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Op-Ed: Google the censor? The internet vs free speech?

Sydney - Google’s role as top dog comes with a few lead weights. One of the big issues is growing disquiet about the power of big platforms. A strange tale has unfolded after a leak of Google internal documents defining the big problems.

Op-Ed: Chinese ‘Social Credit’, or how AI can rule your life right now

Sydney - China has an unenviable record of civil repression over thousands of years from Imperial China to the KMT and the Cultural Revolution. Now, artificial intelligence can do it for the government.

Op-Ed: Will robots replace everyday workers?

"A coming wave of robots could redefine our jobs. Will that redefine us?" It can do if we use a little lateral thinking, and take on board the thoughts of Major Douglas.

Op-Ed: Does a higher minimum wage hurt or help?

People who should know better but don't are arguing for a higher minimum wage in the United States. What would this really accomplish, and what are the real alternatives?

Review: The Major Douglas website

Clifford Hugh Douglas was born 134 years ago this week. The website is devoted to his life, philosophy and work.

Op-Ed: The new British Communist Manifesto?

London - The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) has produced a new leaflet calling for British jobs for British workers. Those with long memories will be astounded at this grotesque about-face.

Op-Ed: More quantitative easing sleight of hand

London - The Bank of England has created another £50 billion of electronic money, or so we are led to believe, but where has the previous £275 billion gone?

Op-Ed: Wanted — 600 million new jobs

According to a recent report, the world needs to find 600 million new jobs over the next decade. The reality is we need less employment, not more.

Op-Ed: Who the Dickens was Major Douglas?

Next month sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the death of an even greater Englishman. But who was Major Douglas, and what is his legacy?

US Federal Reserve Bank secretly funding European Sovereign Debt

A currency swap program created back in 2008 -2009 by the US Federal Reserve Bank to bail out American banks has been converted to provide much needed funds to European banks.

Op-Ed: Basic income — The only real solution to ‘unemployment’

The myth of the benefits culture is pushed by governments on both sides of the Atlantic because politicians and our over-paid economists are incapable of seeing the real problem.

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