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Q&A: Things businesses need to consider with text marketing Special

Over 560 billion text messages are sent every month and many businesses are starting to use this as a form of marketing. However, before firms hop onto the bandwagon there are a few things organizations should know, says Tara Kelly, of SPLICE Software.

Google to remove Hangouts' SMS features to help promote new apps

Google is planning to remove Hangouts' SMS messaging capabilities within the next couple of months. The company is believed to be making the move as part of its efforts to make Hangouts a better rival to upstart messaging app Slack.

iMessage experiences severe widespread outage, no known cause

Apple's iMessage service has been experiencing widespread service issues this morning, according to numerous frustrated reports from users on social media sites. There has been no official acknowledgement but the outage is now trending on Twitter.

Crash your friend's iPhone by sending this specific text

A new bug in Apple's iOS means anybody can crash an iPhone by sending a very specific message over text or iMessage. On doing so, the app will crash and — if the phone is on the lockscreen — causing the entire device to restart in a major annoyance.

WhatsApp now has 800 million active monthly users

The hugely popular text messaging app WhatsApp has announced it now has 800 million monthly active users on the platform, putting it on target to reach the 1 billion mark before the end of the year and making it the biggest app of its kind.

Google cut Android malware levels by half during 2014

Google says that it cut Android malware in half during 2014 and that over 1 billion devices have been protected by Google Play. That still leaves 10 million devices that are infected though as the company tries to slam the brakes on malicious apps.

oPhone to introduce 'smelting'

Set for Beta launch in July, the oPhone is making its initial offering of sweet smelling messaging to take communication with meaning to new levels.

WhatsappSPY: Man arrested for fake spy app on smartphones

Murcia - A young Spanish man has been arrested for swindling thousands of euros with a fake spy app for accessing instant messaging conversations on smartphones for free. What victims got was something else entirely.

Texting: Teenagers are doing it in their sleep

Villanova - We all know the type - people walking along like zombies, or sitting, totally unaware, in parks or public places, with their eyes and fingers glued to their phones. Well now, apparently, they are doing it in their sleep too.

Op-Ed: Top tech trends you'll probably see in 2013

Technology has been growing at an exceptionally fast rate over the past decade or more. Expect to see many developments and/or expansions in technology trends for 2013.

Facebook pushes deeper into mobile market with Messenger app

Facebook is introducing a feature in its mobile apps that allows people to message one other without needing a Facebook account. It appears this design will help the company grow deeper into the mobile market it has long coveted.

One-quarter of teens have 'sexted' nude photos of themselves

Of almost 1,000 teens surveyed in Texas, more than half reported being asked to text or email a naked picture of themselves; of these, most felt uncomfortable with the request. Still, 28 percent of the teens surveyed said they had sent such a photo.

Telecom companies turning huge profits on text messaging

Recent research into the cost for consumers to send text messages and for cellphone companies to carry those messages suggests that carriers could be marking up SMS services by as much as 5,000 per cent.

Saudi Man divorces wife through text message

Medina - A Saudi Arabian court has ruled that a man's angry text message to his wife announcing his separation from her was valid grounds for a divorce.

Facebook launches messaging service combining chat, SMS, email

Today Facebook launched three new updates to create a "modern messaging system", allowing seamless integration between various technologies and a new display of conversation threads.

Saudi man divorces wife by text message

After leaving the country to go to Iraq, a Saudi man sent an SMS message to his wife telling her he is divorcing her. The Saudi court granted him a divorce after verification from two of his relatives.

Twitter Returns to Canadian Cellphone Users Thanks to Bell

Bell and Twitter have partnered to bring full SMS support for Twitter users in Canada. Bell is the first wireless carrier in Canada to return "tweets" to Canadians after Twitter pulled the plug on outbound SMS support for Canucks.

Gmail Enables 'SMS Messaging For Chat' Feature

Gmail has enabled the SMS feature through its Labs for users in the U.S. People can send SMS messages directly from their emails and the service is free, except for the data charges the receiving party may incur.

Twitter Flies South, Shuts Down Outbound SMS Updates for Canadians

Canadian cellphone users can say goodbye to Twitter. The micro-blogging company announced it will no longer allow Canadians to receive outbound text messages. Twitter blames service providers who have doubled costs in the past few months.

Google to Add SMS Chat to Gmail

Google will add the SMS service within Gmail, allowing users to send free SMS messages directly to any phone. The service will also provide a virtual phone number as well.

Elephants send text messages to rangers in Kenya

Elephants in Kenya are sending text messages to warn owners about their location. Wildlife service officials have installed SIM cards on elephants’ collars to beam messages whenever they approach a “geo fence” global positioning location.

Disaster Alerts Via Your Cell Phone

Taking us one step closer to being alerted via our cell phones if a disaster were imminent, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has moved to set up a system that would send text alerts to people on their mobile phones.

Buy Stuff On Amazon With An SMS with TextBuyIt Service

Amazon launches a new service that will allow you to buy products from their mobiles. The new “TextBuyIt” service allows you to search buy items and then track products through online accounts.

Doctor Claims Overactive Text Messaging Is A Mental Disorder

In the latest issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, a doctor has outlined a possible link between sending lots of text messages and a mental disorder associated with Internet addiction.

Google by SMS

Get Google search result via SMS to Google.

New Revenue Stream For Bloggers: TextMark SMS Alerts

Readers pay for subscription of news alerts of bloggers via TextMarks and bloggers get paid a portion of the revenue.

Text etiquette takes thanks to new levels

Manners experts are reluctant to endorse text-message thank-you notes as replacements for old-fashioned cards.

Indian man sends 182,689 SMS messages in one month

For some, their cell phone is their lifeline. Deepak Sharma went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent the most SMS messages in a single month: 182,689 - that's about 6,100 messages a day, 253 an hour, 4.2 a minute, or a new one every 14 secs.

Google Texts Your Cellphone Answers, Translations, Scores and More

Digital Journal — First, Google wanted to take over your Web searches. Then, it bought YouTube to dominate the online-video market. Now, the hi-tech giant is coming to a cellphone near you with an innovative text-messaging service.
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