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Human smuggling at the U.S.-Canadian border gets sophisticated

Derby Line - Even as the Trump administration works to fortify our southern border with Mexico, there has been a growing number of illegal border crossings from our neighbor to the north, Canada.

EU tracking 65,000 migrant smugglers: Europol

Apo - European law enforcement officials say they are tracking at least 65,000 migrant smugglers, twice as many as at the height of the migration crisis three years ago, as the illegal trade booms.

Syrian civilians fleeing IS in Raqa turn to smugglers

Ak - Civilians fleeing the Islamic State group's Syrian bastion of Raqa are paying smugglers to lead them out of the city safely, only to find themselves caught up in harrowing attacks.

Belgium smashes ring smuggling migrants to Britain: Police

Brussels - Belgian police aided by their British counterparts said Monday they have smashed a ring that smuggled possibly thousands of migrants into Britain, with 12 suspects arrested in the case.

Bulgarian traffickers making a killing in EU migrant crisis

Sofia - The truck with 71 dead migrants abandoned in August on an Austrian motorway had Hungarian plates and a Slovakian poultry firm's livery. But five of the six suspects since arrested are Bulgarians.

Refugees in Hungary run gauntlet of smugglers, police and closing borders

R - It was Hungary's decision to shut its borders that finally convinced Fayik he should make a dash for Europe, but now he must navigate his way past police, vicious smugglers and rapidly closing borders.

Europe tracks army of 30,000 migrant smugglers

Brussels - With the world still reeling from images of a drowned Syrian boy, European authorities say it is their top priority to fight an army of an estimated 30,000 people-smuggling suspects blamed for such tragedies.

Italy arrests ten traffickers over migrant boat deaths

Rome - Italian authorities said Friday they had arrested ten suspected people smugglers in connection with the deaths by asphyxiation of 52 people who had been forced to remain in the virtually airless hold of an overcrowded migrant boat.

Jamaica Inn, Cornwall’s most famous smugglers' inn Special

Bodmin - Jamaica Inn is a Grade II listed building in the civil parish of Altarnun, Cornwall, England. It was made famous in the novel by Daphne du Maurier and various movie and television adaptations.

Ivory smugglers sentenced in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City - A Vietnamese court sentenced two men to three years in prison for their role in smuggling ivory weighing 2,400 kilograms into the nation from Singapore. The tusks originated in Mozambique. The trial lasted one day.

Winter in Vermont

Spending time in Vermont during the holidays is as majestic as it sounds. Snow covers the mountains and pines, fireplaces glow in windows, delicious smells come from kitchen stoves and holiday cheer is abundant.

Smugglers still cashing in on Michigan can refund

Lawmakers in Michigan want to crack down on bottle and cans smugglers who they say are scamming the state for undeserving recycling refunds.

Video: Smugglers Jeep stuck on makeshift ramp on US-Mexico border

Yuma - A Jeep Cherokee belonging to suspected drug smugglers got stuck on the US-Mexico border fence when a clever driver attempted driving the vehicle over the fence on a makeshift ramp.

Five men arrested in Mogadishu with 200 cats in their van Special

Mogadishu - Twenty years of conflict has taken a massive toll on the people of Somalia, especially those who were victimized by violence, abuse, disease, hunger and ignorance.

Smugglers molded cocaine into Manolo shoes

A two-year international trafficking caper has finally come to an end this week. These smugglers found a completely different way to smuggle drugs into the country.

Man charged with smuggling people into the US via Queen Mary 2

New York - A Malaysian man has been charged with smuggling nine people into the United States, bringing them as passengers on board the luxury ocean liner RMS Queen Mary 2.

Op-Ed: Despite Ministers' claims, Canada's Bill C-49 likely toast

Nelson - Canada's anti-smuggling bill appears to be doomed after the Liberal leader joined the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois in stating that they would oppose the passage of the bill because it is unconstitutional, illegal and against Canadian values.

Specially designed submersibles smuggle cocaine

U.S. law enforcement officials say that more than a third of the cocaine smuggled into the United States from Colombia travels in submersibles.

Could Syriac Bible Found During Raid Be 2,000 Years Old?

An ancient Syriac bible has been found in northern Cyprus in the dialect that is thought to be the native language of Jesus. The tome is believed to be about 2,000 years old according to Turkish Cypriot police.

Gazans Dig Out and Dip Into Smuggled Chips

Chips are little things, but sometimes little things take on big meanings, especially if they're a tasty treat to relieve the bitter tensions brought on by war and strife.

Twenty People Dead After Being Forced Overboard in Gulf of Aden

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today that at least 20 people drowned off the coast of Yemen on Monday and two others were reported missing after smugglers forced them overboard.

Pigeon Smugglers Caught at Border

Two pigeon smugglers were caught at the United States Canada border they had four exotic pigeons stuffed into their jackets. The smugglers have been fined and may face criminal charges.

Sudan arrests 12 trying to smuggle ancient mummies

Sudan police arrest 12 people accused of smuggling ancient antiques including two complete mummies. Sudan has a number of pyramid structures like its neighbor Egypt along the Nile River basin. Most of them are yet to be excavated and studied.

Wildlife Smugglers Willing to Test Airport Security

Wildlife smugglers will do whatever is necessary to get their illegal products into the US; including trying to bypass airport security measures. Mixed in with the usual items such as laptops and eye shadow there will also be found the sea turtle egg.

Infant Kidnapped at Knifepoint in Fla.

A missing month-old boy kidnapped at knifepoint was taken as payment because his parents failed to pay human smugglers

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The inn was built in 1750 and extended in 1778 with a coach house  stables and a tack room assembled...
The inn was built in 1750 and extended in 1778 with a coach house, stables and a tack room assembled in an L-shaped fashion. The inn became a smugglers' stopping point while they used approximately 100 secret routes to move around their contraband.
Smuggled marijuana from around one hundred years ago.
Smuggled marijuana from around one hundred years ago.
Jamaica Inn tells the story of 20 year-old Mary Yellan  who was brought up on a farm in Helford but ...
Jamaica Inn tells the story of 20 year-old Mary Yellan, who was brought up on a farm in Helford but has to go and live with her Aunt Patience after her mother dies.

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