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Huawei overtakes Samsung as top smartphone seller: industry tracker

Bejing - China's Huawei has overtaken Samsung to become the number-one smartphone seller worldwide in the second quarter on the back of strong domestic demand, industry tracker Canalys said Thursday.

Major European mobile operator hit by ransomware attack Special

Orange, a French telecommunications company and the fourth-largest mobile operator in Europe, has confirmed it suffered a cyber-incident. This was in the form of a ransomware attack, which occurred on July 4th and 5th, 2020.

Review: Smartphone protection technology applied to backpack design Special

The company UAG who specialize in protective smartphone cases, has expanded its offerings to include backpacks and dopp kits. Digital Journal looks at the backpack as well as the smartphone case, both designed for rugged and protective use.

Essential Science: Turning smartphones into micro-laboratories

Advances in optical imaging together with progress with digital technology is helping to transform the functional smartphone into a medical diagnostic device, offering advanced imaging and other uses.

Samsung joins the fold with Galaxy Z Flip smartphone

San Francisco - Samsung on Tuesday unveiled its second folding smartphone, a "Z Flip" handset with a lofty price tag aimed at "trendsetters."The smartphone flips open, like a pocket cosmetics case, opening into a 6.7-inch screen.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Z Flip folding smartphone

San Francisco - Samsung on Tuesday unveiled its second folding phone, a "Z Flip" model with a lofty price tag aimed at "trendsetters."The smartphone flips open, like a pocket cosmetics case, opening into a 6.7-inch screen.

Q&A: How you hold your phone can help protect it from hackers Special

How someone holds their phone is becoming a criteria for securing their identity from hackers. If you usually hold it with your right hand, and a left-handed hacker is trying to gain access to your phone, they can be stopped because of that difference.

StrandHogg Android vulnerability update Special

The vulnerability affecting all Android devices, known as StrandHogg, has been reclassified as a 'Critical Severity Vulnerability', according to technology experts. What does this mean for Android device users?

Android 10 promises increased security, but there are risks Special

A leading security expert explains why the release will still leave security issues, some of which is tied to the behaviors of late adopters.

Is teen mental health linked to smartphone use?

A new study of 400 teenagers finds little evidence connecting excessive smartphone use and mental health issues affecting young people. This contradicts the common belief that smartphones and social media are damaging adolescents' mental health

Android's new operating system won't be named after a dessert

Android have broken their tradition of naming their operating systems in alphabetical order and after a range of desserts. The new operating system will not begin with the letter 'Q' and instead it will be given a number.

Samsung is developing a graphene battery for its smartphones

In order to boost battery life, Samsung are experimenting with graphene in order to develop a new generation of smartphone batteries that could fully charge within half-an-hour, overcoming the limitations of lithium-ion.

Review: Choetech's new charging and connectivity products Special

New products from Choetech include a wireless charger stand for Samsung and Apple smartphones; a connectivity device to link up laptops and bigger screens; and a new rapid charging plug. Each of these technology peripherals are reviewed.

Soon your cell phone will be picking up signals from space

A space startup has announced plans, following a successful test, to launch thousands of satellite ‘cell towers’ in space which will connect to the typical smartphone and which carry the promise of improved communications.

No risk to sleep from bright smartphones at night

A new study explains why one night of smartphone gazing might make a person feel tired the following day, but that this activity does not carry any long-term effects.

Handheld ultrasound scanners developed for rural Africa

To aid rural medicine in rural Africa, a new handheld ultrasound device has been developed. The device is portable, resembling a smartphone and could help to revolutionize medical diagnosis in remote areas.

Study reveals why some people keep losing their phones

London - For many people losing a smartphone can be a cause of stress and frustration, especially for those who lose devices regularly. Those who often lose devices have certain characteristics, as a new study finds.

Emerging economies catching up in smartphone adoption: survey

Washington - Smartphone use has become the norm in most developed nations, while many emerging economies are showing sharp gains, a global survey showed Tuesday.

Replicating 3D models using a standard smartphone

Cambridge - Advances with smartphone technology will soon enable the generation of realistic, real-world objects that can be used in any virtual environment, with the images formed within a short time period.

World’s first flexible smartphone launched

Royole Corp., a flexible display manufacturing startup, has launched the world’s first flexible smartphone, beating rivals Apple and Samsung in the race for the first mobile device based on flexible electronics.

Smartphone-powered ultrasound machine developed

A new scientific breakthrough from Canadian researchers has paved the way for a smartphone-powered $100 ultrasound machine. This could considerably lower the costs of ultrasound scanners.

Number of mobile phone calls drops in UK

London - A new report from the U.K. technology regulator Ofcom reveals a decline in the number of calls to mobile phones since records began. The survey reveals other interesting online habits.

Mobile phone radiation and memory performance concerns

A new study has found that mobile phone radiation could affect memory performance in adolescents, as evidenced through new tests. This adds weight to other research concerned with radiation emissions from connected technology.

HTC's sales down 68 per cent from last year

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC could be in trouble, as a recent report indicates that the company's sales have tanked. Last year HTC's sales were T$6.9 billion, this year they sunk to T$2.2 billion ($72 million), also down from T$2.45 billion in May.

Long-soaring smartphone market heading to earth

San Francisco - After a decade of sizzling growth, the smartphone market has suddenly cooled.Surveys show smartphone sales last year shrank slightly for the first time since the 2007 debut of the iPhone, and preliminary data this year suggests further deceleration.

What smartphone AI will mean for you

Smartphones have changed the way consumers interact with technology and the way businesses communicate out to consumers. The addition of artificial intelligence to the smartphone is set to change relationships further.

First blockchain smartphone set for release

The first mobile devices equipped with blockchain functionality is to be produced. This will be a new smartphone, with the aim if brining cryptocurrency use and blockchain to the mass market.

Laser used to wirelessly charge a smartphone

Washington - Physicists have used a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone. This was achieved safely and using the distance of a typical room.

Smartphone with diamond screen set for 2019 release

The first smartphone is a diamond screen is being tested. The device, with a super strong screen, is expected to be released in 2019.

Apple overtakes Samsung in shrinking smartphone market: survey

Washington - Apple overtook Samsung in the fourth quarter as the largest smartphone producer in a declining global market for handsets, research firm IDC said Friday.
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Smartphone Image

Alcatel IDOL 4S.
Alcatel IDOL 4S.
© Alcatel
Facebook app login page on a smartphone
Facebook app login page on a smartphone
Unsplash / Pexels
Huawei’s Android-powered Ascend P2
Huawei’s Android-powered Ascend P2
A Blackberry Storm is one of several phones that Verizon is promoting along with their other changes...
A Blackberry Storm is one of several phones that Verizon is promoting along with their other changes.
The headset and Samsung phone used for the Samsung Gear VR
The headset and Samsung phone used for the Samsung Gear VR
Xiaomi Mi 5
Xiaomi Mi 5
Samsung s Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition.
Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition.
A view of the Samsung Galaxy Round
A view of the Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Tomorrow
Motorola s lapdock  with the ATRIX smartphone plugged in behind the screen.
Motorola's lapdock, with the ATRIX smartphone plugged in behind the screen.
The Motorola Droid Turbo 2
The Motorola Droid Turbo 2
The LG V10  announced 01/10/2015
The LG V10, announced 01/10/2015
Flexible phone by samsung.
Flexible phone by samsung.
JEO Technology review
Bertrand Guay, AFP/File
The LG G2
The LG G2
A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
A new e-mail app stunt left some journalists a bit unnerved.
Ben Grey
Reddit s new smartphones app  launched 07/04/2016
Reddit's new smartphones app, launched 07/04/2016
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S7 display [via GSMArena]
Leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S7 display [via GSMArena]
Vivo Xplay5
Vivo Xplay5

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