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Apple is now being sued over iPhone 'Touch Disease'

Last week, news broke that scores of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets are turning up at repair shops with a new hardware defect dubbed "Touch Disease." It leaves the handset's display unusable. Apple is now being sued by a group of consumers.

Op-Ed: Five years in, Tim Cook has proven he's the man to be Apple's CEO

Five years ago today, Tim Cook became the permanent CEO of Apple as co-founder Steve Jobs stood down due to ill health. The news prompted concerns that Apple would never be the same. While the company has changed, it's still the same at heart though.

Medals at Tokyo Olympics may be made from discarded smartphones

Tokyo - Japan has a mine of old electronics and the country may have some use for them. The country is considering creating Olympic medals from the used electronics.

Google to crack down on mobile sites with intrusive popup ads

Google has announced a crackdown on mobile sites that make use of intrusive pop-up adverts. It is revising its search algorithms to lower the rank of these sites. The move will help users avoid bad advertising and could reduce traffic to offending pages.

Lenovo will load up with Microsoft apps

Lenovo will soon install Microsoft apps and services on its new mobile devices that will still be powered by Android software, the latest smartphone maker to embrace the American firm’s technology.

Google launches Android 7.0 Nougat with multi-window, VR and more

Google has officially launched Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest version of its mobile platform. The new release is available now on recent Nexus devices, although 2013's Nexus 5 is excluded. The update will roll out to more phones in the coming months.

Samsung's Z2 is a low-cost 4G smartphone running Tizen

Samsung has officially announced the Z2, a budget smartphone aimed at the Indian market. To cut costs down, Samsung has used its own Tizen operating system instead of Android. The Z2 is the first Tizen phone to include 4G cellular connectivity.

Samsung planning to copy Apple and sell refurbished smartphones

Samsung reportedly intends to launch a program selling refurbished, used versions of its smartphones next year. It will use it to sustain its income, selling refurbished phones at a discount to emerging markets. Apple already has a similar program.

Battery breakthrough doubles the capacity of your smartphone

A breakthrough in battery technology could double the capacity of the batteries inside consumer tech including smartphones, drones and electric cars. It's achieved through making a lithium battery with double the energy density of current models.

730 million people will be online in India by 2020

India is widely regarded to be the last remaining major economy yet to fully succumb to the digital revolution. It's well on the way to getting online though, due to the rise of smartphones. A new report has predicted it will have 730m web users by 2020.

Nokia confirms it's building new smartphones, four devices coming

Famed Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has confirmed its name will return to handheld devices later this year with the launch of as many as four new Android phones. The company recently hired a new marketing officer to lead its mobile efforts.

Report: The iPhone 7 will have three new features

With the launch of the iPhone 7 only weeks away, Apple is close to finalising the hardware of the new phone. According to a credible new report, it will feature the long-rumoured dual-lens camera, no headphone jack and a capacitive home button.

900 million phones at risk of Android 'Quadrooter' malware

Security researchers have warned that as many as 900 million Android phones are at risk of attack. Serious vulnerabilities found in Qualcomm's chipset drivers for its processors could give hackers complete control of devices and access to user data.

Apple's Indian smartphone troubles are getting even worse

A new report has revealed the extent of Apple's failure to win over Indian smartphone buyers. Google's Android now holds 97 percent of the market as Apple struggles to win customers over with the iPhone. Most devices sold in India are cheap handsets.

OnePlus denies it's behind a tiny powerhouse phone spotted online

A phone that observers claim could be the OnePlus 3 Mini has appeared on an online benchmarking tool. The device has extremely high performance specs in a small chassis, packing 6GB of RAM and a flagship processor into a very compact 4.6-inch form factor.

ZTE's Project CSX will be the first 'crowdsourced smartphone'

ZTE has asked the public to help it build its next smartphone. Known as Project CSX, the company wants to create the first crowdsourced handset. It will leave it up to the community to decide on key features of the phone's design, internals and features.

Google's radical new Android launcher revealed in leaked images

For months, Google has been rumoured to be developing an exclusive new Android launcher for its upcoming Nexus handsets. This week, the extensively redesigned interface was leaked to the Internet, revealing a new way of interacting with Android.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 adds an iris scanner and improved S Pen

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Note 7, an "intelligent smartphone that thinks big." The Note 7 is a flagship phone for power users, featuring high-end performance, waterproofing and a revised version of Samsung's unique S Pen stylus.

Huawei unveils the 6.6-inch Honor Note 8, a giant Android phablet

Very large screen smartphones aren't going to appeal to the masses but that hasn't stopped Huawei sub-brand Honor from launching the 6.6-inch Note 8. The phablet has a 2K AMOLED display, high-end specs and a modern design to appeal to worldwide buyers.

LG will 'set new standards' for smartphones with the upcoming V20

LG has officially announced the V20, an upcoming premium smartphone that will be the first handset to run Android 7.0 "Nougat." The company claims the V20 will "set new standards" for high-end smartphones, a successor to last year's V10.

Apple has sold its one billionth iPhone

Apple has sold its one billionth iPhone since its introduction in 2007. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the news to staff yesterday, describing the iPhone as a "world-changing" device. It came amid news that sales declined for the second straight quarter.

BlackBerry unveils the DTEK50, the 'most secure' Android phone

BlackBerry has launched the DTEK50, a handset it claims is the world's most secure Android smartphone. The device is BlackBerry's second Android phone and the first to have a touchscreen-only design. BlackBerry is targeting businesses with the DTEK50.

Google's Nexus phones now offer built-in robocall protection

Google has updated the dialer on its Nexus and Android One devices to fend off scammers and directly from the incoming call screen. You'll see an alert if a call is suspected as spam and will be able to immediately block and report the number.

Google Maps gets a design refresh and subtler colour palette

Google has released a major update to Google Maps across all supported devices. The update includes a design refresh that is clearer and easier to see, a new "areas of interest" feature to highlight local attractions and a more balanced colour scheme.

Cancelled Nokia smartphones revealed in colourful group photo

A collection of previously unknown Nokia Lumia devices has been revealed in a leaked group photo. The shot shows several under-development products cancelled when the company was bought by Microsoft, including an 8.3-inch Windows RT tablet.

Cyanogen might be about to abandon its Android rival, fires staff

Alternative Android distribution Cyanogen is reportedly undergoing major lay-offs as its operating system has failed to find favour with phone manufacturers. It is said to be planning a "pivot" into apps, abandoning its Android alternative.

Smartphones are causing a 'visual health crisis' in China

A major Chinese health research center recently published a white paper on the country's visual health. The findings weren't great.

Huawei reveals how it's convincing people to buy its phones

Huawei still has only a small presence in markets outside of its native Asia. The company is rapidly growing though, spreading its smartphones across the world to reach new audiences. Today it revealed how it's converting customers to its brand.

Nokia McLaren's innovative gesture display revealed in full

Two years since it was cancelled, Nokia's innovative 'McLaren' smartphone has been fully revealed and reviewed. The device would have implemented a form of "3D Touch" technology — a year before Apple — using a revolutionary gesture-based display.

Corning unveils Gorilla Glass 5, survives up to 80% of drops

Corning has unveiled Gorilla Glass 5, the next-generation version of its flagship smartphone cover glass used by the top handsets from the world's leading manufacturers. The new glass can resist drops and scratches better than ever before.
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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango augmented reality technology
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango augmented reality technology
A new battle is brewing over privacy for mobile devices  after moves by Google and Apple to toughen ...
A new battle is brewing over privacy for mobile devices, after moves by Google and Apple to toughen the encryption of their mobile devices sparked complaints from law enforcement
Lluis Gene, AFP/File
Leaked images of the Huawei Honor Note 8  later officially launched
Leaked images of the Huawei Honor Note 8, later officially launched
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The Samsung Galaxy S4
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People using smartphones.
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Nokia 808 PureView with a 41-megapixel camera
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango augmented reality technology
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango augmented reality technology
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The Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe.
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Motorola Moto G4 / G Play / G Plus
Motorola Moto G4 / G Play / G Plus
Drawn away from a wonder of our world  these people seem so unaware of the physical world. These mus...
Drawn away from a wonder of our world, these people seem so unaware of the physical world. These museum visitors are in the midst of the terra-cotta warriors - the quarter-scale ones, yet are oblivious to the world. Oct. 10, 2013.
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