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Smokers News

Ibuprofen may lower cancer risk in smokers

A new study indicates that regular use of ibuprofen could lower the risk of developing lung cancer among high-risk groups of cigarette smokers. This is based on observational data involving 10,000 people.

Video: Things you can do instead of smoking Commissioned

When smokers want to quit, they suddenly realize they have a lot of time on their hands. Also, they might need a healthy distraction from the addiction that took hold of their lives for so long.

How Twitter can help smokers quit

A new study shows that Twitter can be a big help for smokers trying to kick the habit. It demonstrated clearly that regular tweeting between those trying to stop greatly enhances their chances of success.

Why male and female smokers have different cancer rates

Lund - Loss of the Y chromosome, a relatively common phenomenon among aging men, could help explain different rates of cancer between male and female smokers.

Smokers smoke less if they sniff bad odors at night

Tel Aviv - Smokers smoke fewer cigarettes during the day after smelling cigarette smoke together with foul odors during sleep, a new study shows.

Why smokers struggle to quit

Researchers have identified some of the main reasons why many cigarette smokers struggle to kick the nicotine habit. It is all to do with the "feeling" of happiness.

Oregon proposes smoking ban along entire coastline

Salem - Authorities with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department have called for a ban across 362 miles of coastline. The ban would include 224 state parks as well.

U.K. anti-smoking campaign notes increased stroke, dementia risk

A new anti-smoking campaign being launched in the UK highlights the toxins smoking puts in the body. Along the way, the campaign notes that a smoker's risk of suffering a stroke is twice that of a non-smoker and smoking increases risk of dementia.

'Tobacco Body' website shows graphically awful results of smoking

A new website from Finland is a reminder to us all of what smoking can do to our bodies and our health. Created by the Cancer Society of Finland, it gives the viewer both visuals and text on how each part of the body is affected by smoking.

Op-Ed: Obamacare's goal of 'kicking butt' may have backfired

It sounded like a good idea, at first, as a way to wean smokers off cigarettes by just making them pay more for health care under the new Affordable Care Act. But it seems the plan may have backfired as sky-high premiums are scaring smokers away.

Why do ex-smokers gain weight?

One reason why ex-smokers gain weight is because they eat more. However, weight gain is not necessarily due to an increased calorie intake, it also relates to a change in the composition of the intestinal microorganisms.

Study: Quitting smoking difficult for men and women alike

According to a recent study, the enduring belief that women are less successful than men in quitting smoking is questionable. The study, finds little difference in cessation between sexes across all age groups.

Working moms during pregnancy are as harmful on babies as smokers

A new study from England's University of Essex is using data from two major UK studies and one major U.S. study. It found that the fetus of working pregnant mothers over 24 years old carries the same effects as mothers who smoke while they are pregnant.

Study: Many continue to smoke after being diagnosed with cancer

A Harvard Medical School study found many patients continue smoking after receiving a diagnosis of lung or colorectal cancer while they battle the diseases, though quitting smoking would improve their prognoses, according to the researchers.

Study: Kids who live with smokers more likely to miss school

Kids who live with smokers miss more days of school, compared to children who live in non-smoking households. The finding supports research showing how second-hand smoke negatively impacts respiratory health of children.

Female smokers 25 percent more likely of developing heart disease

According to a large international study, women who smoke have a 25 percent greater risk of developing coronary heart disease than male smokers.

FDA unveils nine new graphic cigarette labels required in 2012

Washington - The FDA has unveiled nine new graphic warning labels that must appear on all cigarette packaging and advertising in the US beginning in the fall of 2012, in the most dramatic change to cigarette packs since the Surgeon General's warning was added in 1965.

Heavy smokers have much greater risk of developing dementia

Heavy smoking increases your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia at least 157 percent, according to a new study.

5,000 homeless due to Russian wildfires-smokers cited as a cause

Russia is dealing with a severe wildfire situation. Careless smokers are behind some of the fires that has called for a State of Emergency in seven regions.

Smokers are at risk from own second-hand smoke

Smokers are at risk from their own second hand smoke according to a study by the National Cancer Research Institute, Genoa, Italy.

New Urine Test Could Pinpoint Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers

A new urine test that tests the levels of the chemical NNAL may be able to tell which smokers are more likely to contract lung cancer.

Poor and African Americans Overwhelmingly Pay for SCHIP

One of the first actions President Obama took was to sign H.R.2, or what is referred to as SCHIP, to help poor families that do not qualify for medicaid, but is this hurting as much as it is helping?

Smokers Paid To Quit In Scotland

Health officials have devised a plan to get smokers to quit and are offering nearly 1,000 of them almost $100 a month to give up their habit. Those who don't favor this plan say it's nothing short of bribery.

Children's Medical Insurance to be Paid by Smokers?

In the United States, there are at least 45 million smokers. Now, taxed as these smokers are, Democrats are pushing for an increase in taxes on tobacco products to fund the "State Children's Health Insurance Program".

Smokers more likely to get dementia: report

Dr. Kaarin Anstey from the Center for Mental Health Research finds a high connection between smoking and dementia. Smokers carry a high risk of dementia 40 to 80% percent compared to non smokers.

April 20th--National Pot Smokers Day

I just remembered that 4/20 was coming up. This is a plead to all those who participate this year.

Study: Quick walks may help smokers quit

As little as 5 minutes of exercise may help smokers quit smoking

Fewer Smokers Means Less Revenue

Good new for smokers but could be bad news for state revenues

Smokers Have Worse Side Effects From Radiation Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Hmmm, not so glad I'm a smoker after reading this...

Big Tobacco's Anti-Smoking Ads Actually Boost Teen Smoking

"Anti-smoking ads on television produced by tobacco companies and aimed at parents may actually be encouraging children to start smoking, Australian researchers report."
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Two old smokers enjoy a cigarette outside a local bar in my neighborhood of Normal Heights in San Di...
Two old smokers enjoy a cigarette outside a local bar in my neighborhood of Normal Heights in San Diego, CA
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