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Facebook announces six new emotions to sit alongside 'Like'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed the company is working on adding a "dislike" button to the social network, although he never put it as such. Today, the new options were unveiled and they're rather different than what people expected.

New social network for food, nutrition opens digital debate

Can be a driving force in the confusing dialogue in food and nutrition in the United States? Some say it is like the LinkedIn for foodies.

Zoku app offers perfect blend of anonymity for social networking

Social networking sites are among the most popular and frequently visited online destinations, and they have experienced a large surge in membership numbers as smartphones have become more easily accessible.

Social Media Marketing: Improved Facebook Page equals more profit

The internet has changed business as the public no longer needs a phone book to find what they need. Online stores are making billions world wide and business owners must change the way they think to succeed.

Op-Ed: LinkedIn will now follow you around the Internet

LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at so-termed career professionals, is extending its advertising reach. Users of the service will start to see adverts based on their profile when they visit other websites.

'Technoference’ from gadgets may be hurting your relationships

According to a recent study, our addiction to gadgets may be interfering with many of out relationships, and causing much angst to our partners.

How Google+ videos will be more prominent

Not satisfied with just improving photo quality, Google+ will now automatically enhance videos added to Google's social platform.

Meet Plague, a social networking app spreading info like a virus

Plague is a new social networking app with a fun twist that could just work. Plague is all about discovering "viral" content, but the way you discover the next viral video or hilarious photo is what's unique.

Netropolitan social network for rich people costs $9,000 to join

Having difficulty relating to the hoi polloi crowding social media networks like Facebook and Twitter? Got heaps of money, but not so much time, to burn? Then Netropolitan Club might just be for you.

LinkedIn wants your contacts to be more than just names

The new app, LinkedIn Connected, aims to turn contacts into connections and give users what they want on their mobile devices.

Op-Ed: Digital marketing strategists converge at DX3 in Toronto Special

Toronto - Ever wondered what happens inside Dx3? On March 5 and 6, Canada’s largest digital media conference filled the Toronto Metro Convention Centre with people eager to glimpse the future of online advertising.

Op-Ed: Making good use of a conference hashtag on social media

Years ago when you attended a conference or event, your networking was limited to your confidence level, the number of hands you shook and business cards you exchanged. Not the case anymore with the use of hashtags.

Three German women found dead in Internet suicide pact

After an online suicide pact on a social networking site, the bodies of three women were discovered in a cabin in a popular beauty spot in western Germany on Wednesday afternoon.

Our social networks remain very ‘small’

Despite the range of different media and opportunities for social networking, the typical person has a social network equivalent to the number of people that they would be in regular contact with if social networks did not exist.

Latest data released on Internet dating, digital relationships Special

New study findings released about online dating and relationships show that not only are social networking sites the place to find your next date, check up on past partners and but also that attitudes towards internet dating are becoming more positive.

SEO secrets shared at Search and Social Rank Symposium 5 Special

Toronto - Search and Social Rank Symposiums are web marketing secret sharing groups; the fifth event just happened on October 15, 2013, in the Distillery District of Toronto. It was remarkable event thanks to its charismatic and knowledgeable speakers.

Teens hate Facebook but can't leave

While the number of Facebook accounts continues to grow, interest continues to decline among teens who have started turning to Twitter and Instagram.

Op-Ed: Social media of the future Special

Austin - As news continues to transition away from traditional paper platforms, different age groups continue to turn to social media for news.

Social TV use increases as Facebook follows Twitter's lead

Facebook released the hashtag feature to make live TV interaction easier, Twitter announced Twitter Amplify, and Nielsen reports that social TV use is growing.

Study links social media to narcissistic personality Special

Social media is everywhere, and a new study shows a link between it and narcissistic personality in both adults and college students. A social media marketing professional and study details help shed some light on the issue.

Op-Ed: Americans spend 58 minutes on a smartphone — this is a good thing

A recent study from Experion Marketing Services reported that Americans spend on average 58 minutes a day on their smartphones, but television viewing habits remain the larger concern.

Study: Facebook can induce psychosis and delusional states

A new study by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel, based on case studies of individuals, says Facebook and other social media can induce psychotic symptoms and delusional states in vulnerable lonely individuals.

Twitter may launch music site

The social networking site Twitter could be about to launch a music site. Twitter has been reported as buying the music discovery site We Are Hunted.

Facebook planning its own smartphone

Tech sites are reporting that Facebook will soon be announcing its own branded smartphone, to be launched in 2013 to stake a challenge in the crowded mobile market.

LinkedIn sees a large rise in profits

LinkedIn, the social networking site for 'professionals', has seen a 10% rise in profits for the last quarter of 2012. This has led to an increase in its share price.

New MySpace opens to public, timed with new Timberlake song

Previously limited to invite only last month, now the newly revamped MySpace is open for all to join. The website's open membership launch coincides with the release of Justin Timberlake's new song. Timberlake is a financial backer of MySpace.

Teen posts about drunk driving on Facebook and gets arrested

Astoria - A teen who was out drinking and driving on New Year's Eve found himself in trouble after he posted about his evening on Facebook. He was subsequently arrested by local police after Facebook friends turned him in.

Parents concerns about their teens' online privacy

Are parents bothered about their teens online activity and privacy? Do they keep tabs on their kids’ online? New research from Pew says yes.

Facebook testing project that gives shoppers free Wi-Fi

Menlo Park - Facebook is currently testing a new project that would give shoppers free wireless Internet access. If successful, it might not be long before Facebook Wi-Fi comes to a store near you.

Facebook admits it's as unhealthy as eating birthday cake

In a public post on their official Facebook page the social network states that spending too much time on Facebook is as bad for you as eating too much birthday cake.
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PROSkore screenshot
PROSkore screenshot
The Google+ project aims to break in to the social networking market in a big way  and it just might...
The Google+ project aims to break in to the social networking market in a big way, and it just might succeed.
Pew Research Center
Twitter: Social networking
Twitter: Social networking
rosaura ochoa
PEJ Pew Research Center
Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur  the founder of the social networking site VK
Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur, the founder of the social networking site VK
Pavel Durov / Twitter
Social media word bubble
Social media word bubble
Walter Hodges
Netropolitan Club costs $9 000 to join  $3 000 per year thereafter.
Netropolitan Club costs $9,000 to join, $3,000 per year thereafter.
The Meet Eater container  showing the logo.
The Meet Eater container, showing the logo.
Jacque Prior
PEJ Pew Research Center
Social Media conversation prism
Social Media conversation prism
Brian Solis / JESS3

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