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Smile News

Review: Todd Helder will put a 'Smile' on people's faces with new track Special

Rising electronic sensation Todd Helder released his new track "Smile" on August 3, which is available on all digital retailers.

Artificial intelligence identifies gender from a smile

Bradford - A new study shows how mapping the dynamics of a smile can enable gender recognition, through interpretation by an artificial intelligence platform. Such a system will have security uses.

Smiling porcine's photo goes viral — after pooping in cop's car

A pig caught running around a Shelby Township, Michigan neighborhood outside Detroit was taken into custody by the local police for causing a disturbance. Showing utter disdain for the law, the pig defecated all over the backseat of the police cruiser.

Review: R5 delights on new radio single 'Smile' Special

Pop-rock group R5 has released their newest radio single, "Smile" and it is a fun, laid-back and mellow track, with an infectious chorus.

Beach Boys confirm long lost album 'Smile' set for summer release

The Beach Boys have confirmed this week that the lost album "Smile" will be released this year. The album recorded in 1967 was shelved by the band's perturbed lead singer Brian Wilson.

Op-Ed: Cleft Lip and Palate at the Oscars

How can something like a cleft lip and palate cause so much misery, social ostracism and depression in a child’s life? The documentary tackling this subject, Smile Pinki, won an Oscar last night for Best Documentary Short.

German experts crack Mona Lisa smile

German academics believe that they have solved the famous mystery behind the identity of the "Mona Lisa," probably the most famous of Leonardo da Vinci's portraits. Lisa Gherardini, wife of a Florentine merchant matches the description from the study.

Portuguese 'distrust smiling politicians'

According to a research study in Portugal, more than 80 per cent of Portuguese distrust smiling politicians. The citizens think politicians hide their real opinions behind flashy grins.

Mary-Kate Won't Smile

What's wrong with Mary-Kate Olsen? The tiny actress hasn't cracked a smile for a while unless she's red carpet bound. Is she fighting depression? Nope. She's just not in the mood to give photo ops unless it's business related.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and an Irish joke for you!

They say we're all Irish on St. Patrick's Day so ...

Product That Promises Bright New Smile In Just Five Minutes

Eager to get a Julia Roberts-like grin but not too sure if you could afford to spend long hours that go into the making of a perfect smile? Well there is a new tooth-whitener in the market that promises to brighten your smile in five minutes flat.

Teaching Beijing citizens to smile for the Olympics

Smiling to strangers is not widely accepted in Chinese culture. That's why Chinese officials are preparing their citizens to learn to smile for the foreign visitors of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Dolphins ‘stop smiling the moment our back is turned’

New evidence from unmanned underwater cameras has proved that dolphins are only pretending to be friendly to humans and that the moment that our backs are turned, a sour and indignant expression returns to their faces.

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My take a smile flyer.
My take a smile flyer.
Researchers and workers are doing everything they can to ensure that the newborn cubs grow into a he...
Researchers and workers are doing everything they can to ensure that the newborn cubs grow into a healthy panda, like the one you see here.
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