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Snake News

Grandma died after snake bit boy at Disney park, family alleges

Orlando - An Alabama family alleges that an escaped snake at Disney's Animal Kingdom plopped out of a tree and bit a boy, leading to the death of the boy's grandmother. Matt Morgan, the family's attorney, said Thursday that the family plans to sue Disney World.

Snake found on luggage cart at Bangkok airport

Bangkok - Passengers were left startled when they discovered a snake on a luggage cart in the arrival hall at Bangkok's main international airport.

Doctors warn of snakebite serum shortage

Paris - Tens of thousands of people will unnecessarily die of snakebites unless an affordable new source of antivenom is found, Doctors Without Borders has warned, with stocks of a French-produced drug running out.

The iconic Snake game is being brought to smartphones by creator

The original creator of the now infamous "Snake" game has revealed that a new, revived version will be launching on modern smartphone platforms later this month. First launched in 1997, Snake quickly became one of the most-loved games ever.

New snake venom antidote comes from unusual source

Researchers are using the opossum to create a new antidote for venomous snake bites. The venom would be inexpensive to manufacture and it could save thousands of lives globally.

Mystery of 16ft python found dead in British canal

A 16ft-long reticulated python has been found floating in a canal in Lancashire, England, leading to a police appeal for information on how the dangerous animal came to be in the water.

Deadly Brown snake takes to surf at Forster beach

Forster - Visitors to a beach near Forster on New South Wales’ mid-north coast expected a shark sighting when the lifeguard whistled, yet the call concerned a venomous brown snake.

Graphic photo: Snake bite causes girl’s leg to shrivel, blacken

Caracas - The photo below shows a 13-year-old Venezuelan girl whose leg became severely withered and blackened after she was bitten by a venomous snake. The extreme shriveling and blackening of her leg was due to severe necrosis from the effect of the snake venom.

Snake in the dashboard causes scare on I-95 in Virginia

Two men driving a U-Haul truck from New Hampshire to Florida got quite a scare Friday morning when a snake poked its head out of the dashboard. To make matters worse, the men were driving along heavily-traveled Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Town 'psychotic' as snake in toilet bites Spanish woman

Residents in the town of Narón in Galicia, Spain are in an uproar after a local hairdresser was bitten by a green and yellow snake while sitting in her bathroom at home, doing what comes naturally.

Snake forces evacuation of Swiss train

Geneva - A small snake that slithered its way onto a Swiss passenger train caused chaos Wednesday, prompting the evacuation of all 450 passengers as police hunted for the reptile.

Python's homing trick stuns scientists

Paris - The Burmese python has a built-in compass that allows it to slither home in a near-straight line even if released dozens of kilometres away, researchers said Wednesday.Capable of growing over five metres (16 feet) long, pythons are among the world's la...

Video: Snake beats crocodile in fight, then eats it within 15 min

A snake in Queensland, Australia coiled itself around a crocodile in the water and later brought it's dead challenger to the land to eat.

Video: poisonous snake refuses to budge from car windshield

Two Australian men filmed a poisonous snake on the windshield of the car they were in, but when they turned on the wipers the snake still didn't budge.

Op-Ed: Owner of python that killed boys should be charged

The death of a five- and a seven-year-old boy in New Brunswick after being strangled by an African rock python is not just tragic — it's criminal. While this particular snake doesn't feed off humans, it is known to be powerful and capable of killing.

Python escapes Canadian pet store, strangles two young boys

A python escaped a New Brunswick, Canada, pet store and killed two boys in the night, strangling them. The brothers were on a sleepover in an apartment above the store and the snake got up to them through the ventilation, the RCMP said.

Snake allegedly baked into bread stirs debate

Last week, a Reddit user posted an image which he claimed was a snake baked into a loaf of bread. The Redditor posted the image with the unbelievable caption: "My aunt found a WHOLE SNAKE in a loaf of bread."

Video: Tour guide wrestles with monster snake in Everglades

Everglades - Tourists on a boat ride through the Florida Everglades had a vacation experience that they’ll never forget, a 10-foot python. Their tour guide, Tommy Owen, spotted the massive snake whilst accompanying a family on a tour around the Everglades on Tuesday

Man shocked by snake in luggage

Returning from a visit to India a man in Calgary, Canada, found he had unknowingly helped an 'immigrant' into the country.

Vacationing family find unwelcome guest at camp site

Everglades - In what could have been a bizarre scene from the Chevy Chase movie "Christmas Vacation", a family vacationing at the Everglades National Park found a very unwelcome guest at their camp site.

Amazing photos of snake swallowing giant lizard whole

This set of fascinating photos show a large snake devouring a giant lizard in Australia. The photos taken over five hours show a large snake of the constrictor type, kill its prey by squeezing and suffocation before swallowing head first.

Alligators, reptiles move into Long Island

Long Island City - Apparently the legendary alligators that were rumored to roam the New York City sewer systems are tired of the fast paced city life, choosing now to head to the suburbs of Long Island.

Rare snake-like amphibian resembling penis found in Brazil

Scientists have identified "blind snakes" found last year at the bottom of Brazil's Madeira River as rare amphibian species Atretochoana eiselti. People who have seen images of the animal, however, comment on its remarkable similarity to the human penis.

Toronto woman finds python snake in her bathroom

Toronto - A Toronto woman received an unusual awakening when she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found a python on the floor.

Man bitten by rattlesnake at Idaho Wal-Mart

Lewiston - A man was enjoying his routine shopping at Wal-Mart when he had an unexpected encounter with a reptile that gave him a nightmare he won't soon forget.

Toddler in Israel bites off snake's head and survives

An encounter in a Northern Israeli town, between a toddler and a 35-inch snake actually ended up surprisingly in the snake's death.

Giant Burmese python caught in Florida swimming pool

Miami - A 13-foot Burmese python was captured at a residence in Florida after homeowners reported they found the reptile swimming in their backyard pool.

Video: Two families find live snakes hiding in Christmas trees

Zebulon - Two families, one living in North Carolina and the other from Idaho, were in for a fright when they spotted snakes slithering through the branches of their newly decorated Christmas trees.

US Police arrests man for biting a python

Sacramento - Police has arrested an american in the city of Sacramento after he bit a pet python, which left the snake severely injured.

Snake hitches ride on windshield of moving car (video)

Memphis - A video of a snake slithering across the windshield of a moving SUV in Tennessee has become an Internet sensation in the short time its been posted on YouTube.
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Snake Image

Pavel Ševela
Tour guide wrestles with huge snake
Tour guide wrestles with huge snake
Fox News
Snakes typically swallow head first
Snakes typically swallow head first
Reddit user: 122au5
The snake s entire body is also elastic and allows it to expand to accommodate large prey
The snake's entire body is also elastic and allows it to expand to accommodate large prey
Reddit user: 122au5
Juvenile male spider (spider-webbed) morph ball python. This is a dominant pattern mutation.
Juvenile male spider (spider-webbed) morph ball python. This is a dominant pattern mutation.
Venom from snakes used to make vaccines destroyed in fire at bio-medical research facility in San Pa...
Venom from snakes used to make vaccines destroyed in fire at bio-medical research facility in San Paulo, Brazil.
Instituto Butantan
Screen capture
A snake found in Oklahoma
A snake found in Oklahoma
Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus)
Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus)
Lasers lock X-ray beams onto the remains of Clarisse  a 50-million-year-old snake. The fossil was sc...
Lasers lock X-ray beams onto the remains of Clarisse, a 50-million-year-old snake. The fossil was scanned on a 64-slice CT scanner at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, and the resulting images were analyzed by Brazilian paleontologist Hussan Zaher. The snake is part of the collection at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and will go on display in 2012.
Denny Angelle/The Methodist Hospital System
Streich holds the five-foot python after freeing it from the dashboard.
Streich holds the five-foot python after freeing it from the dashboard.
Screen grab
Tastes like chocolate?
Tastes like chocolate?
Jon Fife/Flickr Creative Commons
Boa constrictor
Boa constrictor
Microscopy UK
This is the snake that regurgitated three baby robins when she became aggitated after an attempt to ...
This is the snake that regurgitated three baby robins when she became aggitated after an attempt to move her to a wooded area a few miles away. You can see the two slime covered baby birds she had inside her near her head.
Snake eating crocodile
Snake eating crocodile
Tiffany Coralis
Constrictors kill prey by squeezing and suffocation
Constrictors kill prey by squeezing and suffocation
Reddit user: 122au5
Snakes don t chew but strong acids in their stomachs digest their meal slowly
Snakes don't chew but strong acids in their stomachs digest their meal slowly
Reddit user: 122au5
snake fights crocodile.
snake fights crocodile.
Tiffany Coralis