with a clear victory in the recent election, gaining an estimated 52% of votes.

Will French millionaires head to Belgium due to proposed 75% tax?

Paris - Sometime between the end of April and beginning of May, France will head to the polls to select the next president. One Socialist candidate is hoping to garner votes by proposing a 75 percent millionaires tax.

Sarkozy set to raise French taxes

On Sunday, French President Nicholas Sarkozy announced that he would raise consumer taxes. The announcement came as France prepares for a presidential election in April.

Congressman unsure of Obama's citizenship, Christianity

Interviewed on national radio Republican House member Paul Broun said he did not know if President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen or a Christian but is sure the President is a Socialist.

Former Labour leader Michael Foot dies

The former UK Labour leader Michael Foot, writer, journalist, MP and campaigner, has died. He was 96 and had been ill for some time.

Socialists on Course for Election Victory in Greece

The Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) led by American-born George Papandreou is set to record a convincing victory in an election in Greece called two years ahead of time by the now outgoing Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis.

Op-Ed: What Ever Happened to Respect for the President?

What's going on, America? Since when is it okay to treat a president with the lack of respect we have witnessed in the past weeks and months?

Chavez wins as Venezuela braces for his longer tenure

In a notable development Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, won the referendum that will allow him to be in the chair as long as he keeps defeating his opponents.

Op-Ed: Obama's Election is a Turning Point for America...but What Kind?

Obama's election marks a true turning point in American history alright but not because he's the first black U.S. President. No, the turning point is ideological. We have just elected a man that will jerk us sharply to the left toward socialism/Marxism.

Michael Moore: 'McCain is Socialist For The Rich'

Filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live and called McCain a socialist for the rich. He said McCain likes to “spread the wealth around” for the rich.

Op-Ed: John McCain's Campaign Message to Average Americans

John McCain has been very clear about Barack Obama's unAmerican plan to let the average American have tax breaks instead of concentrating the wealth in the pockets of the Wall Street insiders, but are you listening?

Canadian PM's Letter Dismisses Kyoto as 'Socialist Scheme'

A letter leaked by the Liberal party of Canada quotes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper referring to the Kyoto Protocol as a [i] 'socialist scheme [/i] designed to suck money out of rich countries'.

Party expels 'racist' Socialist

The French Socialist Party has voted to expel a senior member for saying there are too many black players in the national football team.

France's Royal begins China trip

The French Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has begun a three-day visit to China.

Chavez boots justice minister, vice president

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has fired his justice minister, citing a spate of prison violence, and has replaced Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel without explanation.

Chavez denies claim that Castro has cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has dismissed suggestions that Cuban leader and ally Fidel Castro has cancer, but said he was fighting a serious illness.

Ortega looks to win in Nicaragua

Nicaragua's former leader, Daniel Ortega, has a clear lead in the country's presidential election.

Isla De La Juventud - A Taste Of Cuba ''Pura''

NUEVA GERONA, Cuba (dpa) - The island off Cuba's southern coast bears a promising name: Isla de la Juventud, or in English, Island of Youth. Plenty of noisy schoolchildren certainly reinforce its claim to that name.The beaches here may not be as long a...

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Former Portugal Prime Minister Jose Socrates
Former Portugal Prime Minister Jose Socrates
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This ad to encourage voting in an upcoming election in Catalonian election has both the left and the...
This ad to encourage voting in an upcoming election in Catalonian election has both the left and the right furious.
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