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Samsung preparing to permanently disable Galaxy Note7

Samsung has announced it is preparing to launch a new software update for its recalled and discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphone that will prevent remaining devices from charging. The move is intended to convince owners to return their phones.

Microsoft hints at the Surface Phone with new Windows 10 for ARM

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 desktop can now run on the ARM-based processors used in mobile devices. The development hints at the emergence of a new class of devices capable of powering smartphone and desktop experiences.

Android app update file sizes slashed by up to 90 percent

Google has announced a new approach to Android app updates that reduces the file size of the update package by up to 90 percent. The company has already observed data savings equivalent to six petabytes a day from an early deployment of the new technique.

Samsung planning to ditch the headphone jack with the Galaxy S8

Samsung is planning to remove the headphone jack from its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, according to a report today. The company will follow Apple in making the controversial move, locking out users of "legacy" earphones.

Apple investigating reports of more iPhone 6s battery issues

Apple has admitted it's looking into reports that more iPhone 6s models are abruptly turning off. It recently started a battery replacement scheme for a "very small number" of phones with a manufacturing issue. The problem now seems to be more widespread.

Note 7 batteries too big for enclosure says consulting company

An engineering consulting company called Instrumental tore down a Galaxy Note 7 and came up with the best theory so far as to why its batteries exploded.

Apple says iPhone 6s battery problems caused by 'air'

Apple has blamed too much air exposure for causing the battery issues and random shutdowns experienced by some iPhone 6s owners. The company has already initiated a replacement program for affected handsets, admitting there's a manufacturing flaw.

Google's Trusted Contacts helps loved ones check you're safe

Google has launched a new app that provides peace of mind to your loved ones during an emergency situation. Trusted Contacts lets people you choose check your location to make sure you're safe. It's meant to be a quick and easy personal safety tool.

AirDroid app puts 10 million Android users at risk of attack

One of the most popular remote management apps for Android has been putting tens of millions of users at risk of crippling cyberattacks for several months. The company has been criticised for appearing to put new features above patching the issues.

Nokia is getting ready to return to smartphones

Nokia is preparing to return to the smartphone industry with a new range of Android-powered handsets. Today, the company restored the "Phones" section of its website, teasing a launch in early 2017. Microsoft now owns Nokia's old devices division.

Gooligan malware breaches over one million Google accounts

A new strain of malware called Gooligan has successfully breached over one million Google accounts, according to security researchers today. The "alarming" campaign uses malicious apps designed as real ones to gain control of accounts.

Meizu promises an 'exquisite' experience with the new PRO 6 Plus

Meizu has officially launched its new flagship smartphone, the PRO 6 Plus. The phablet-sized device is built for high performance and comes with powerful hardware and an extensive feature list. It runs Meizu's new Flyme 6 operating system.

Microsoft's Cortana now comes preinstalled on more Android phones

Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant is now preinstalled on some new phones from Xiaomi, expanding its availability on new Android handsets. Cortana is available as an app for all phones. The partnership with Xiaomi will help increase user adoption.

Satya Nadella: Microsoft building the 'ultimate mobile device'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has again reaffirmed the company's commitment to developing smartphones. Unfazed by its market share dropping beneath 1 percent, Nadella said Microsoft is planning a revolutionary "ultimate mobile device."

WhatsApp now lets you stream videos without downloading them

Messaging platform WhatsApp has begun to rollout a new feature that makes it easier to watch videos from within its app. Clips no longer have to be downloaded before they are viewed so you can start streaming a video within a few seconds of tapping play.

Apple accused of intentionally slowing down Verizon's iPhone 7

Apple is deliberately throttling the iPhone 7's performance on Verizon's network so it matches the AT&T version, according to recent reports. The two versions of the handset have different modems inside, one of which is dramatically faster than the other.

iPhone users beware: Five second video brings handsets to a halt

iPhone users have been warned against opening links to MP4 files being sent in messaging threads and emails. Opening the video brings an iPhone to a complete standstill, leaving it unusable until rebooted. It's thought the file may be corrupt.

Apple announces iPhone 6s battery replacement program

Apple has announced it is offering free battery replacements to a small number of iPhone 6s owners whose handsets could "unexpectedly shut down" during use. The company advised affected customers that the problem does not pose a safety risk.

Apple admits 'Touch Disease' is real, blames users for damage

Several months after the iPhone 6's "touch disease" problem first hit the headlines, Apple has acknowledged that the touchscreens on some phones may stop working. However, it is blaming users for dropping the handsets and will be charging for repairs.

Google hands Pixel phone resellers a 'digital death sentence'

Google has handed some of its users a "digital death sentence" for attempting to resell their Pixel phones and create a profit. Individuals have been exploiting a tax loophole to make money. Google has responded by blocking access to all its services.

Next year's phones will last five hours on five minutes charging

Qualcomm has taken the wraps off its upcoming Snapdragon 835 processor, the chip in many of next year's flagship smartphones. It comes with support for Quick Charge 4.0, a new version of the standard that offers five hours charge in five minutes.

Report: Apple planning three new iPhone 8 versions for 2017

Apple is planning to release three versions of the iPhone 8 next year, according to a credible report. Apple will use a new OLED display on one of the models and offer two alternatives with its current LCD panel. It's possible there will be three sizes.

OnePlus launches a new version of its six-month-old flagship

OnePlus has announced the replacement for its popular OnePlus 3 flagship just six months after launching the phone. The OnePlus 3T comes with more powerful internals, a larger battery and a higher price tag, using the same design as the outgoing version.

Budget Android phones caught sending texts back to China

Security contractors have discovered that some popular budget smartphones contain a backdoor that sends data to China. The weakness was added deliberately but it is not known why the data is being sent. The back door is present on U.S. handsets.

Smartphones 'strained' Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's friendship

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed his decision to turn Microsoft into a hardware company in a recent interview. Ballmer said his smartphone push "strained" his relationship with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, causing them to "drift apart."

Google to EU: The iPhone's existence means Android's competitive

Google has filed a response to the EU's antitrust charges against its Android mobile operating system. The EU has alleged the company abuses its monopoly by bundling its own apps and services with Android, claims Google has consistently denied.

Samsung's Galaxy Note not dead after all, Note 8 coming next year

Samsung was expected to kill off its famed Galaxy Note line of phablets after this year's disastrous Note 7 launch and subsequent recall. There are now indications the series will be revived after all though. The Note 8 is said to be planned for 2017.

Dell's Stack was a Windows Phone that could have be a gamechanger

Dell and Intel collaborated to create a 6.4-inch mini-tablet running Windows 10 Mobile, according to a report this week. The two companies had big plans for the device, the fate of which is unclear. The phone was built around Microsoft's Continuum tech.

Samsung planning April launch of AI-powered Galaxy S8

Samsung is reportedly targeting an April launch for its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. The company is delaying the device to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to the same quality control issues as the recalled Note 7. AI will a big part of the launch.

Microsoft explains why it's still building Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has again reaffirmed its commitment to supporting and developing Windows 10 Mobile. The smartphone platform now has less than one percent total market share but Microsoft still considers it important to have an OS that runs on mobile hardware.
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