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Snow News

Winter storm slams East Coast with snow, rain and cold

New York - More than 1,000 flights from East Coast cities in the U.S. had to be cancelled Monday as a major winter storm moved into the region with snow, ice and high winds.

Airport reopens after snow strands 86,000 on S. Korea island

Seoul - The first flight in three days took off from the South Korean resort island of Jeju on Monday after the biggest snowfall in three decades shut the airport and stranded nearly 90,000 people.

US blizzard kills 25, Washington struggles to rebound

Washington - The eastern United States emerged wearily from a massive blizzard that dumped huge amounts of snow and killed at least 25 people, but Washington was still reeling, with government offices and schools to remain closed Monday.

Collosal blizzard shuts down eastern United States

New York - A near record blizzard smothered the eastern United States, shutting down New York and Washington in a colossal storm that left 15 people dead and affected some 85 million residents.

Washington an eerie ghost town as huge blizzard hits

Washington - Bus stops stand empty, mounds of snow in the place of passengers. A lone man stands outside the White House, the blizzard biting at his exposed ears.

Millions in US brace for monster blizzard

Washington - The eastern US braced Friday for a monstrous blizzard that has prompted thousands of flight cancelations and the looming shutdown of Washington's public transportation system.

Safest place to walk for the elderly is Finland

Helsinki - Walking around in the winter, especially where there is snow and ice, is tricky. Doubly so for the elderly. To help the senior population, a Finnish town is providing support.

Snow makes migrants' journey through Europe even harder

Sentilj - It's the first time that Arman Butt, a Pakistani man desperately seeking to reach western Europe, sees snow.But as the 30-year-old goes limp in the harsh chill, stuck at the Slovenian-Austrian border, he wishes it was not quite so cold.

Winter storm dumps 4.3 billion gallons of water into Lake Tahoe

Truckee - A Monday storm brought a bit of drought-relief to California's parched Lake Tahoe by dumping 4.3 billion gallons, boosting the lake's level almost two inches, said Tim Bardsley, a National Weather Service hydrologist.

It snowed in Hawaii on Friday

On Friday morning, a thunderstorm touched down in Hawaii, and along with it came some snow. However, the only place it accumulated was at Mauna Kea's summit.

Pluto may have polar ice caps and nitrogen snow

NASA scientists are describing images of Pluto coming in from the New Horizon spacecraft as "incredible" and "stunning." The photos seem to show that the planet has ice caps, something which astronomers hadn't predicted.

Spring starts with snow in Edmonton Special

Edmonton - In Edmonton, there is a joke that there are only two seasons: snow and rain. Spring encompasses both forms of precipitation.

Man dies clearing snow, first responders return to finish the job

Manchester - Last week a man in Manchester, Connecticut, died while clearing snow off of his roof. The man was not saved, but his roof ended up being cleared off by the first responders.

Plane skids off New York runway as winter storm hits US

New York - An airliner skidded off a runway at New York's La Guardia airport and slid to a halt just yards from frigid waters, as a snow storm battered the US coast from Texas to Boston.

Man in Mass. selling bottles of snow for $89

Manchester - A man from Massachusetts found a way to turn record-setting snow that fell in the area into cash, by selling bottles of it for $89.

SUV falls 60 feet from bridge; lands upright with passengers safe

An SUV fell over 60 feet from the Hackensack River bridge after avoiding another vehicle and hitting a snowdrift. Two occupants have survived with only minor injuries as the car landed upright below the bridge.

Snow-free roof leads to marijuana bust

Haarlem - In the Netherlands, some cannabis growers were arrested after neighbors noticed that their roof had no snow on it, which was due to the lamps heating their marijuana plants.

Canadian train plows through a bunch of snow without slowing down

Salisbury - On Tuesday a video on YouTube surfaced, and it shows a train in Canada going through deep snow, without even slowing down.

Heavy snow blocks highways and pilgrims in north Spain

Aguilar De Camp - Heavy snowfall in northern Spain has blocked roads and rail services as well as pilgrims attempting to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Teens confronted by police for offering to shovel snowy driveways

Bound Brook - If you're thinking about shoveling some driveways for extra money this year, you might want to check with your local laws first.

'Crippling' 36 inches of snow ends up as meagre 6 inches

Billed as the Blizzard of 2015, many residents of New York City and northern New Jersey woke expecting to find up to 36 inches of snow this morning. Instead, just 6.3 inches lay outside.

Northeastern U.S. prepares for 'historic' storm

New York City - As much as three feet of snow is expected Monday and Tuesday along a 250-mile stretch of the U.S. northeast coast as a massive winter storm brings enough heavy winds and driving snow to potentially shut down several of the nation's greatest cities.

Top tips to avoid frostbite Special

In the northern hemisphere many regions carry the risk of frostbite as the wintry weather moves towards its peak. Digital Journal has heard from a leading dermatologist about some top tips for avoiding frostbite.

Whiteouts and accidents close roads deep with snow

London - Winter has returned to Southwestern Ontario with a roar as heavy snowfall forced the closure of many area highways Wednesday.

High winds bring destruction, inconvenience to Bay Area

San Francisco - High winds knocked over trees, blocked freeways and snarled transit around the San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday as a mostly dry storm from the Pacific Northwest swept through the region and headed south.

Snow brings chaos to Europe, but skiers rejoice

Paris - Heavy snowfall brought both chaos and joy across Europe, with some 15,000 people stranded overnight in the French Alps while skiers revelled in the fresh powder blanketing slopes.

Heavy snow kills 5, disrupts travel in Japan

Toukyo - At least five people have died in heavy snow that has blanketed swathes of Japan, reports said on Thursday, with more than two metres (6ft 7ins) lying in some places and more forecast.

Edmontonians to brave weather to enjoy 'White' Friday Special

Edmonton - Winter is just a way of life for Edmontians and a little extra snow is not going to alter the plans they have for Black Friday and the weekend.

Pre-Thanksgiving travelers get taste of winter before dinner

Hagerstown - The winter of 2014-2015 is already one to remember for millions of U.S. residents living on the country's East Coast, and the season hasn't officially started yet.

Study: Hailstorms are 'biological events'

A study has found that hailstones form around certain biological materials. This presents a new way of thinking about the formation of snow and rain.
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Snow Image

Jude  playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
Jude, playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
I imagine this tortoiseshell cat is asking where I want to stroll in Madison  Wisconsin in February ...
I imagine this tortoiseshell cat is asking where I want to stroll in Madison, Wisconsin in February 2012.
Spring in Edmonton - complete with snow.
Spring in Edmonton - complete with snow.
Freak snow storm hits New Jersey just days before Halloween.
Freak snow storm hits New Jersey just days before Halloween.
A light snow dusting brightened a cloudy midwinter dawn  but barely covered drifts of frozen autumn ...
A light snow dusting brightened a cloudy midwinter dawn, but barely covered drifts of frozen autumn leaves.
In 2010 there was little snow  but most years these patches  seen here on the mountain areas enterin...
In 2010 there was little snow, but most years these patches, seen here on the mountain areas entering La Grande, sit on the ground, deep and firm for children to play.
Winter s first snowfall hits New Jersey
Winter's first snowfall hits New Jersey
Lucan and London  Ont.   have had about half their allotted snowfall already and winter hasn t even ...
Lucan and London, Ont., have had about half their allotted snowfall already and winter hasn't even officially started yet.
Snow in Lyon  13 November 2010
Snow in Lyon, 13 November 2010
A truck covered in snow in East Sussex  UK
A truck covered in snow in East Sussex, UK
A lady braves the freezing cold temperatures and blowing snow as she walks along Yonge Street.
A lady braves the freezing cold temperatures and blowing snow as she walks along Yonge Street.
Castle  castle rock  Princes Street Gardens
Castle, castle rock, Princes Street Gardens
It is hard to play soccer when the ball is frozen to the ground.
It is hard to play soccer when the ball is frozen to the ground.
In the Snow Feb 2010
In the Snow Feb 2010
Chicago blizzard 2011
Chicago blizzard 2011
Snow on railing
Snow on railing
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