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One in five people snoop on others' Facebook accounts: study

While many people are concerned about strangers hacking into their phones and computers, most hacking of social media comes from people close to the user. One in five people report having surreptitiously gone into the Facebook account of a loved one.

Hackers could turn your headphones into a mic that spies on you

Security researchers have demonstrated how a pair of headphones could be turned into a microphone and used to snoop on conversations. In testing, the system proved to be as effective as a regular unpowered microphone connected to a PC.

Facebook might be monitoring everything you say using your phone

Facebook's mobile app could be continually recording your conversations with other people using your phone's microphone, an expert has claimed. The company is allegedly using the data to tailor advertisements to you based on your interests.

Op-Ed: It'll come as no surprise U.S. privacy confidence is at a new low

Last month I entered a bank to enquire about a new savings account it was offering. A staff member at the bank arranged a meeting, took my mobile phone number and name. Within a day my phone was hot with cold callers.

NSA and GCHQ can view Tor browser usage according to Microsoft

A Microsoft professional in the enterprise security field has warned that the Tor browsing network that aims to provide users with a totally secure browsing experience is no longer impenetrable by the NSA or GCHQ.

Tech giants unite to tell you when government requests your data

Tech giants Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have announced that they are updating their privacy policies so that it is possible to inform you when governments request data on you.

Google's Street View car WiFi snooping was not an accident

A government report shows that Google's Street View cars were collecting emails and other data from WiFi users all over the world. Google leaders were informed about this, but the company insists it was 'inadvertent'.

Google admits to snooping on WiFi networks

The same day that a tech-geek friend noted that his Gmail adverts changed according to the content of his mail, Google admitted to collecting sensitive private data sent over WiFi networks on Friday, 14th May.

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Canada: Harper government introduces Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. Vic Toews  Min...
Canada: Harper government introduces Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety (third from left)

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