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Snow News

Most Japan automakers resume plant operations after snow; Mazda, Nissan still affected

Most Japanese car makers including Toyota Motor Corp <7203.T> have resumed operations at their plants that were suspended after heavy snow disrupted parts deliveries, companies said on Tuesday, limiting impact on their domestic ...

American and European weather alters because of 'new jet stream'

New research by scientists in Chicago has determined that the bitterly cold and snowy weather in the US and Canada, and the intense storms and rain across the UK and Western Europe, is being driven by a meandering jet stream, that may be here for good.

Ice storm holds East Coast hostage, again

New York - Just when folks on the East Coast thought things could not get any worse this winter, Mother Nature proved them wrong with a blast of cold, ice and snow. Add to that, predictions of a longer winter.

Massive avalanche almost takes out village in Italy (video)

A massive avalanche happened in South Tyrol region of Italy, close to the Austrian border, late last week, almost taking out an entire village. A local farmer caught the incident on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Japan snowfall 'kills 11, over 1,200 injured'

Tokyo - The heaviest snow in decades in Tokyo and other areas of Japan has left at least 11 dead and more than 1,200 injured across the country, reports said Sunday.As much as 27 centimetres (10.

Video shows pedestrian getting pummeled with wall of snow

Brooklyn - A video showing a pedestrian getting pummeled with a wall of snow has surfaced, and since being put up it has gotten almost 300,000 views.

Kimmel dumps snow on beach goers in LA

Los Angeles - Most of the United States is experiencing record freezing temperatures, while beach-goers in Los Angeles were soaking up the sun.

Top tips to cope with the U.S. winter

The severe weather affecting the U.S. has been widely reported. To help those affected, the U.S. CDC has provided some advice on dealing with the wintery conditions.

Wisconsin uses cheese to de-ice local roadways

Milwaukee - Wisconsin, a US state is widely known for its cheese production, has found an ingenious way to de-ice many of the state's major roadways by using cheese brine.

Don't kick snow in a stray cat's face; watch the video to see why

Detroit - If you want to defend your dog from a stray cat never kick snow in its face. Why? Do you really need to ask? Maxx from Detroit learned the hard way that cats are tough cookies and stray cats the meanest of the bunch.

Canadian Maritimes brace for major weekend snowstorm

Halifax - A major winter storm is brewing just south of the Canadian Maritimes which could bring up to 25 cm of snow and up to 100 km/hr winds on Sunday, December 15.

Out-of-control snowball fight being investigated in Oregon

The University of Oregon is investigating an out of control snowball fight, and trying to figure out if it turned criminal after students started to throw snowballs at moving cars at an intersection.

Boy with terminal disease gets wish to play in snow

A British 3-year-old boy with a terminal disease had a wish to see snow. His mother, as well as some of her friends and volunteers, made it happen.

Photo Essay: Winter in Jilin, China Special

Jilin - In the northeast of China, Jilin City is divided by a river that is bordered by colorful buildings which look even more wintery in their first cover of snow.

Winter comes to Western Canada Special

Edmonton - Winter is an inevitable fact of life in western Canada. In Edmonton, the snow and colder temperatures hit with a vengeance in mid-November.

Op-Ed: Top 5 snow-flavoured films

Winter is coming. For many of us, that means snow. Here in Canada, it’s inevitable. This time of year, Christmas-themed films are taking over television, but what about the films that allows us to embrace winter, without the yuletide?

Siberian summer: From 30 degrees Celsius & sun to snow in one day

Nadym - The residents of Nadym in Siberia had been basking in temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius for several days when they were suddenly struck by a heavy snow storm.

Cape of Storms: Western Cape, S. Africa hit by storms, hail, snow

Cape Town - Bitter cold conditions, heavy rains and hail have wreaked havoc in Cape Town, South Africa, with a new cold front set to arrive on Monday. The mountains close by have seen heavy snowfall.

April blizzard shuts down most of Central U.S. Special

A spring blizzard now being called Winter Storm Walda closed airports and freeways in the Central United States. The storm caused a train to derail, widespread damage and brought normal life to a standstill.

Video: Russian daredevils roof-jumping into the snow

Yuzhno-sakhalinsk - There seems to be a wealth of crazy daredevils in Russia, and the latest stunts are crazier than ever. They involve jumping off a roof and landing in the snow 17 meters below.

In photos: Winter Storm Virgil greets Denver and moves east Special

Denver - A large snowy storm system has been moving itself across the U.S. From Denver and points west to the east coast, wintry weather has been wreaking havoc this past weekend continuing into Monday.

Farmers in North Ireland left cut off due to heavy snow

Due to heavy snow farmers in Northern Ireland have been "abandoned and left to fend for themselves" due to the heavy snow which has left them cut off.

Northern Virginia snow causes messy morning commute Special

Fairfax - A bit of snow came through the Northern Virginia region this Monday morning. While significant amounts of accumulation are not expected, it was just enough to cause some problems on the road during the morning commute.

March wintry weather closes Northern Virginia area schools Special

Fairfax - Snow began falling in the early hours of the morning, causing many Northern Virginia school districts to close. While areas closer to the beltway remained open, schools west chose to call a snow day.

Snow causes traffic chaos across the UK

Winter returned to the UK at the weekend. In March in the UK we tend to forget that spring is yet to arrive. Daffodils are making their first brave appearance promising that spring is on the way. Not yet however, here in Britain.

Washington reopens after 'split personality' winter storm passes Special

Fairfax - Snow has been mostly non-existent for the 2012-13 winter season in the DC region. However, the storm that blew in on March 6 ended up shutting down the District and the surrounding suburbs.

Winter storm shuts down Washington region Special

Fairfax - A winter storm is blasting through the Washington DC region today. Government agencies and schools across the area are shut down.

Teen walks 10 miles in snow to job interview

Indianapolis - An Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant owner who happened to stumble across a teenager walking to a job interview, was inspired by the teen's determination.

Low snow creates havoc in California Motherlode Special

Sonora - Snow accumulations aren't rare in the California Motherlode, however, snow at the 1,200 to 1,400 ft elevation is rather uncommon. The low snow created a terrible p.m. commute, and up to 600 power outages.

Snow accumulations in the Carolina's create a rare winter mess Special

Charlotte - South Carolina rarely sees snow and even less rarely sees it accumulate but today accumulations began with a bang as thunder and snow squalls hit leaving some areas accumulating up to 4 inches, the first accumulations in 2 years.
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Snow Image

Snow in Lyon France  December 1st 2010
Snow in Lyon France, December 1st 2010
Didn t  hang about much after taking this picture in the park.  Check the sky out!
Didn't hang about much after taking this picture in the park. Check the sky out!
After a nearly snow-free winter 2011-2012 snow covers Dane County in southeastern Wisconsin one mid-...
After a nearly snow-free winter 2011-2012 snow covers Dane County in southeastern Wisconsin one mid-January day.
Snow lines the lacy branches  but the dark crow manages to blend in.
Snow lines the lacy branches, but the dark crow manages to blend in.
Jude  playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
Jude, playing in the snow with his stuffed snowman toy
Snow in Barcelona  Spain on February 28th  2005.
Snow in Barcelona, Spain on February 28th, 2005.
Arturo Reina Sánchez
I pretended this squirrel was advising   Eat plenty of nuts and seeds even when you must dig in snow...
I pretended this squirrel was advising, "Eat plenty of nuts and seeds even when you must dig in snow."
A light snow dusting brightened a cloudy midwinter dawn  but barely covered drifts of frozen autumn ...
A light snow dusting brightened a cloudy midwinter dawn, but barely covered drifts of frozen autumn leaves.
Cottingham  near Hull  Yorkshire
Cottingham, near Hull, Yorkshire
A woman facing the snow storm on Feb. 8  2013 in Toronto
A woman facing the snow storm on Feb. 8, 2013 in Toronto
Chung Ho Leung
A closer look at the bronze statue of North Korea s former leader  who studied at this school
A closer look at the bronze statue of North Korea's former leader, who studied at this school
Crowds at Sugar Mountain  North Carolina showing the typical above freezing temperatures on the sign...
Crowds at Sugar Mountain, North Carolina showing the typical above freezing temperatures on the sign.
Valdez  Alaska snowstorm.  January 2012.
Valdez, Alaska snowstorm. January 2012.
Courtesy of Suzanne Hickman
A snowplow works the roads near some shopping plazas in Dover.
A snowplow works the roads near some shopping plazas in Dover.
Wet snow falling from
Wet snow falling from
At times the heavy wet slushy snow was very pretty.
At times the heavy wet slushy snow was very pretty.
Snow accumulations in the town of York  SC  Brookside Subdivision.
Snow accumulations in the town of York, SC, Brookside Subdivision.
Coyote in the snow south of Tontitown  Ark.  Feb. 9  2011.
Coyote in the snow south of Tontitown, Ark. Feb. 9, 2011.
Lou Reed Sharp


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