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Snow News

The strange case of Antarctica’s snow turning red

A strange phenomenon variously dubbed by scientists as “watermelon,” “raspberry,” and “blood” snow has affected part of Antarctica. Here the normally white landscape has been transformed into a variegated red. How has this happened?

Ultra-rare snowfall carpets Baghdad

Baghdad - Residents of Baghdad rushed to have snowball fights or take photographs Tuesday as the Iraqi capital woke carpeted in white by only its second snowfall in a century.

No business in snow business! Warm weather shutters Japan ski resorts

Apo - Record low snowfall in Japan has forced many ski resorts to shut their doors and is threatening a World Cup ski jumping competition, with organisers forced to truck in extra powder.

Microplastics found drifting down with snowfall

Microplastics have been detected in every part of planet, on land and in the oceans. New research finds microplastic particles are drifting down with the snow with events recorded in the Alps and the Arctic.

Climate change forces Chile ski stations to make fake snow

Santiago - Once deep in powder this time of year, Chile's ski stations are fighting the ravages of climate change and pollution that have brought less and less snow to the central Andes.

New device uses nano-tech to create electricity from snowfall

Researchers have devised a nanogenerator that can use snowfall to generate electricity, thereby providing an alternative form of power for a new generation of wearables. In addition the device can function as a weather station.

Weather in Canada leaves $3 billion worth of grain unharvested

Western Canadian grain farmers are warning the federal agriculture minister they may not be able to get this year’s multibillion-dollar crop in the bin because of continued snowfall in much of the Prairies.

Geneva airport reopens after snow forced shutdown

Geneva - Geneva airport has reopened after heavy snowfall lashing Europe forced it to suspend all traffic earlier Thursday, but the extreme weather was expected to continue causing widespread travel disruptions.

Moscow authorities struggle to clear record snowfall

Moscow - Moscow authorities battled to clear streets and told children they could skip school as the city was blanketed by its heaviest snowfall in 100 years.

One dead as record snowfall hits Moscow

Moscow - At least one person died and several were injured after Moscow experienced its heaviest day of snowfall since records began, the city's mayor and agencies said Sunday.

North Iran gets massive snow dump

Tehran - After months of waiting for the snow to arrive, Tehranis were hit by massive snowfall overnight on Sunday that shut airports and schools but delighted the ski community.

Trains resume service in snowbound Swiss ski resort

Zermatt - Trains began running again in the Zermatt ski station on Wednesday after crews dug through mounds of snow blocking the tracks, offering relief to thousands of tourists stranded at the popular Swiss resort.

Trains to restart from Swiss ski resort after heavy snowfall

Zermatt - Trains from popular Swiss ski station Zermatt are due to reopen Wednesday, providing relief for some 13,000 tourists trapped there by heavy snowfall, a statement said.

Snow shuts runways, disrupts flights across UK

London - The heaviest snowfall to hit Britain in four years caused widespread disruption on Sunday, with roads becoming hazardous and flights grounded following runway closures.

Chilean capital shakes off rare snow storm

Santiago - The Chilean capital Monday shook off a rare snow storm that had left as many as 350,000 homes without power.The snowfall blanketed Santiago in white on Saturday, delighting children but wreaking havoc on the city's electricity grid.

One dead and blackouts in Chilean capital after rare snowfall

Santiago - One person died and tens of thousands were left in the dark and shivering in the southern hemisphere winter following a rare snowfall in the Chilean capital Santiago on Saturday.

Melting snow is riddled with pollutants

Montreal - The big thaw is underway in the northern hemisphere as snow in snow bound areas melts away. Melting snow does not only release water. A new study has found urban snow accumulates a toxic cocktail from car emissions.

Winter storm slams East Coast with snow, rain and cold

New York - More than 1,000 flights from East Coast cities in the U.S. had to be cancelled Monday as a major winter storm moved into the region with snow, ice and high winds.

Airport reopens after snow strands 86,000 on S. Korea island

Seoul - The first flight in three days took off from the South Korean resort island of Jeju on Monday after the biggest snowfall in three decades shut the airport and stranded nearly 90,000 people.

US blizzard kills 25, Washington struggles to rebound

Washington - The eastern United States emerged wearily from a massive blizzard that dumped huge amounts of snow and killed at least 25 people, but Washington was still reeling, with government offices and schools to remain closed Monday.

Collosal blizzard shuts down eastern United States

New York - A near record blizzard smothered the eastern United States, shutting down New York and Washington in a colossal storm that left 15 people dead and affected some 85 million residents.

Washington an eerie ghost town as huge blizzard hits

Washington - Bus stops stand empty, mounds of snow in the place of passengers. A lone man stands outside the White House, the blizzard biting at his exposed ears.

Millions in US brace for monster blizzard

Washington - The eastern US braced Friday for a monstrous blizzard that has prompted thousands of flight cancelations and the looming shutdown of Washington's public transportation system.

Safest place to walk for the elderly is Finland

Helsinki - Walking around in the winter, especially where there is snow and ice, is tricky. Doubly so for the elderly. To help the senior population, a Finnish town is providing support.

Snow makes migrants' journey through Europe even harder

Sentilj - It's the first time that Arman Butt, a Pakistani man desperately seeking to reach western Europe, sees snow.But as the 30-year-old goes limp in the harsh chill, stuck at the Slovenian-Austrian border, he wishes it was not quite so cold.

Winter storm dumps 4.3 billion gallons of water into Lake Tahoe

Truckee - A Monday storm brought a bit of drought-relief to California's parched Lake Tahoe by dumping 4.3 billion gallons, boosting the lake's level almost two inches, said Tim Bardsley, a National Weather Service hydrologist.

It snowed in Hawaii on Friday

On Friday morning, a thunderstorm touched down in Hawaii, and along with it came some snow. However, the only place it accumulated was at Mauna Kea's summit.

Pluto may have polar ice caps and nitrogen snow

NASA scientists are describing images of Pluto coming in from the New Horizon spacecraft as "incredible" and "stunning." The photos seem to show that the planet has ice caps, something which astronomers hadn't predicted.

Spring starts with snow in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - In Edmonton, there is a joke that there are only two seasons: snow and rain. Spring encompasses both forms of precipitation.

Man dies clearing snow, first responders return to finish the job

Manchester - Last week a man in Manchester, Connecticut, died while clearing snow off of his roof. The man was not saved, but his roof ended up being cleared off by the first responders.
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Snow Image

A young girl skiing at Horseshoe Valley Ski Hill  Ontario  Canada.
A young girl skiing at Horseshoe Valley Ski Hill, Ontario, Canada.
Spring in Edmonton - complete with snow.
Spring in Edmonton - complete with snow.
Snow lines the lacy branches  but the dark crow manages to blend in.
Snow lines the lacy branches, but the dark crow manages to blend in.
It was wonderful to wake up to a White Christmas in 2010.
It was wonderful to wake up to a White Christmas in 2010.
Weekend crowd at Beech Mountain  North Carolina
Weekend crowd at Beech Mountain, North Carolina
The Roman Forum blanketed in snow
The Roman Forum blanketed in snow
My dog  Nubbi  checking out the snowfall.
My dog, Nubbi, checking out the snowfall.
Snow coats the tree limbs on Christmas Day 2010.
Snow coats the tree limbs on Christmas Day 2010.
Falling snow outside a Turkish hospital.  Many refugees would love to be in a warm building with ele...
Falling snow outside a Turkish hospital. Many refugees would love to be in a warm building with electricity.
As usual  this tortoiseshell cat cancelled her daily stroll to avoid stepping onto snow and ice.
As usual, this tortoiseshell cat cancelled her daily stroll to avoid stepping onto snow and ice.
Jude  playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
Jude, playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
Stairs covered with snow and ice.
Stairs covered with snow and ice.
Snowy Parksville Bay on Vancouver Island
Snowy Parksville Bay on Vancouver Island

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