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Smog News

China tightens smog data controls amid public anger

Bejing - China has established a single network to monitor air pollution levels across the country, as the government attempts to control the spread of information about the country's toxic smog in response to rising public anger.

China chokes under heavy smog with worse ahead

Bejing - Hospital visits spiked, roads were closed and flights cancelled Monday as China choked under a vast cloud of toxic smog, with forecasters warning worse was yet to come.

Beijing issues red alert for severe air pollution

Bejing - Beijing issued its first air pollution red alert for 2016 Thursday, as choking smog is expected to cover the city and surrounding areas in north China during the next five days.

Paris implements 24-hour odd-even scheme to combat emissions

Paris - Rocketing air pollution in Paris, France has again prompted police to implement their 24-hour odd-even license plate scheme to try and cut vehicle emissions by half.

People take to Twitter to voice concerns over Delhi, India's smog

Delhi - Protesters hit the streets and chimed in on Twitter as residents and visitors in Delhi, India were left gasping for every breath they took this week after enduring seven days of a toxic, choking smog.

Bad air 'plagued Beijing for nearly half of 2015'

Bejing - Beijingers spent nearly half of 2015 breathing air that did not meet national standards, Chinese media reported Tuesday, as the city struggles to address a smog problem that has provoked widespread public anger.

Ten Chinese cities issue pollution red alert: State media

Bejing - More than 100 million people in China have been warned to stay indoors after at least 10 Chinese cities issued red alerts for smog, state media reported Thursday.

Delhi enforces odd-even traffic rule to reduce rising pollution

New Delhi - In a desperate attempt to contain rising pollution in Delhi, the state government passed a regulation directing odd and even number vehicles to drive on alternate days.

Call for tougher air pollution limits

Brussels - Air pollution is linked to some 400,000 premature deaths throughout Europe each year, according to a new study. This has led to calls for tighter limits on allowable levels of air polluting substances.

Study links smog exposure during pregnancy to autism

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health reported Thursday that mothers who were exposed to significant levels of fine particulate pollution in their third trimester of pregnancy doubled the risk of having a child with autism.

Smog problems prompt Beijing to ban coal use by 2020

After years of indifference to environmental concerns, Chinese authorities are banning all use of coal and other pollutants in and around Beijing by the year 2020.

Is there a global air quality crisis?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 7 million people died in 2012 due to air pollution. This makes air pollution number-one environmental risk on the planet.

Paris to restrict use of cars because of choking smog

Paris - Air pollution levels in Paris, France has been 80 percent higher than in London or Berlin over the past week, prompting the city to offer free public transportation, as well as require drivers to reduce their speed.

Paris offering free public transit to combat pollution

Paris - Paris and areas of northern France have seen pollution levels so high that politicians are stepping in to do something about it. This weekend, Paris' public transportation, as well as bike and car sharing programs, will be free.

China's artificial 'nuclear winter' wrecking havoc on agriculture

Beijing - In Beijing, the air is so thick with toxic smog that officials are warning citizens to wear masks when outdoors, or stay inside. With air-quality levels rising far above what is considered safe, one scientist compared the foul air to a "nuclear winter."

Beijing’s thick smog is full of microbes

Beijing - Some 1,300 species of microbes, including some associated with allergies and lung disease, have been detected adrift in Beijing’s thick smog.

Greek fireplace polluters could face fines of €2,500

As the Greek government prepares legislation which will allow the banning of fireplaces and wood burners for heat, it has been revealed that fines for fireplace polluters could be as high as €2,500.

Smog emergency shuts down major city in China

One of northeastern China's largest cities was brought to its knees today, a casualty of a thick, choking smog. The airport and schools were closed, and traffic came to a stand-still. Officials say the cloud of dense pollution could last another 24 hours.

Air pollution proven to cause cancer

While it’s something many people have assumed, it’s now been officially proven that outdoor air pollution is the leading environmental cause of cancer.

Natural Resources Canada names 2012's top fuel-efficient vehicles

Ottawa - Eleven of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road today have been singled out as best of the best by the Canadian Government.

Obama ditches EPA’s stricter smog standards proposal

Washington - As efforts to undermine the Clean Air Act continue, President Barack Obama caved to corporate pressure in announcing Friday he would ditch an EPA clean-air regulation targeting smog, a move he states is due to "regulatory burdens.”

Los Angeles Basin smog involved in lawsuit with EPA

Los Angeles - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the target of a lawsuit alleging the government agency missed a May deadline for determining dangerous ozone levels and delivering strict guidelines on smog in the Los Angeles Basin.

Smog alert for London as heat and pollution levels up over Easter

The UK government along with the Met Office have issued smog warnings ahead of the Easter weekend. Dirt, dust and car exhaust particles have built up soot in the atmosphere with air pollution levels rising dangerously high.

Schwarzenegger expresses his emotions over the Clean Air Act

In an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, former California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his emotional affinity for the Clean Air Act.

Berlin conference looks at effects of climate change on cities Special

Berlin - What are the effects of climate change in a metropolis like Berlin? What solutions are viable in other cities? A Berlin climate change conference are asking these questions and looking for answers.

Smog Alert for Ontario, Smog Causes 9,500 Death a Year

New research suggests that air pollution is responsible for 9,500 death per year in Ontario: smog causes a worsening in respiratory and cardiac illnesses.

Seaside Air Carries Unhealthy Whiff of Ozone

It is come a point when what one thinks is healthy becomes unhealthy according to some. A new study says that breathing in seaside air is not so healthy afterall.

China's Cities Becoming Coal Mines Themselves

Thick dust is choking the air and settling over every living thing in China. Linfen, China is probably the most-polluted city in Earth. Farmers wheat crops are diminishing due to dark, sooty, and hollow kernels. Crops like cotton too fragile to survive.

Italians unviel the smog eating robots

Smog eating robots to premiere in 3 European countries; Italy, Sweden and Spain thanks to the design and building of a church in Rome.

church on the edge of Rome offers a solution to smog

Richard Meier was asked to design a church in Rome to commemorate the 2,000th anniversary of christianity
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Smog Image

Leader of IBM s Green Horizon initiative: Dr. Jin Dong  Distinguished Engineer & Member of IBM Indus...
Leader of IBM's Green Horizon initiative: Dr. Jin Dong, Distinguished Engineer & Member of IBM Industry Academy, Associate Director, IBM Research - China.
Smog pollutes the skies of Delhi  India in May 2008.
Smog pollutes the skies of Delhi, India in May 2008.
wili hybrid (CC BY 2.0)
Human-caused climate change is already evident.
Human-caused climate change is already evident.
Twitter #DelhiSmog
Smog in Beijing s central business district  28 February 2013.
Smog in Beijing's central business district, 28 February 2013.
Author 螺钉
The Eiffel Tower is seen through a haze of pollution  in Paris  on December 12  2013
The Eiffel Tower is seen through a haze of pollution, in Paris, on December 12, 2013
Thomas Samson, AFP/File
a picture of the sun setting into the smog in Toronto July 25 2011 or so
a picture of the sun setting into the smog in Toronto July 25 2011 or so
CCTV News/Twitter
Pea-soup smog on Beijing street.
Pea-soup smog on Beijing street.
screen grab
Green vegetable fields in January around Qilinpu Village  Qilin Town  Jiangning District  Nanjing.
Green vegetable fields in January around Qilinpu Village, Qilin Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing.
File photo: Smog and haze hangs over the Salt Lake valley on a warm  sunny November Saturday in 2016...
File photo: Smog and haze hangs over the Salt Lake valley on a warm, sunny November Saturday in 2016.
Eltiempo10 (CC BY-SA 4.0)
A man wears two face masks while walking on a street during a hazy day in downtown Shanghai
A man wears two face masks while walking on a street during a hazy day in downtown Shanghai
With permission by Reuters / Aly Song
Twitter #DelhiSmog
The air in Delhi is so bad you can taste and smell it.
The air in Delhi is so bad you can taste and smell it.
Twitter #DelhiSmog
A smog-filled street in Peking  China.
A smog-filled street in Peking, China.
Heavy smog at the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai  December 6  2013
Heavy smog at the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai, December 6, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Aly Song

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