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Social unrest News

Bangkok demonstrators threaten to shut down city starting Monday

Despite government efforts to calm down restive demonstrators by promising to dissolve parliament to give way for new elections, protesters are now threatening to shut down the capital city of Bangkok beginning January 13.

Risk of social unrest highest in Europe

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is warning that the risk of major social unrest around the world is now greatest in Europe.

Belgian trade unions: Austerity is not a solution, it's a problem Special

Brussels - The leaders of the trade unions striking today in Belgium had a common message for the leaders of the EU countries meeting today in Brussels: austerity measures are not a solution to the current economic crisis.

Op-Ed: The London riots – seeing the bigger picture Special

Behind the wanton destruction, hatred, mindless violence and unbridled criminality of the recent and ongoing outrages lay genuine grievances, but they are directed at the wrong people, says David Pidcock.

Russia’s oil advantage increases over Middle East unrest

Moscow - Upheavals in the Middle East have led to escalating oil prices across the world and fears of additional unrest has left many investors looking for solid ground, with that solid ground now appearing to be in Russia.

Venezuela’s Chavez say US planning invasion of Libya

Caracas - Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez on Monday said the unrest in Libya is the result of exaggeration and distortions by the US government in order to justify an invasion of the North African country.

Protests in Libya encountering ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy, 200 dead

The protests in Libya have turned extreme as waves of innocent civilians and wounded protesters arrive in the country’s hospitals, victims of what a doctor there is calling “absolutely a shoot-to-kill” government policy.

China hoarding food staples, world food prices continue to rise

Valhalla - China is hoarding corn, wheat and rice supplies in what a chief economist calls an “aggravating concern” as weather events across the globe continue wreaking havoc on grain productions, all combining to have a serious impact on global food prices.

Tunisia uprising triggers unrest in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen

The recent uprising that led to the fall of Tunisia's repressive government has resulted in the death of 219 and injury to more than 500 people as sporadic fighting continues in some parts of the country.

Op-Ed: France: ‘You say you want a revolution. Well, you know..’

So sang Lennon, and ‘Revolution’ is also creeping into the vocabulary of the French public and politicians. They would do well to remind themselves of the murderous outcome of the French Revolution, and it's lessons, before starting another one.

Op-Ed: Catharsis or revolt? The next weeks are most important for Greece

After VAT rises and very high fuel prices, today's details of the proposed pension reductions, demanded by outsiders, can lead to a variety of social unrest. Strikes are the lesser evil, real revolt looms, kidnappings of the rich may be on the horizon.

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