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Snails News

Overdue library book returned after 120 years

Hereford - It’s a good thing the library that lent the book out in the late 19th century did not impose a fine upon its return. The fine would have been a little costly.

Op-Ed: When is 'extinct' really 'extinct'? The missing snail row

The Aldabra banded snail was last sighted in 1996 and declared extinct in 2007, with the blame placed squarely on climate change. However, it has since been "rediscovered." This has led to a debate about the accuracy of the original research.

Giant African snails seized by U.S. Customs agents at LAX

Los Angeles - Officials at Los Angeles International Airport recently confiscated a shipment containing 67 live giant African snails. The snails were being shipped from Nigeria to an address in Southern California likely for human consumption.

Giant snails in South Florida sliming their way to new locations

Miami - Since 2011 there has been an aggressive ongoing war between humans and the Giant Land Snails in Miami-Dade County. The shelled creatures are keeping the battle going as they slowly make their way to new locations.

Cases of snail 'imposex' in decline

Scientists report that they are now spotting fewer cases of imposex, a condition in which female sea snails develop male sexual organs. This appears to be the positive outcome from a chemical ban instituted in 2008.

New snail species discovered in Croatia

A new species of a cave-dwelling snail with a semi-transparent shell has been discovered in the Lukina Jama-Trojama cave system.

Giant, rat-sized snails are invading Florida

Giant African land snails have migrated to Florida, causing damage to crops, gnawing through plastics and stucco, and eating most any organic material.

Giant slugs march on Angers Cathedral in France's Loire Valley

Angers - Dutch sculptor Florentijn Hofman does not do things by halves, so there was a sense of anticipation when it was revealed that Hofman would be constructing a sculpture in the city of Angers located in Pays de la Loire region in western France.

Snail mucus ingested at religious ritual sickens devotees

Devotees in Miami, Florida, who follow the preaching of what a man claims to be an African religion, became ill enough to call paramedics after ingesting snail mucus.

Tiny Snail Alters Great Lakes Ecology

The New Zealand mud snail currently inhabits four of the five Great Lakes and is now spreading into rivers and tributaries,

Snails Save Energy by Re-Using Mucus Trails

In order to conserve valuable energy, snails essentially play a game of follow-the-leader, a new study finds.

Giant snails

Barbados faces invasion by giant snails

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