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In high-tech Japan, cash is still king

Apo - Once a pioneer in cashless transactions, Japan is now lagging behind as the world's biggest economies increasingly embrace electronic payments -- because its ageing population still prefers physical money.

Putin, Macron spar over 'yellow vest' protests

Bormes-les-mimosas - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday vowed to prevent the emergence of any mass demonstrations in Moscow like the "yellow vest" anti-government protests that erupted in France late last year.

Sinking city: Indonesia's capital on brink of disaster

Jakarta - Time is running out for Jakarta. One of the fastest-sinking cities on earth, environmental experts warn that one third of it could be submerged by 2050 if current rates continue.

N. Macedonia PM under fire over gay slur

Skopje - North Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has apologised for using a gay slur while trying to defend his government against a corruption scandal that has ensnared justice officials.

North Korea defector and her son found dead: Seoul police

Seoul - The bodies of a North Korean defector and her young son have been found in their apartment, Seoul police said Tuesday, with local media reporting they appeared to have died of starvation.

Australia cancer sufferer first to use new assisted dying law

Sydney - A 61-year-old cancer patient has become the first person in over two decades to die under controversial assisted dying laws in Australia, a charity said.

Dutch ban on burqas in public places takes effect

Den Haag - The Netherlands banned the wearing of a face-covering veil, such as a burqa or niqab, in public buildings and on transport from Thursday as a contentious law on the garment worn by some Muslim women came into force.

French MPs warn of threat to democracy after offices attacked

Paris - A group of French MPs complained Tuesday that the country was becoming "used to the intolerable" after a rash of attacks on the offices of lawmakers from President Emmanuel Macron's party by opponents of a free-trade agreement with Canada.

Cuba expands internet access, but under a very wary eye

Havana - All Cubans can now have Wi-Fi in their homes, as the island's government extends internet access even while trying to maintain control over its version of the "truth" and to defend its legitimacy, a top official tells AFP.

'Worse than prison': Abuses in Philippine youth homes

Manila - Eleven-year-old Jerry's crime was breaking curfew laws after fleeing violence at home. His punishment? Being sent to a youth detention centre, where he says he endured sexual abuse.

First transgender couple married in Cuba

Havana - A transgender couple married in Cuba this week, a first on the island nation where sexual minorities have long suffered discrimination.The couple had to register their civil union according to the official genders on their identity documents, though.

Australia's onshore refugees stuck in legal limbo

Sydney - The Australian government has rejected calls to expedite visa applications of 30,000 asylum seekers who have been stuck in legal limbo in the country for more than five years, a report released on Wednesday shows.

'Misogynist' Duterte slammed over Philippines anti-harassment law

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, whose rape jokes have sparked outrage in the past, drew fresh flak Tuesday after signing a law against sexual harassment, with campaigners saying his role as the "misogynist-in-chief" would make implementation chal...

Toxic employers face jail as South Korea tackles workplace bullying

Seoul - After enduring months of constant harassment at work, South Korean office worker Christine Jung finally confronted her aggressor -- only to be fired and sued for defamation by her employer.

French 'yellow vests' movement dwindling but not dead: analysts

Paris - Legendary Paris restaurant Le Fouquet's is to open Sunday for the first time since "yellow vest" protesters torched the plush hangout on the Champs-Elysees boulevard in March.

Lobster fishing in Honduras: a poisoned chalice

Puerto Lempira - Diving for lobsters in the Caribbean waters around Honduras provides a vital source of income for the local indigenous population in La Mosquitia, but it's an extremely hazardous occupation.

Lost lessons: N. Koreans get 're-education' in South

Seoul - One of the first things North Korean defector Ri Kwang-myong did after reaching the South was to go back to school -- 12 years after finishing his education.

Dutch order kids' playfield closure over noise

Den Haag - Dutch authorities have ordered a primary school football field to close because children using it were too noisy, in a move that has sparked protests and questions in parliament on Wednesday.

France open debate on femicide, domestic violence in September

Paris - The French government will in September begin a major consultation on domestic violence in order to stamp out gender-based murder and violence against women, a minister said on Sunday.

Niqab banned in Tunisian government offices

Tunis - Tunisia's premier on Friday banned the niqab Muslim face covering for women in government offices, citing security concerns after attacks in the North African country.

France's first lady calls out 'relentless' bullying

Paris - Brigitte Macron, wife of France's president and a former teacher, on Thursday lashed out at online bullying, denouncing it as "relentless" in remarks to G7 education ministers.

Paris introduces rent controls to cap rises

Paris - Paris authorities reintroduced rent controls on Monday in a bid to get a grip on the spiralling cost of living in the City of Light.

Locked up for being different: Switzerland's 'dark chapter'

Geneva - A pregnant teenage runaway, a former foster care child, an adolescent boy raped by priests: for decades, these were the kinds of people Switzerland locked up as "undesirables".

Hong Kong tycoon, 22, drops $117 million on luxury home

Fpo - The 22-year-old son of a business tycoon has dropped US$117 million on a luxury home in Hong Kong, the latest purchase to highlight the huge wealth gap in a city currently rocked by political protests.

S. Korean opposition promotes women's rights... by dropping shorts

Seoul - An event to promote women's rights in South Korea featuring female opposition party supporters pulling down their shorts has drawn widespread criticism, with many saying the stunt revealed a patriarchal culture in the party and Korean society generally...

Father, daughter drowning fuels anger at Trump migration policies

Washington - A shocking photograph of a Salvadoran man and his baby daughter drowned in the Rio Grande fueled a surge of emotion around the world Wednesday -- as US Democrats furiously denounced Donald Trump's immigration policies.

Sisters who killed abusive father spark Russia domestic violence debate

Moscow - A case against three teenage sisters who killed their father after what lawyers say was years of beatings and sexual abuse has sparked protest and highlighted Russia's dire record on domestic violence.

US border chief quits amid outcry over child detainees

Washington - The acting head of the US Customs and Border Protection agency announced his resignation on Tuesday amid a public outcry over alarming detention conditions of migrant children in Texas.

Around the world, people likelier to return wallets with more cash

Washington - Does the amount of cash in a lost wallet impact how likely a person is to return it?

100,000 South Koreans call for judge to be sacked over child rape case

Seoul - More than 100,000 South Koreans are demanding the dismissal of a judge who reduced the prison sentence of a child rapist to three years.
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The FaceBook Man
The FaceBook Man
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15m protesters in Málaga  Spain against cuts to the social health system
15m protesters in Málaga, Spain against cuts to the social health system
Alfredo P. Chomón
15m protesters in Málaga  Spain against cuts to the social health system
15m protesters in Málaga, Spain against cuts to the social health system
Carlos Matesanz
15m protesters in Málaga  Spain against cuts to the social health system
15m protesters in Málaga, Spain against cuts to the social health system
Carlos Matesanz
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15m protesters in Málaga  Spain against cuts to the social health system
15m protesters in Málaga, Spain against cuts to the social health system
Carlos Matesanz

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