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Facebook might be reviving Google's failed modular smartphone

Facebook appears to be secretly working on a modular smartphone that could be akin to Google's failed Project Ara experiment. The company has filed a patent for a "modular electromechanical device" that would offer replaceable hardware.

Apple co-founder: iPhone deserves 'high in the extreme' price tag

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has admitted that the iPhone's price tag is "high in the extreme" but said he believes it represents Apple's commitment to quality. His comments come as anticipation builds for the iPhone 8, which may cost $1,000.

Samsung starts rolling out Bixby Voice in the U.S.

Samsung has announced that the rollout of Bixby Voice in the U.S. has now commenced, allowing Galaxy S8 owners to start interacting with the digital assistant using their voice. The feature was delayed from the device's launch due to ongoing issues.

Why neuromorphic technology is the key to future AI

The future of artificial intelligence is seen by many researchers as "neuromorphic". Neuromorphic chips are being designed to mimic the human brain and they may, soon, replace CPUs.

New firewall designed to protect Android cellphones

A security threat to smartphones comes from phone components, like touchscreens, chargers, and battery or sensor assemblies. These 'field replaceable units’ have weak security settings; but there is a new solution for this vulnerability.

iPhone 8 delayed by weeks as Apple works 'feverishly' to fix bugs

Apple's in a state of "panic" as serious problems with the iPhone 8's new features threaten to postpone the device's launch. The company is now expected to launch the device up to a month later than expected as it fails to finish headline capabilities.

Camera brand RED surprises with a 'holographic' smartphone

RED has announced its debut smartphone. It features a holographic display that works without glasses. RED has taken the tech industry by surprise having never previously entered the market. It's known for high-end cameras used by professional filmmakers.

China's LeEco put under pressure as co-founder's assets frozen

LeEco has said its ongoing financial crisis is "far worse than expected" and it is still rapidly running out of cash. Its billionaire co-founder resigned today, hours after having his personal bank accounts and assets frozen due to outstanding debt.

Apple could abandon Touch ID altogether on the iPhone 8

One of the most well-respected Apple analysts has claimed the iPhone 8 will not come with the embedded fingerprint sensor that has been a recurring feature of rumours and leaked reports. Apple was expected to place the Touch ID sensor under the glass.

Samsung launches refurbished Galaxy Note 'Fan Edition' in Korea

Samsung has officially announced its refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Now rebranded as the Galaxy Note "Fan Edition," the device is an attempt to recoup some of the losses incurred from the original handset's recall. It comes with a smaller battery.

LG unveils the G6+ with more storage and 'turbocharged' sound

LG has announced a new version of its G6 flagship smartphone that includes a larger storage capacity, improved audio capabilities and new software features. The updated phone brings iterative changes to the original and will be available worldwide.

Mozilla launches its privacy-first mobile web browser on Android

Mozilla has officially launched Firefox Focus on Android devices. Previously iOS-exclusive, the web browser is designed for people looking for strengthened online privacy and a clutter-free experience. There's a built-in ad blocker and data saving mode.

Canada passes law forcing all new smartphones to be sold unlocked

Canada has announced it is outlawing the practice of "locking" smartphones to a particular mobile network. The strategy is used by carriers to prevent subscribers from easily moving to another provider. Under the new law, all phones must be sold unlocked.

Motorola announces budget-friendly Moto E4 with a giant battery

Motorola has announced its new Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus smartphones, the company's budget-friendly handsets for 2017. As the long-established Moto E line faces new threats from emerging brands, Motorola has followed the trend with improved features.

iOS 11 unveiled: New features coming to the iPhone this fall

Apple has unveiled iOS 11, the latest version of its mobile operating system to be released on the iPhone and iPad later in the year. It includes advanced new productivity features for the iPad and support for augmented reality, a major first for Apple.

Microsoft's massive Windows 10 Mobile overhaul pictured in leak

Microsoft's new "adaptable shell" for Windows 10 has been pictured for the first time after an internal build of the operating system was released by the company last week. It shows Microsoft's radical plans for its next take on Windows Mobile.

Amazon preparing 'Ice Phone' to replace long-forgotten Fire Phone

Amazon is reportedly working on a new range of Android smartphones that will see it return to the market it abandoned two years ago. Its "Fire" smartphones failed to ignite the attention of consumers. Amazon is now building new phones known as "Ice."

Qualcomm makes charging even faster with Quick Charge 4+

Qualcomm has announced Quick Charge 4+, the latest evolution of its widely used smartphone fast charging technology. The new version promises to be safer and slightly higher performing than its predecessor. It launched on its first device today.

Report: Microsoft is rebooting Windows 10 Mobile again

Microsoft is reportedly planning another complete overhaul of Windows Mobile in an effort to gain relevance in the smartphone industry. Continuing a pattern that's now all too familiar to fans, the company is heading back to the drawing board.

Combination of features leads to new Android vulnerability

The unexpected combination of two legitimate permissions, designed to power desirable and commonly used features in popular apps, make Android devices vulnerable to attack.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 iris scanner fooled by a photograph

Samsung's "ultrasecure" iris scanner on its Galaxy S8 smartphone has been fooled using a photograph and contact lens. The method is alarmingly trivial to use and raises concerns about the safety of the biometric authentication technique.

LG X Venture takes on the great outdoors with a giant battery

LG has announced a new rugged smartphone built for people with more active lifestyles. The X Venture puts the emphasis on outdoor activities, including a dedicated app that displays a range of environmental and fitness metrics on one screen.

Google reinvents search to move past Android, into crazy future

Google I/O is, far and away, Google's most important single event of the year, where CEO Sundar Pichai presents his grand vision for the company in the year to come.

Project Treble will try to fix Android's broken update model

Google has announced a new initiative that could go a long way to resolving Android's longstanding update issues. The fragmented nature of the ecosystem leaves it up to individual manufacturers to release updates, meaning many phones never receive them.

Android passes the two billion active devices milestone

Google's Android is now used on over 2 billion every month. The operating system is now the largest in the world having surpassed Microsoft Windows last month. Alongside the announcement, Google unveiled a new set of features.

HTC debuts the first squeezable smartphone

HTC has unveiled its new flagship smartphone for the year. It's a high-end Android device with a unique party trick up its sleeve: you can squeeze it to interact with the display. The practical applications of the novel idea are currently limited though.

A hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is an exciting phone to behold. The infinity display is the kind of trend in smartphone design that could push things forward. But does it live up the hype? Digital Journal took the phone for a spin to find out.

Google's 'Fuschia' smartphone OS shown off in videos

Google's mystery operating system known only as "Fuschia" has broken its cover and made it onto the Internet. The UI has been compiled to run on existing phones, revealing an all-new design that's very different to Android's current look and feel.

Samsung's latest smartphone shuns Android for Tizen

Samsung has announced a new entry-level smartphone that runs the company's own Tizen operating system instead of Google's Android. It joins a growing number of Tizen devices and is intended to appeal to first-time smartphone buyers.

Apple blames iPhone 8 rumours for decline in handset sales

Apple posted its second annual decline in iPhone sales this week ahead of the release of the company's highly-anticipated 10th anniversary edition handset. Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested people are waiting for the new phone instead of buying older ones.
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BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry DTEK50
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Nokia 808 PureView with a 41-megapixel camera
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LG X Venture
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Person using a smartphone
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The BlackBerry Torch: cheap knock-off or innovative device?
The BlackBerry Torch: cheap knock-off or innovative device?
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The new iPhone 7 was announced on September 7  2016.
The new iPhone 7 was announced on September 7, 2016.
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Smartphone: A mobile entertainment center
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Apple's new red iPhone — the possibilities are... red.
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A mobile entertainment center at a Sony store in Toronto.
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BlackBerry DTEK50
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