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Ruby slippers at the Smithsonian need a $300,000 upgrade

Seventy-seven years after "The Wizard of Oz" movie was released, Dorothy's famed ruby slippers are in dire need of repairs — about $300,000 worth to be exact.

Brad Pitt learned to paint from artist Colin Davidson

In a recent interview, renowned artist Colin Davidson told Irish TV he had been approached some years ago to teach Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to paint. While at first he turned him down, he did eventually go ahead.

Toronto Zoo welcomes Canada's first giant panda cubs

Toronto - At the Toronto Zoo, giants sometimes come in small packages. The zoo is celebrating the birth of two such packages — tiny twin cubs born early Tuesday to Er Shun, one of two giant pandas on loan from China.

Smithsonian tightens up science ethics

Washington - Following an issue where a scientist who published research on climate change failed to declare where his funding came from, The Smithsonian has declared a crackdown on ethics and funding declarations.

Image of kid at closed zoo goes viral

Quickly spreading across the Web, via sites such as reddit, is a photo of a child holding onto the bars of The National Zoo gate, the "temporarily closed" sign hovering above him. Does this photo best define the fallout of the U.S. government shutdown?

Giant panda, Mei Xiang, gives birth at Smithsonian National Zoo

Washington - Giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth at the Smithsonian National Zoo. This is the giant panda's third cub. She had given birth last September, but sadly, that panda only lived for a few days.

Oprah Winfrey gives whopping $12 million to Smithsonian Museum

Media magnate Oprah Winfrey has donated $12 million to the Smithsonian’s fledgling new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington. The donation, announced Tuesday, follows a $1 million donation to the museum in 2007.

Smithsonian brings Alexander Graham Bell voice recording to life

Washington - The voice of Alexander Graham Bell, the man widely given credit to as developing the telephone, can now be heard. Due to a remarkable break-through, Bell's voice has been shared online for all to hear.

Op-Ed: Smithsonian's Mary Livingston Ripley Garden ─ A peaceful haven Special

Washington - The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden is located in downtown Washington, sandwiched between two Smithsonian Museums. It's worth stopping in for a visit when walking on Independence Avenue either while touring or on a lunch hour.

Nefertiti, the first 'space spider' to survive flight, dies

Washington - The Smithsonian Natural History Museum announced the death of the world's first "spidernaut". "Neffi", a jumping spider, had been the first spider to travel in space and survive the trip.

Newborn giant panda at National Zoo dies

Washington - Panda lovers across the world are grieving today as news comes out that the new baby born earlier this week at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington died early this morning.

Giant panda gives birth to cub at National Zoo

Washington - Last night a giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington gave birth to a cub. The mother panda's chances of conceiving a cub had previously been estimated to be slim, so has created lots of excitement.

Review: 'The Art of Video Games' at Smithsonian's American Art Museum Special

Washington - The Smithsonian American Art Museum opened a new innovative temporary exhibit in March called "The Art of Video Games". The exhibit explores the forty years since the first home video game was launched.

Video: Space Shuttle Discovery's final journey is complete Special

Chantilly - Discovery made her final voyage this week and has moved to Fairfax County, Va. to the National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly.

The Moon is Shrinking

Though you won’t notice it, the moon is shrinking. Don’t worry; it won’t be disappearing anytime in the near future. The shrinking process has been happening for over a billion years and could possibly still be occurring.

Scientists discover 3.2 million-yr-old Hominid Special

Cleveland - Meet Lucy's great-grandfather Kadanuumuu, who was found in Ethiopia recently. Scientists say the early hominid skeleton confirms human-like walking is more ancient then we had previously known. Have we found another piece of the missing link?

Meteorite Lands in Virginia Doctor's Office

A meteorite fell through the roof of a doctor's office in Lorton, Virginia. It was a half-pound meteorite made of chondrite.

19-foot-long rare giant squid caught off Louisiana coast

A rare giant squid was captured in the trawling nets of a research vessel at the end of July off the coast of Louisiana, scientists are reporting. The 19.5-foot long monster weighed in at 103 pounds.

Op-Ed: National Museum Highlights Black Power Movement

With a Black man now holding the top office in the United States, the topic of “Black Power” may seem irrelevant and a strange choice as the subject of a symposium of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Cult

Colbert Proves Worthy: Portrait to Hang at Smithsonian For Six Weeks

Stephen Colbert is set to have his portrait grace the walls of the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery in a place the museum thinks is most appropriate -- between the bathrooms near the "America's Presidents" exhibit.

Smithsonian Refuses To Exhibit Ethiopia's Fragile 'Lucy' Fossil

Plans for a six-year U.S. tour by "Lucy," one of humanity's earliest known ancestors, have hit a major snag.

Smithsonian Unveils Newest Aviation Museum

WASHINGTON (voa) - Less than a week before the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' famous flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina - the Smithsonian Institution unveiled its newest museum, dedicated to the history of aviation achievements through the...

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Portrait of Albert Einstein taken in 1879
Portrait of Albert Einstein taken in 1879
Rev. Michael Livingston
Rev. Michael Livingston
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Dorothy s ruby slippers are in need of a serious makeover
Dorothy's ruby slippers are in need of a serious makeover
OUT OF THIS WORLD: A NASA artist s conception of what Kepler-186f  the first Earth-size planet spott...
OUT OF THIS WORLD: A NASA artist's conception of what Kepler-186f, the first Earth-size planet spotted orbiting in another star's habitable zone, looks like is shown in a picture released Thursday by the space agency.
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
 Manhattan  by Georgia O Keeffe featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum
"Manhattan" by Georgia O'Keeffe featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Smithsonian Workers
Smithsonian Workers
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike
Smithsonian Workers Strike

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