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Samsung to start sales of refurbished Galaxy Note7 smartphones

Samsung has officially announced it will sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 handsets in regions where it is allowed under regulatory rules. The phones are expected to be retrofitted with a smaller battery to ensure they do not overheat and catch fire.

Op-Ed: Apple's new Red iPhone may not be 'Red' in China

This week Apple launched the iPhone 7, without much in the way of new innovations, although one edition comes in a striking red color and a promise to give a contribution to AIDS/HIV charities. The new model will be available worldwide, but not in China.

Android O to simplify setting your own ringtones and sounds

Google's upcoming Android O update will finally provide an easy way to set your own ringtones and notification sounds, letting you add a new alert from settings without manually copying files. The basic feature has been missing since Android's launch.

Google to remove Hangouts' SMS features to help promote new apps

Google is planning to remove Hangouts' SMS messaging capabilities within the next couple of months. The company is believed to be making the move as part of its efforts to make Hangouts a better rival to upstart messaging app Slack.

Facebook launches Messenger Reactions and Mentions

Facebook has announced it is bringing its Reactions feature to Messenger. Reactions let you respond to a message with an emoji that signifies your feeling. The company is also launching Mentions for Messenger to include other people in a chat.

Android Security Report – Malware installs drop by 50 percent

Google has published its third Android Security Report, detailing the progress it has made in securing its ecosystem and keeping users safe on their devices. Play Store malware distribution has fallen, although the number of affected devices has risen.

Google announces new features for Allo, Duo and Photos apps

Google has added several new features to three of its most important apps, Allo, Duo and Photos. The company made the announcement as part of an event in Brazil. It is focusing on making its products work better with limited connectivity.

Smartphones can be successfully used to track health

A review of smartphones and health apps indicates how parents can improve health outcomes for children. This is through a mix of appropriate apps and text messages.

Google adds real-time location sharing to Maps app

A Google Maps update has added support for real-time location sharing, a controversial feature that lets friends see your map position for a limited time period. Google said it'll help people meet at social events and indicate when you're running late.

Google unveils the next version of Android

Google has officially announced Android O, the next major version of its mobile operating system set to be released later this year. The company has launched the first preview of the under-development OS, introducing several major new features.

Sony patent lets you wirelessly charge your phone from a friend's

Sony has filed a patent for a technology that would allow you to wirelessly charge your smartphone from a friend's if you're running low on power. The technology is based on NFC and allows two devices to negotiate an exchange of power.

Smartphone owners neglect basic security, study finds

A study into the security considerations made by typical smartphone owners has concluded that most people ignore basic best practices when on mobile devices. Over a quarter of survey respondents said they don't even use a lock screen.

Gboard update lets you translate text from your keyboard

Google recently updated its Gboard smartphone keyboard with several new features, letting you do more from your keyboard. Gboard is meant to let you perform common tasks without leaving your current app, avoiding pauses in conversations.

Samsung smartphones to come with monthly security updates

Samsung is preparing to start issuing monthly security updates for its unlocked Android smartphones in the U.S. The company has previously been widely criticised for its apparent lack of support for unlocked handsets, leaving users waiting for patches.

Malware found preinstalled on almost 40 Android phones

Security researchers have discovered an alarming number of Android phones come with serious malware preinstalled. Devices seemingly fresh from the factory had malicious apps integrated with their storage and equipped with system privileges.

New photos show the Galaxy S8 in all its colourful glory

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone could be available in a new gold colour. As the company prepares to officially unveil the device later this month, new leaked photos have revealed colour options that haven't previously been offered.

Apple to delay the iPhone 8 and rename it to 'iPhone Edition'

Apple may be planning a radical change to its iPhone naming and release schedules, according to a landmark report on its 2017 line-up. Apple is said to be planning to name the iPhone 8 the 'iPhone Edition' and will launch it later than September.

'Astonishing' demand for reborn Nokia 3310

Demand for Nokia's resurrected 3310 is "astonishing" and "incredibly strong," the head of one of the UK's leading phone stores has said. Announced at Mobile World Congress last month, the reborn feature phone is a "modern twist" on Nokia's iconic handset.

Google admits the microphones are breaking on some Pixel phones

Google has confirmed that some of its flagship Pixel smartphones are malfunctioning with "severe" microphone issues caused by small soldering cracks. Formally acknowledging the problem, the company said it'll be offering warranty replacements.

BlackBerry unveils its latest Android smartphone

BlackBerry has unveiled a new Android smartphone aimed at mid-range customers. It has a 5-inch display, a large battery and BlackBerry's extensive suite of productivity and security apps preinstalled. It will only be available in Indonesia.

Android O to feature new finger gestures, improved messaging

Google is hard at work on this year's major Android update, under development as Android 'O.' A new leak has revealed three of the features that could arrive this summer, including significant improvements to messaging that bring Android in-line with iOS.

Google Play Store turns five years old

The Google Play Store is five years old today, having evolved from the app-only Android Market to a sprawling digital store frequented by one billion people in 200 countries worldwide. Google celebrated by rounding up the most successful media so far.

Could the next iPhone come with USB-C?

Apple may be planning to replace its proprietary Lightning socket with a USB-C port on the upcoming iPhone 8. According to a major report, the company could change the connector and bundle new cables in the box. However, a key analyst disagrees.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge voted phone of the year at MWC 2017

Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge was handed the mobile industry's coveted Best Smartphone of The Year award at Mobile World Congress this week. It comes as Samsung recovers from the effects of the Note 7 recall and prepares to unveil the S8.

LG's G6 brings smartphones 'back-to-basics'

LG has officially launched the LG G6, its 2017 Android flagship smartphone, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device's headline feature is its "FullVision" display and virtually bezel-less finish. LG says the phone is focused on simplicity.

Nokia unveils its reimagined 3310 feature phone

Nokia has officially relaunched its classic 3310 mobile phone. The new handset is a modern reimagining of the iconic 17-year-old device, famed for its durability and dependable battery life. It adds a colour display and modernised design.

Nokia's new Android phones draw on the company's classic designs

Nokia has officially unveiled its new generation of Android smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 continue Nokia's reputation for design refinement and build quality while introducing new owner HMD Global to the world.

'World's cheapest smartphone' maker arrested on fraud charges

The owner of Indian smartphone company Ringing Bells has been arrested on allegations of fraud and making death threats against customers. Ringing Bells made the headlines last year with its promise of a $4 smartphone to ignite India's mobile revolution.

New sensors allow for big data to be captured for sports events

New sensors, designed to be embedded in sports equipment, are being developed with the aim of providing real-time analytics to a smartphone. This is part of schemes designed to make big data analytics more accessible.

Samsung phones will soon unlock your Windows PC for you

Samsung is preparing an update to its Samsung Flow app that will let you unlock your Windows computer using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. The long-awaited functionality considerably expands the app's usefulness, opening it to millions of people.
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Keecoo K1
Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro / On7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro / On7 Pro
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Smartphones are shown for sale in a store in Hong Kong.
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A camera phone can be used for good things or to create a terrible incident like the one you are reading about now.
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