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Smoking News

Natural extract may be most effective to quit smoking

Smokers looking to quit might soon have a powerful new natural herb to help them kick their addiction. The extract called cytisine, comes from the golden rain tree, or Cytisus laburnum.

What you need to know about Ontario's new tougher smoking laws

It is getting harder for Ontario smokers these days. The number one cause of disease in Ontario, tobacco cigarettes, has new stronger laws that limit the areas where smokers can light up without being ticketed.

Scientists track how lung cancer spreads

Manchester - Scientists have taken microscopic images revealing that the protein ties tethering cells together are severed in lung cancer cells. The result of this is that the cells can break loose and rapidly spread.

4 out of 10 cancers linked to lifestyle

South Mimms - A U.K. based cancer charity estimates that 4 out of 10 cancer cases could be avoided if people make alternative lifestyle choices.

Quitting smoking provides Obamacare incentives

A company called has published a study which found that Obamacare enrollees who have quit or reduced their smoking could see their premiums cut by as much as one-third with a non-tobacco rate.

Why male and female smokers have different cancer rates

Lund - Loss of the Y chromosome, a relatively common phenomenon among aging men, could help explain different rates of cancer between male and female smokers.

Adult cigarette smoking declines in U.S.

Atlanta - The U.S. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that cigarette smoking rate for U.S. adults fell from around 21 percent (in 2005) to around 18 percent in 2013.

Affordable Care Act says 'quit smoking' Special

Washington - With the “Great American Smoke Out on November 20”, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine calls on insurers across the U.S. to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Digital Journal finds out more.

Smokers smoke less if they sniff bad odors at night

Tel Aviv - Smokers smoke fewer cigarettes during the day after smelling cigarette smoke together with foul odors during sleep, a new study shows.

Why smokers struggle to quit

Researchers have identified some of the main reasons why many cigarette smokers struggle to kick the nicotine habit. It is all to do with the "feeling" of happiness.

Study: Drinking sugar-sweetened sodas could make you age faster

San Francisco - A new research study has found that people who reported regular daily consumption of 20 ounces of sugar-sweetened soda have an increased rate of DNA ageing and that the ageing effect of consuming sugary sodas was comparable to the effect of smoking.

How to quit smoking: stick your head in a can of cigarette butts, says famed psychologist

About 50 years ago, a young psychology professor by the name of Walter Mischel was walking around Stanford Medical School, when suddenly he had the smoker scared out of him.

Thermometer can potentially detect lung cancer

Munich - Today, the only way doctors can definitively diagnose patients for lung cancer is by an invasive and uncomfortable biopsy.

E-cigarettes could be tempting youths into smoking

A new report has indicated that the electronic cigarettes currently flooding the smoking market could be proving tempting to youngsters looking to start the practice, lending evidence to the argument that "e-cigs" encourage youth smoking.

Video of fish smoking cigarette sparks fury

Some fish lovers are furious after a video surfaced. The video shows a fish on a plank of wood with a lit cigarette in its mouth.

'Vaping' and the rise of a new culture

Along with the rise of vaping comes a distinct culture as well. Vaping smokers have new options and new places to gather with this trend.

Plain packaging linked to decline in Australian smoking rates

In January 2012, Australia introduced plain cigarette packaging in a bid to lower smoking rates. It was the first nation to do so.

Op-Ed: Obesity worse than smoking? New study may change laws

The National Cancer Institute has found that obesity can be worse for your lifespan than smoking. Will this prompt changes in legislation?

U.S. tobacco companies making deadlier, more addictive cigarettes

Earlier this year the U.S. Surgeon-General reported that cigarettes are deadlier and more addictive than ever, and now a report issued Tuesday outlines how tobacco companies have made design changes and put in more additives to achieve that.

Study: Teen smokers favor flavored 'cigarillos'

Advertising smoking products for kids has long been banned in North America. Despite that a new study found that teens greatly prefer flavored smoking brands to unflavored ones.

E-cigarettes help smokers quit more than nicotine patches

A study has appeared to show than e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches and gum in helping people to quit smoking.

Tobacco smoking impairs immune system in HIV-infected people

Smoking and being HIV infected further compromises the immune system presenting the worst immune profile, say researchers in the first study of its kind.

Passive smoking and obesity link

Scientists suggest that there is a link between long-term exposure to passive smoking and a risk of Type 2 diabetes in adults. The diabetes is, in turn, connected with obesity.

New study finds casual pot use alters the brain

Young adults who occasionally use pot show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, new research reveals.

South Korea state insurer sues three tobacco makers

Seoul - South Korea's state health insurer said Monday it had filed a lawsuit against three domestic and foreign tobacco makers, seeking damages of 53.7 billion won ($51.6 million) for payouts over smoking-related illnesses.

Increase in e-cigarette-related calls to poison centers

Washington - The number of calls to poison centers involving e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine rose from one per month in September 2010 to 215 per month in February 2014, according to the U.S. CDC.

Irish pubs keep spark despite a decade smoke-free

Galway - Ten years ago this week, landlord Christy Ruane feared the introduction of the smoking ban in Ireland would stub out his business, and with it the popularity of the traditional Irish pub.

Smoking ban reduces pre-term births, childhood asthma

Paris - Bans on smoking in public and the workplace led to a 10 percent drop in premature births and in emergency asthma treatment for children, researchers said Friday.The evidence, based on the records of more than two million children, comes from 11 publish...

Spain patient gets pneumonia by e-cigarettes

Madrid - A patient in Spain caught pneumonia from smoking an electronic cigarette too much, the second ever recorded case of lung illness from the devices, the hospital treating him said Thursday.The patient, identified by media as a man aged 50, was admitted i...

Nicotine patches no help for pregnant women who smoke

Paris - Nicotine patches fail to help pregnant women to stop smoking, according to a study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Tuesday.Researchers in France asked more than 400 women who smoked at least five cigarettes a day to try either a nicotine...
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Smoking Image

A man smoking a cigarette
A man smoking a cigarette
It is believed that our difficulty in trying to stop smoking may be due to Neanderthal DNA mutations...
It is believed that our difficulty in trying to stop smoking may be due to Neanderthal DNA mutations in some people's genomes.
Mr. Archie
Tori the smoking Orangutan at the zoo in Central Java  Indonesia
Tori the smoking Orangutan at the zoo in Central Java, Indonesia
Center For Orangutan Protection
A photo of 117mm e-cigarette
A photo of 117mm e-cigarette
A person smoking a cigarette
A person smoking a cigarette
Roman Pavlyuk
420  the code name for marijuana.
420, the code name for marijuana.
Photo by nikoretro
Boy smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.
Boy smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.
screengrab/ telegraph video
Passive smoking
Passive smoking
Vaping bars such as this one have sprung up throughout the continent as well.
Vaping bars such as this one have sprung up throughout the continent as well.
Lindsay Fox
A man smoking a cigarette
A man smoking a cigarette
Cigarillos like these come in many varieties now and are becoming extremely popular with teens in No...
Cigarillos like these come in many varieties now and are becoming extremely popular with teens in North America.
Fried Dough
A cigarette burning
A cigarette burning
Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in nicotine and non-nicotine varities as well as flavored var...
Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in nicotine and non-nicotine varities as well as flavored varities, which include mint, candy and fruit flavors, and are being sold as an alternative to tobacco products.
Wikipedia SafeSmokes